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aerial view of forest and pond wallpaper

02/01/2020   POSTED BY

Cosy Bedroom Ideas for After all those Festive Parties

Christmas and New Year’s Eve is over and we’re all feeling the same: absolutely exhausted. We’ve wrapped and unwrapped presents. We’ve each drunk and eaten enough to feed a small village for an entire week. We’ve played party games until we no longer have the strength to stand up and we’ve definitely seen enough of the family. The thought of lying down in a quiet, dark room seems like bliss.

That’s why we couldn’t think of a more apt time to give you inspiration for cosy bedroom ideas. It’s time to nap until you’re fresh and ready to go back to normality. Whilst you're snuggled up in bed, you could reflect on last year’s décor trends and see our top customer wallpaper hits to inspire you for 2020.

So, if you’re ready for cosy bedroom ideas that will give you the perfect shut-eye, read on.

Sunset paradise wallpaper to soothe you every evening

pink and orange sunset wallpaper in pink decor bedroom

It’s not just a shepherd’s delight when there's a red sky at night. It’s surely everyone’s delight when it comes down to stunning sunset wallpapers. Designed by Lara Skinner, this calming Lilac Golden Ombre Seascape mural is one of our best cosy bedroom ideas because it transports us into a mesmerising, dreamlike state.

Although we have a vast collection of beautiful sunset wallpapers, this wallpaper is utterly unique. The swirling, metallic-effect ocean celebrates the very on-trend marble look and the views of the pink and orange cloudy sky are warm and comforting.

Cosy bedroom ideas fit for any artist

monet painting of pond wallpaper in calming master bedroom

If you adore the beauty of art, what could be more appropriate than this soothing Waterlilies Green Reflections wallpaper from our vast Bridgeman Fine Art Collection? A printed copy of Claude Monet’s masterpiece, this artistic wallpaper is one of our cosy bedroom ideas that will offer your home a timeless feature wall.


Not only is this calming wallpaper a classic piece of art, but it also celebrates colours that are going to be on-trend in 2020: soothing greens and pinks. We love the mix of forest and sage green shades in the painted lily pads and in the reflection of the trees in the water. The subtle strokes of pastel pink and fuchsia in the lily petals also add dashes of life to this charming, painted-effect mural.

Psychedelic murals to hypnotise you to sleep

Whether you’re looking for cosy bedroom ideas for a master bedroom or your teenager’s getaway, this hypnotic Pinks Blues wallpaper is sure to please many. The watercolour patterns that look as though they've been dripped onto the wall are incredibly pleasing to the eye.

pink and blue marble effect wallpaper in trendy bedroom

We love the mixture of colours in this marble-effect wallpaper, from the dark inky blue shades to the creamy beiges, blushing pinks and flowing violets. Have fun by choosing décor which celebrates the same colour tones. Imagine dusty pink bedside tables and light, duck egg blue sheep rugs next to each side of the bed! It’s okay to celebrate colour when it comes to cosy bedroom ideas. Just ensure the colours are soft or pastel so that they are gentle and calming.

We also can’t get enough of the amazing terrazzo-patterned duvet covers. They bring out the fabulous colours in this tie-dye style wallpaper. As well as terrazzo being on-trend in 2020, this colourful bedroom wallpaper is a great celebration of pattern and colour - another important factor for this year.

Cosy bedroom ideas to help you blossom every day

cherry blossom wallpaper in master bedroom

Above all else, nature wallpaper is always a winner when it comes to cosy bedroom ideas. Being amongst nature or even viewing nature scenes have positive psychological benefits towards our health. It decreases negative feelings and increases happy states of mind, giving us more time to blossom and achieve our goals.

This calming Japanese Cherry Tree in Blossom wallpaper is perfect for that perfect night’s sleep. Lying in your bed, looking up at the candy-floss blossoms will trick you into thinking a pink petal could land on your head at any moment.

Be happy as a clam with a relaxing beach wallpaper

windy beach wallpaper in calming, minimal bedroom

If blossoms aren’t your idea of natural bliss, a restful beach wallpaper may be your ticket to gaining the ultimate cosy bedroom.

This zen Windswept Beach Boardwalk wallpaper looks fabulous with this choice of minimalist décor. The flowing white curtains appear to dance with the windy beach. The grey and white bed covers look so soft and inviting, you just want to jump in and drift off.

three driftwood candle holders from Nordic House

Image source: Nordic House

We think that rustic driftwood décor would be a fabulous addition to this relaxing beach wallpaper. Beautifully shaped by years of travelling in the ocean, driftwood room accessories are all unique and each hold their own story. Driftwood is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it's a great example of sustainable décor. These stunning driftwood accessories by Nordic House would look ideal in your cosy, beach-themed bedroom.

Floral wallpapers that take you to blissful meadows

painted poppies wallpaper in beautiful bedroom

Do you love nature but want something a bit more abstract? Choose this delicate Summer Fields wallpaper. The delicate shades of pink and blue, used in the watercolour poppies, are absolutely beautiful.

Taken from our ever-popular Carol Robinson collection, this poppy wallpaper looks wonderful with pastel pink and white bed covers. Add touches of rose gold décor such as lamps, plant pots and even tea light holders. They will bring out the pink tones used in this gorgeous wallpaper.

Fly in your dreams with the help of an aerial view wallpaper

aerial view of forest pond in minimal master bedroom

This dreamlike Forest Pond wallpaper is ideal for those people who want something a bit different. Forest murals are extremely popular when it comes to cosy bedroom ideas, but an aerial view of a forest is even better.

Not only is this forest wallpaper utterly gorgeous, but it creates a dreamy state of bliss in your tranquil bedroom. It reminds us of those enchanting dreams where you're flying above it all, as free as a bird. Flying dreams have multiple positive meanings such as freedom, confidence and taking a new perspective. What better way to start the new year than feeling free and looking at life differently?

Have we helped you with our cosy bedroom ideas? Have you found a dreamy bedroom mural or have you been inspired to browse through our other gorgeous bedroom wallpaper murals? Leave us a comment below to share your ideas.

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I love these ideas! Thank you for sharing!



Amazing! I love the aerial view wallpaper! :)

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