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pink and teal day of the dead flowers and skulls wallpaper in trendy bedroom

23/07/2020   POSTED BY

Cool Skull Wallpaper Designs You Will Love

You don’t need to be part of the Hell’s Angels biker gang, a tattoo parlour owner or be celebrating The Day of the Dead to enjoy a fabulous skull wallpaper. Great for trendy teens as well as adults, skulls can be enjoyed by all.

Often skulls are seen as a symbol of death but actually they can be perceived in a completely different way. Did you know that many see skulls as a good luck charm for warding away death and others see them as a celebration of life? But there are also those of us who just love the aesthetic beauty of skull designs!

Whatever has drawn you to this page, we are sure we have a skull wallpaper to suit your home or business.

Black skull wallpaper for your teen’s bedroom

blue, white and black skull graffiti wall mural in teenage boy's desk area

Mural in photo: Graffiti – Skull Face

Surprise your cool teen with a skull-themed bedroom: especially if they are into rock, hip hop or graffiti! Give them an epic space where they can sit back and chill with friends, somewhere they will want to study as well as a place to relax on their own.

This epic black skull wallpaper is the perfect teenager graffiti feature wall. Bring out the blues and whites in your choice of bedding and furniture. We’d also recommend painting the surrounding walls white so that this wicked skull wallpaper is always the main focal point of your teen’s room.

Tattoo wallpaper to rock your world

tattoo skull wallpaper in black and white apartment bedroom

Mural in photo: Epic wallpaper

Another great option for teens, this finely detailed Epic wallpaper would be a rocking choice for anyone who is passionate about tattoo art. Just imagine an entire wall filled with this amount of colour, shading and detail! Not only great for the home, but this fantastic skull wallpaper would look ideal in a tattoo parlour, music store or a trendy bar that hosts live gigs: it would make a great rock music wallpaper.

When it comes to decorating a room with an amazing graffiti wallpaper, it’s important to make the rest of the room as subtle as possible like in the bedroom above. By sticking to black and white, this fantastic tattoo wallpaper can really come to life!

Gothic feature walls to die for!

blue and white detailed skull art in blue, chilled bedroom

Mural in photo: The Pack

We think this blue and white The Pack wallpaper is totally rocking and would be epic for both a motorcyclist’s home or for someone who simply loves to keep an on-trend home. Placed in this serene and calm bedroom, this intricately detailed skull wall mural brings a completely new element into the room. It’s not just a skull motif: it’s a work of art.

As mentioned earlier, some may be put off by the idea that skulls represent death. But did you know why motorcyclists wear skull t-shirts, helmets and patches? Most bikers use skull symbols to ward off death! They also believe that skulls represent non-discrimination: that we are all the same and united.

Forget boring home offices: splash some grungy art onto the walls

colourful grungey wall art in sleek, white home office

Mural in photo: Twisted Pixels Montage

Now that we’re working from home more than ever, we need to boss our home office décor. Don’t settle for boring, plain old walls. Opt for colour, pattern and character such as this mesmerising Twisted Pixels Montage wall mural. Designed by the amazing Twisted Pixels, this stunning skull wallpaper will certainly bring your office to life.

Floral skull feature walls to celebrate la vida!

pink and green mexican flowers and skulls wall mural with green bed

Mural in photo: Skull Hearts and Flowers

Inspired by the Mexican festival The Day of the Dead, this beautiful Skull Hearts and Flowers wall mural will add a wealth of colour and culture into your home!

Many Mexicans celebrate on this day to remember their deceased ancestors. They often write the names of their loved ones on the skull and sometimes put out their ancestor’s favourite food for them to enjoy on this special day! Did you know that sugar skulls are traditionally made with granulated sugar and decorated with colourful icing?

We love this gorgeous skull wallpaper and think that it would look fabulous in most hip living spaces, such as this pink and green master bedroom.

Have you enjoyed our collection of skull wallpaper designs? Let us know which is your favourite by leaving a comment below!

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