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guns and roses rock living room

15/11/2019   POSTED BY

Rock Music Wallpaper to Rock Your World!

Feel the adrenaline and amp’s vibrations pulsate through your veins. Smell the heat and buzz of the pit…

It's time to dive in and start rocking because you will not believe the line up we have for you with these rock music wallpapers. We have Queen, Guns N Roses, My Chemical Romance, The Who, The Rolling Stones, the Sex Pistols and Black Sabbath! Excited yet?

With designs from renown album covers to iconic poster art, we’re sure to have a band wallpaper for you. Forget your tacked-up posters and framed vinyl. They’re just not up for it anymore. We have what you’ve been waiting for for years.

Read on to see some of our amazing rock wallpapers, how to make it work in your home or workplace and why you can have a band wallpaper even if you’re renting...

This rock wallpaper is a kind of magic

queen band mural with electric guitar and amplifier

We will certainly rock you with this epic Queen Crest wallpaper! Designed by Freddie Mercury himself, the creatures represent the star signs of each band member!

The brightly designed crest set against the black backdrop makes this rock wallpaper for walls especially striking. If you have been a Queen fan from the very beginning, this band mural would totally rock you in your bedroom, living room or anywhere! Install it in every room if you feel like you’re going slightly mad! Why not?

Make this rock wallpaper the new love of your life…

God save this Sex Pistol’s rock band wallpaper

sex pistols queen wallpaper with rock musical instruments

Start your own revolution by installing this God Save the Queen wallpaper in your home. The Sex Pistols changed music forever when they started off the punk movement in the UK in the ‘70s.

So, what better way to start your own punk rock band with this Union Jack wallpaper as a backdrop? As well as installing an amazing rock music wallpaper, here are some extra tips on how to set up a practice room. You could be the next Johnny Rotten...

How to make a rock music wallpaper for walls work in your home

Are you unsure how to incorporate a rock band wallpaper in your interior design? This living room themed around The Clash looks epic. Once you’ve installed your rock music wallpaper for walls, all you need to do is find décor that is reminiscent of your favourite band. Here, the owner has introduced a Union Jack armchair, a little Volkswagon gig bus and a decorative cow skull. If you’re lucky enough, add your own bar too!


Or choose one of our band wallpapers and find brown or black leather-studded furniture to complement it.

These band murals would look great with panelled wood flooring or a dark carpet. Or why not be a bit more adventurous and go for a bright coloured carpet? Choose a single colour from your rock wallpaper and find a carpet to go with it!

We can’t explain how cool this band wallpaper is

the who grey motorbike wallpaper in band practice room

Be proud of your generation with The Who Quodrophenia wallpaper installed in your home or workplace. The more classic, black and white tones allow you to be more bold with your choice of décor. Choose bright reds, blues or greens to help make this world-renown album cover come to life.

Why not add dramatic accent lighting to light up this rock wallpaper and give it the respect it deserves? After all, it is a piece of art in itself!

Be Axl Rose with this rock wallpaper in your home

guns and roses cross wallpaper in rock lounge

You’ll be singing Sweet Child O’ Mine at the top of your lungs once you have this Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction wall mural on your wall! Once your new rock music wallpaper is adorning your wall, invite your friends over for a Guns N Roses gathering. Imagine their jaws dropping when they see your new, band wallpaper! You could even get your old band together and perform a few songs to really get the party going! Ain’t it fun?

But why only keep it in the home? This rock music wallpaper for walls would look amazing in your workplace. Do you own a music store, vintage-rock fashion shop or a pub that hosts rock gigs? This Guns N Roses mural will certainly set the scene and will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Have a temporary rock music wallpaper even if you are renting…

Are you a student or someone living in rented accommodation? Are you hesitant to buy a great rock wallpaper in fear of not getting your deposit back? Or, does your teenager want one of our amazing rock murals but you know you’ll want to remove it once they move out? It’d be a shame to miss out on a band wallpaper, especially this My Chemical Romance Undead mural. But don’t worry. We’re here to help…

my chemical response black mural in music practice room

When you order your custom-sized rock music mural, select the peel and stick wallpaper option. One of the many benefits of peel and stick wallpaper is that it can be gently removed, leaving no damage to the wall.

Our well-designed peel and stick wallpapers are also great if you have a business and are renting your place of work. If you need to move out, you don’t need to worry about upsetting the landlord.

Still not convinced? Read more on how to transform any room with peel and stick wallpaper and watch some of our customers install a peel and stick mural in their osteo clinic.

Are you feeling pumped up about getting an incredible rock wallpaper? Do you have a few more questions to ask or do you have some ideas on how you’d make your interior design celebrate these amazing band wallpapers? Drop us a comment below…

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Ems Jerry


Do you have any status quo wallpaper or large photos,thank you

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Ems Jerry. Thank you for your question. We don't have any Status Quo wallpapers at the moment. However, if you own the rights to a Status Quo image, we can make it into a wallpaper mural for you. Simply visit our Create Your Own wallpaper page here - https://www.wallsauce.com/upload-your-own/ From there, you will be able to check if the image is good enough quality for a wallpaper and then you can make your purchase following this. :) For more information, simply email info@wallsauce.com.

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