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Bedroom with colour trends with orange and white bedsheets with a wooden headboard

27/09/2022   POSTED BY

Colour Trends 2023

Comfort, wellbeing, biophilia….and just a splash of luxury. These are the main themes for interior design in 2023. As expected, the emergent home colour trends are heavily influenced by these design stories, with the main narrative taking cues from the world around us. Earthy and organic are the leading plotlines, but we’re also seeing some brighter pops of colour shifting into the limelight.

Whatever colour palettes draw you in next year, the design world seems to have one single agenda: to create a homely and inviting space that makes you feel your best. From the soul-soothing hues found in your herb garden and mood-lifting pastels that instantly create a sense of safety to balmy neutrals tinged with relaxing gold tones, there are so many emotionally empowering colour trends 2023 has in store for us.

Here’s a look at how you can explore these trends in your home for the coming year…

Green still prevails as a leading trend

Green floral bedroom wall mural with a white bed and wicker rug

Mural in photo: Jasmine

If you love green colour trends, 2023 is another year you can celebrate this organic hue in your home. The people over at Pinterest did some data crunching and looked over all the searches in recent months, and “biophilic bedroom design” was one of the searches that came up tops, with twice as many people seeking out related images for inspiration.

This means that herbaceous greens such as sage, olive and eucalyptus are here to stay. No, they’ve not been overdone. And yes, they have serious lasting power. We don’t think green, leafy wallpapers are going away anytime soon and biophilic prints and patterns are going to be a brilliant option for the bedroom next year.

Make way for calming blues

Blue watercolour effect landscape in a room with blue and white furniture

Mural in photo: Shades of Blue Scenery

Call it a trend. Call it a classic. Call it a given. Call it whatever you want, but we’re sure this trend never really went away. Because no matter decade or era, soft and gentle blues have always been popular in interior design. But in 2023, designers are really rooting for wellbeing, making it a priority in their concepts and letting mental health take the lead when it comes to colour and texture selection.

If you want to incorporate calming blues in your home next year, opt for those environmental hues that remind you of oceans, lakes, glaciers and atmospheric skies. The addition of blue wallpaper can instantly bring tranquillity to a chaotic space, making it ideal for bedrooms and other areas of the home where you spend time relaxing.

Prepare to see terracotta taking over

Orange and brown wall mural in a kids room with grey furniture

Mural in photo: Orange Boho

Terracotta and warm clays are going to be everywhere in 2023, elevating boring neutrals and creams to something cosy, calming and uplifting at the same time.

Just a splash of terracotta can add instant warmth to a cold or sterile space. If you’re a fan of minimalism but need a change, a muted dusky orange can be the perfect way to bring your home up to date.

Not only is orange the colour of happiness and laughter in colour psychology and colour symbolism, but it’s also great for creativity. This means it can get those creative juices flowing, make you feel inspired, and give you motivation for the day.

Deeper reds and oranges have arrived too

Red and dusty pink wall mural in a bedroom with white and dark orange bedsheets and a wooden headboard

Photo in mural: Amber Clouds

While we’re all about the herbaceous greens and coastal blues, there’s also room to experiment with some deeper, darker and more complex palettes. Think rusty reds, maroon browns, dirty plums, and of course earthy orange tones. If you want to take the terracotta movement to the next level, these colours are a good way to dip your toes in the water.

This ‘Amber Clouds’ mural by Spacefrog Designs is the perfect combination of all the deep colour trends 2023 has to bring. And while they are darker, edgier and romantic, they are still warm, easy to style and totally accessible.

A pop of lavender can brighten your home

Purple marble effect wallpaper in a bedroom with grey and pink bedsheets

Mural in photo: Purple Swirl Watercolour

WGSN has announced ‘Digital Lavender’ to be the Colour of the Year in 2023, and we can’t wait to see how this hue will evolve. Described as a hue that represents “wellness and digital escapism”, this colour is the perfect way to wrap up a crazy few years. Between political unrest and the pandemic to the world’s shift from office to remote working, there’s a lot that’s changed.

Electric lavenders in interiors can instil a sense of stability and balance, while also adding interest and intrigue to a room. If you hate neutrals, this is the colour trend to covet next year.

Luxury will come in the form of gold

Gold and blue living room with a gold and blue wallpaper with gold and grey furniture

Mural in photo: Ornamental Tiger Blue

Get those gold décor items back out of storage – 2023 is going to be the year we celebrate luxury detailing once more! Combine gold with navy and you’ve got a power combo to knock the socks off your guests. Blue and gold are a true classic, and the darker the blue, the more sophisticated your home will look.

This ‘Ornamental Tiger Blue’ mural by Andrea Haase packs a visual punch, elevating your interior aesthetics by adding a high-end finish. If you’re looking for a way to embrace colour trends in 2023 while keeping it grown-up and sophisticated, opt for wallpapers with elements of gold.

Dare to go dark with hybrid greens

Dark green panelling effect wallpaper with a white couch and gold accessories

Mural in photo: Dark Green Panelling

As biophilia continues to gain traction across interior design, it’s only natural to look for different varieties of green. Gentle greens are popular, especially for the bedroom, but darker, murkier and more mysterious greens are welcomed too.

Dark turquoise, blue/green hybrids, dirty sage, and greyish greens that resemble winter pond water could be a much more timeless way to decorate. This shade of green goes head to head with navy in the battle of refinement, and this ‘Dark Green Panels’ wallpaper gives you the ultimate opulent finish to any living or dining space.

Expect sunnier colour trends in 2023

Big, yellow floral wallpaper in a living room with grey furniture and muted gold cushions

Mural in photo: Morning Radiance

Another colour we are looking forward to seeing is warm, soft and uplifting yellow. This comes off the back of the warm neutrals trend, with golden hues taking centre stage and adding just a dab of optimism after a hard couple of years.

If you want an easy way to explore golds and yellows in the home, try adding floral designs to an otherwise monochromatic space. The injection of colour will warm up the room, making it a cosy, comfortable and inviting area for the whole family.

Which of these colour trends is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below…

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