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Christmas trees for small spaces idea with a small wooden Christmas tree against a snowy woodland wallpaper

30/11/2023   POSTED BY

12 Alternative Christmas Trees for Small Spaces

It really is the most wonderful time of year! Christmas films, mulled wine, cosy winter evenings, and let’s not forget about the main event, the Christmas tree! Christmas trees for small spaces are becoming increasingly popular as they allow everyone to keep up this whimsical tradition.

You don't need to worry if you don’t have room for a huge pine or spruce tree! There are many ways to incorporate a beautiful and show-stopping Christmas tree into your home. The size of your house, living room, apartment or dorm room shouldn’t mean you must forfeit this wonderful tradition. Small doesn’t have to mean boring or meagre, as a pint-size Christmas tree can be just as impressive as a 7ft pine tree!

We have handpicked 12 of the most beautiful and imaginative Christmas trees for small spaces in a neat little present… oh go on then, you can open it now!

1. Christmas trees for small spaces can be flat!

Flat wooden Christmas tree on a grey wall with light and silver baubles

Image Source: tinypartments.com via Pinterest

A great start to your small Christmas tree ideas would be to think about your wall space instead of your floor space. If you don’t have a lot of room to work with, you can create a gorgeous Christmas tree that is flat to your wall! You can create a stunning Christmas tree by using various size branches and beautiful warm-white fairy lights. Adorn with silver and white baubles to hint towards a Scandinavian-style Christmas tree!

2. Christmas trees for small spaces made with tinsel

Christmas trees for small spaces made from purple tinsel

Image source: blesserhouse.com via Pinterest

A quick and easy way to incorporate a small Christmas tree into your home is to fashion one from tinsel! If, like us you’d love to have a tree in every room but don’t have the space to do so, you can use colourful tinsel or traditional Christmas-coloured tinsel, such as red or gold. Simply zig-zig your tinsel to mimic the shape of a Christmas tree and attach it to your wall with pins or hooks. The wonderful aspect of using tinsel will still allow you to hang baubles! We think the tinsel Christmas tree would be perfect for a small hallway or even a kid’s bedroom.

3. Feed your bookworm urges this Christmas!

Christmas tree made from old book pages on a grey wood panelled wall

Image source: cindyhattersleydesign.com via Pinterest

Christmas trees for small spaces don’t necessarily need to be made from your standard Christmas decorations. For the bookworm in your life, or if it is you who is the book-lover, why not create a Christmas tree from old book pages? This would be perfect for in your bedroom, if you have a reading corner or for a shop window display or in a library!

We love this idea for creating a small Christmas tree; you can be as creative as you want. You can use old book pages, but if removing pages from a book makes you feel uneasy, you can make your own pages! Simply print your text on A4 or A5 pieces of paper and use teabags to stain the paper to give them that aged vintage look. Pop a small book cover or picture frame on top of your tree, and for a wonderful finishing touch, use warm white fairy lights to outline your fantastic book-themed tree!

4. Craft your own small Christmas tree

Wooden Christmas tree idea with rose gold and white baubles for Christmas trees for small spaces ideas

Image Source: mamanadmore.com via Pinterest

For those of you blessed with the talent of DIY, why not craft your own small Christmas tree? This style is perfect for minimalists and those who love a bit of woodwork. Simply construct a triangular frame with smaller dowels in the centre that you can use to hang baubles, tinsel and lighting. Christmas trees for small spaces can look as traditional or as abstract as you like. We love the stripped-back, natural style of this Christmas tree shape.

5. Christmas trees for small spaces can be picture-perfect

Christmas tree made from stacked photographs on a cream wall

Image Source: backyardboss.net via Pinterest

Christmas is all about connecting with friends and family that you might struggle to see as often as you’d like. Sometimes life gets in the way of well, life, so a great way to keep your friends and family close, especially if you live far away, is to construct a Christmas tree made from all your favourite pictures! This style is perfect to set on a shelf in a small student room, dorm room or apartment.

6. Christmas trees for small spaces can be bare

Christmas trees for small spaces in a hallway with a wooden bench and central park covered in snow wallpaper

Mural in photo: Central Park Covered in Snow

You can include small Christmas trees in your home that are au-natural or in other words - no decorations. If you go all out at Christmas and even update your wallpaper to a removable Christmas mural, a few neatly placed trees are all you need for the perfect finishing touch. The wonderful aspect of small Christmas trees is how you can include more than one in your space without them taking up most of your room. This idea is particularly useful for your hallway or landing.

7. Take on a removable festive mural!

christmas tree wall mural in kids bedroom

Mural in image: Animal Winter Wonderland

There are no rules that say Christmas trees for small spaces need to be three-dimensional, which is why a festive mural is one of our favourite ideas! You can still adorn your tapestry with decorations and lights to create a beautiful Christmas corner. This idea is well-suited for a small apartment, student dorm or kids bedroom.

Place all your lovingly wrapped gifts underneath as you would a traditional tree, and there you have it - a beautiful small Christmas tree filled with warmth but without taking precious space from your room!

8. Embrace nature and go natural

Green leaves hung on a white wall to mimic a Christmas tree

Image source: Diydarling.co via Pinterest

For those of you who are more inclined to a natural and bohemian style, hanging bunches of dried green foliage to mimic a Christmas tree shape is a wonderful idea. You could source your leaves and dry them yourself or buy faux for ease. We think this interpretation of a small Christmas tree is simple but beautiful! This style would be perfect for your bedroom, your living room or your hallway.

9. Use garlands to create a small Christmas tree

Green garlands on a white brick wall to look like a Christmas tree

Image source: dishfunctionaldesigns.Blogspot.co via Pinterest

If you have a room where you traditionally may not put a Christmas tree, such as your hall or porch, a great way to add some festive fun would be to use Christmas garlands to mimic the triangular shape of a tree. This is a quick and easy way to incorporate a Christmas tree into a small room or even just in an awkward corner or wall space that is crying out for some festive cheer!

10. Get crafty to create a magical small Christmas tree

Christmas trees for small spaces made from white lights and berries and leaves in a cream room

Image source: blog.spell.co via Pinterest

If you like the idea of using Christmas lights to create a tree on your wall but want to add something more, you can use beautiful leaves, dried flowers and red berries to create a delicate yet simply stunning Christmas tree. Zig-zig your lights into a triangular shape and place your decorations on top. Using green and red foliage will keep your colour scheme looking like traditional Christmas decorations. This beautiful yet delicate tree would look amazing on any wall!

11. Use reclaimed wood to create a natural tree!

Small Christmas tree made out of twigs in front of a snowy tree mural

Mural in photo: Frosty Birches

There are many ways to create Christmas trees for small spaces, and one such way is by using reclaimed or ‘found wood’. This way is perfect for those of you who like to be environmentally friendly. Not only is using reclaimed wood kinder on the environment, but it is also a wonderful way to create a beautiful tree that can be placed on a shelf, a unit or a window sill. If you are hosting a party, you could always choose a removable wallpaper to transform your home into a winter wonderland – it would be a perfect backdrop for your wooden tree!

12. Let your lights do all the work

Christmas tree made from lights on a white wooden wall with a grey chair

Image source: homestolove.com.au via Pinterest

A simple but effective way to create a Christmas tree for a small space is to use Christmas lights. You could use neutral lights for a natural look or coloured lights for a cheery look. Simply zig-zag your lights into a tree shape and place some Christmas accessories near, including all your wrapped gifts and voila - you have created a Christmas tree that is just as warm and inviting as a tall spruce tree without compromising on your space!

Are you feeling inspired by these Christmas trees for small spaces? If you are, we’d love to know which style you will try! Let us know in the comments below!

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