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graffiti style cartoon wallpaper in trendy home office

05/05/2020   POSTED BY

Cartoon Wallpaper For All Ages (It's Not Just About the Kids)

Yes! We really mean it. Cartoon wallpaper isn’t just about the kids! At Wallsauce.com, we don’t see any reason why the grown-ups can’t join in with the fun as well!

Don’t limit animated wallpaper to just your child or teen’s bedroom: why not enjoy one in your adult space too? Of course, we couldn’t not show you some of our adorable range of children’s cartoon murals as well. Enjoy fairy tale lands, cute animals and even cool gaming scenes for your game-obsessed teenager. But we also invite you to take a look at our fantastic range of fantasy, graffiti and tattoo wallpapers - perfect for any on-trend, stylish home.

So, if you’re fed up of the kids always having all the fun, now it's your turn! Take a look at our cartoon wallpaper for all ages to make you feel young at heart. Let’s have some fun!

Make their dreams come true with a fairy tale cartoon wallpaper

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned fairy tale? Legends of brave knights on white stallions, terrifying fire-breathing dragons mixed with beautiful princesses and mythical creatures. Give your little one’s bedroom a makeover and get ready to transport yourself to fairyland… yay!

Princess and unicorn wallpaper

cartoon princess in pink dress with white unicorn with colourful mane wallpaper in girl's bedroom

Mural in photo: Beautiful Princess and White Unicorn

Welcome to the magical kingdom! Here strawberry-scented unicorns roam the land and sweet-natured princesses hold conversations with nearby friendly butterflies! The opportunities for transforming your home are endless with our enchanting range of princess wallpaper.

When installing one of our enchanting wallpapers, place them on the wall behind your child's headboard. This will make the princess wallpaper the central focus of the room. For the absolute cherry on top, hang a graceful canopy over their bed and have a cute dressing table to keep their princess tiara on display. Why not? A princess deserves the best!

Knights and castle cartoon wallpaper

cartoon knight, dragon and castle wallpaper in cute child's bedroom

Mural in photo: Brave Knight Castle and Dragon

If your child (or you) love to pretend to be Sir Lancelot, whether playing at recess or in your re-enactment group, you'll love our selection of knights and castle wall murals. From pink princess palaces and fairy kingdoms, you have more than enough backdrops to choose from for when you’re in character!

As well as brave and valiant knights, we have a great selection of fairy, fantasy, pirate and unicorn wallpaper, that would look at home on any children’s TV show!

Roar, oink or squeak with joy at our collection of animal cartoon wallpaper

There’s nothing more cartoony than a bunch of smiling, wild animals that look like they want to be your best friend! Over animation's history, animals have been a popular choice for friendly children's characters. From Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny to Tom and Jerry, they have always been held in high esteem by cartoonists. So why not have your own friendly animal pals in your own home for you and your child to enjoy?

Safari animal wallpaper

cartoon safari animals in a jungle wall mural in fun child's bedroom

Mural in photo: Animals in the Jungle

An explosion of colour and fun, you can’t help but smile back at these friendly safari animal faces - great for any animal-loving child and adorable enough for your newborn’s bedroom. Animal characters always make great wallpapers for children’s bedrooms.

mounted pretend animal heads on wall

Mural in photo: Exotic Landscape, 1910

Keep the safari theme going throughout the room with child-friendly animal head wall mounts, animal print rugs and bed covers! You could even set up a dressing-up box filled to the brim with safari binoculars, a pith helmet, a camouflage shirt and trousers! Make their imagination roar!

Farmyard animal cartoon wallpaper

cartoon farm animals wallpaper in modern child's bedroom

Mural in photo: Farm Animals

Get on your tractor and grab your hay-bailing fork! It’s time to get your boots muddy with a fun farmyard animal cartoon wallpaper! You’ll certainly be enjoying endless repeats of ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm' with this Farm Animals wallpaper!

Not only farm animals, we have a vast collection of pets, sealife, zoo and polar characters that you will love as well! Simply search through our children’s animal wallpaper

Thrill-seeking animation wallpaper

Let’s fast forward a few years or so to teenage-dom and adulthood with our collection of thrill-seeking animation wallpaper. Choose from eery gaming cities to thrilling fantasy landscapes. These high-definition animated wallpapers are a far cry from our cheery and innocent animal and fairy tale wallpapers!

Gaming wallpaper for the game-obsessed

gaming soldier and dog in snowy city wallpaper in teenager's bedroom

Mural in photo: Winter Patrol

Gaming is huge in the world of animation. The abundance of high-quality animated video games have dramatically moved away from old fashioned-animated drawings of old-school cartoons. Like the games themselves, with an ultimate gaming wall, your sense of reality becomes blurred. You're tricked into thinking that you’re actually amongst real-life soldiers and battle scenes! Cool, isn't it?

To really bring your game-obsessed teenager’s room to life, or your own gaming room, choose an epic animation wallpaper. Having a multi-screen setup and neon lights are also great animated video game room ideas. Close off the rest of the world and transport yourself into the game...

Excited for more? Let’s complete this gaming mission and move onto the next level…

Animated fantasy wallpaper

fantasy dragon and its master on battle hillside wallpaper in cool bedroom

Mural in photo: Dragon Master

Step into a whole new world (not the Aladdin and Jasmin kind) with one of our dragon wall murals! We really do have some great animation wallpaper, but our dragon collection is definitely one of our show-stoppers. See dragon wallpapers that are reminiscent of World of Warcraft and Game of Thrones. Be ready to really quench your fantasy-thirst with fire-breathing beasts and dragon masters...

As well as fantastic for a games room, our fantasy wallpapers are also great for bedrooms or lounges. If you hold regular game nights in your home, just imagine our Dragon Master wallpaper battle scene in the background. It will definitely set the perfect atmosphere to put everyone in their character roles!

Adult cartoon wallpaper for the grown-ups

You might think we’re loony saying that cartoons aren’t just for kids, but when you see our range of artistic illustrated wallpapers, you’ll know we’re not daft ducks! The kids don’t know it, but even us adults have a playful side that appreciates the burst of colour. Here are some adult cartoon wallpaper ideas for the grown-ups.

Colourful graffiti wallpaper

cool cartoon graffiti in trendy home office

Mural in photo: Sports Graffiti

From a distance, we appreciate the pattern and colour of this Sports Graffiti Wallpaper. But when you look closer, you start to notice the absolute intricacy of detail. See a basketball hand spinning the ball, fans holding up a ‘Finish’ sign and even a snowman! The longer you stare, the more you notice.

That’s why this epic design would make a fantastic feature wall in any space. Just imagine the conversations that it will start up when you have guests over! Start reliving your favourite moments of the Olympics in Rio 2016.

Tattoo wallpaper that is ink-worthy

grunge cartoon style wallpaper in cool bedroom

Mural in photo: Twisted Pixels Montage

For a completely alternative, cartoon-grunge look, choose our Twisted Pixels Montage wall mural. This tattoo wallpaper would be a great setting for a tattoo parlour or an epic bedroom feature wall. It is definitely an adults' style cartoon wallpaper – a far cry from princess or animal characters!

If you love our selection of cartoon wallpaper in this blog, let us know which is your favourite! Or if you have any more questions, please leave a comment below.

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