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Unicorn Wallpaper

Unicorn Wallpaper

Unicorn Wall Murals

Magical and mythical unicorn wallpaper murals can bring enchantment to any room.

Choose from colourful, vibrant illustrations to beautifully toned, life-like unicorn images and transform any children's bedroom or playroom with this precious mythological creature.

With pinks, purples, blues and whites, magical landscapes and moonlit scenes, our range of unicorn wall murals have something for everyone who loves unicorns and mythical horses. From the flying white horse of winter dawn to the enchanted woodland that is home to the unicorn mare and foal! All of our unicorn wall art designs are custom printed on a choice of wallpapers.

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61 Unicorn Wallpaper Designs

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Unicorn Wall Mural

Perfect for a little girl’s bedroom, our range of mythical unicorn wallpapers is both magical and enchanting. As well as regular unicorns, we also have Pegasus wallpapers, as well as dark versions as the much-loved beast.

Our Winter Dawn unicorn wall mural contains lush, rich colours of pink, purple and blue, all while in a haze. With similar colours, but much more vibrant is our Unicorn Path wallpaper, that also includes rays of yellow light breaking in through the trees in the background. 

A cleaner and simpler unicorn mural is our Fairytale Unicorn design. With just whites and greys, and focusing entirely on the unicorn, this design is absolutely stunning. Or add a touch of sparkle with our Unicorns at Play unicorn wallpaper, made super girly with the pink glitter that sparkles through their manes. 

The Dark Unicorn mural is a unique spin on the traditional mythical beast. Placed amongst stormy red and grey skies, this dark unicorn is red and brown with a black horn and veiny wings. This rebellious creature would be perfect for the teenager who feels she needs to rebel, or for a boy’s bedroom too. 

Get colourful with our Unicorn Cavern unicorn wall mural background, that incorporates both a fairytale background and a gorgeous enchanted forest. This unicorn frolics amongst colourful plants, in front of castles that look straight out of your dreams.

As with all of our wallpapers, our unicorn wallpapers are made to order, according to your exact measurements, that you input into our online form.

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