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70s style wallpaper in living room

08/10/2021   POSTED BY

Groovy Love: 70s Wallpaper and Psychedelic Art

This month, we’re hopping in our time machine and heading back to the 1970s, when life was carefree, and hedonism was a concept in its prime. Channelling 70s style in the home brings such a warm feeling of nostalgia, even for those who weren’t alive to experience the decade of love, peace and happiness!

A much-loved decade by all, it paves the way for escapism. This is why it’s such a great interior story for 2021/22 and in a way, the 70s was a bipolar era for interior design. Walls and furnishings were either typically brown, orange and earthy (adorned with retro patterns) – or full-blown psychedelic. But that’s why we adore this period so much. There are so many looks to choose from. But if there’s one thing that ties it all together… it is, of course, pattern.

Think in-yer-face flower power, OTT paisley, big geos and optical illusion, giant swirls dipped in rainbows, and golden browns that are quintessential of this period. Ready to get groovy in the home? Here’s some of the best 70s wallpaper and psychedelic wall décor to covet right now.

Rusty orange and nature-inspired patterns

70s wallpaper in dining room

If there’s one colour that defines 70s wallpaper, it has to be orange. A deep, earthy, muddy orange. The sort of orange that verges on brown. And this ‘Zen Leafage Rust’ mural by Julia Fonnereau is the perfect depiction of this era.

Almost as a retort to the psychedelia craze, which overlapped the 60s and 70s, this muted colour palette shows us the other side of things. Perhaps a more sophisticated, laidback and low-key version of the narrative, where a carefree existence doesn’t have to mean trippy and mind-bending.

The link to nature is important too because holism was a big deal in the 70s, and it doesn’t get any more holistic than the plant world. So if you want to channel this decade in your home, botanical wallpapers are a must.

Paisley print and floral fractals

paisley wallpaper in home office

Flowers and paisley are a match made in heaven, and artist Valentina Harper agrees. Her wallpaper designs bring together bright and colourful patterns, creating a movement with lines and circles that undulate and swirl to stimulate the senses.

Her ‘Ava’ wall mural is perfect for feature walls, with details that demand your focus. The pull to look closer at all the intricate graphics is what makes it so intoxicating. With a winning recipe of florals and paisley, this wallpaper is a feast for the eyes. And it’s a great way to channel the 70s with a fun, bold statement.

Brown art nouveau 70s wallpaper

70s nouveau wallpaper in dining room

Just like burnt orange, brown was a colour that was everywhere in the 70s. Think brown suede coats, brown cord flares, and brown velvet sofas. This murky hue was King in both fashion and interiors, and it was a trusty colour you could turn to when all else failed.

Brown wallpaper designs like this ‘Nouveau Anemone’ mural by Nici Gabriel are truly representative of the retro family kitchen, dining or living room. Throw in some mid-century mod furniture and a bit of terrazzo, and you’re totally transported back in time.

Earth tones are also a major trend for 2022, but don’t worry if trend-led styles aren’t your thing – these colours are all about promoting wellbeing, thanks to their connection to nature. So there really is longevity in an earthy colour palette.

Trippy marble effect murals

multicoloured geode wallpaper in living room

If hallucinogenic vibes are more your thing, this ‘Ombre Strata’ wallpaper by Lara Skinner will take you on a wild and colourful journey.

There’s something very liberating about psychedelic walls and room décor. It’s a design concept that allows you to curate things freely, and without inhibition or restriction. So go nuts on the colour front; mix, match and clash different prints and patterns; create eye-popping colour contrasts like blue and orange or purple and yellow; and indulge in tapestries, wall hangings and bright wall art.

Marble is a great way to ease you into the kaleidoscopic world of psychoactive colour combinations too, because it has that millennial touch, making it current as much as it is retro. You can also create a sense of order within a chaotic space by pulling out certain hues from the marble design and bringing them to life with furniture and décor.

Colourful, head-turning wall art

paisley print on metal in bedroom

You dig the 70s, but you’re a minimalist at heart. It’s a dilemma many of us can understand. But don’t let the conflict tear you apart – because there are so many ways you can embrace this carefree decade and it doesn’t always have to be full-on.

If the idea of 70s wallpaper puts you off, invest in a few pieces of psychedelic wall art instead. The ‘Spring Paisley’ design by Valentina Harper is great as a wall mural or as a one-of-kind metal print. Elevate bare walls or clash it with other patterns and colours of your choice.

To tie your theme together, coordinate with plush rugs, cosy throws and some colourful pillows that scream hippie chic.

*Please note metal prints are only available for UK delivery

Circle geos and bright orange hues

orange circle wallpaper in home office

This ‘Surrender’ wall mural by Marc Pasternack is as groovy as it gets when it comes to wallpaper designs. The circle geometric design has a fun, playful and experimental look to it, and can be mixed and matched with other geos in the room for a mind-bending aesthetic.

Going back to the decade’s most coveted colour, orange, this wallpaper is great for lifting the mood. Plus, did you know that circles are known to soothe the mind? Rounded edges allow our eyes to easily follow lines, supporting the natural movement of the head and eyes respectively. As a result, they keep us calm and relaxed, making them a great shape to incorporate into your interiors for wellbeing.

What do you think of the 70s wallpaper trend? Do you prefer the muted browns, golds and oranges or the bright, trippy colours? Let us know what decade you’d like us to write about next in the comments below!

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Deirdre Hallissey


Love those 70's inspired papers!!! I'd like to see the Trippy marble with orange in it if that's possible!!

Amy @ Wallsauce


Thank you for your comment Deirdre! We love 1970s inspired wallpaper too! :) We don't have that particular design with orange in it, but we do have some gorgeous new orange marble effect wallpaper murals in our Orange collection which you can view here - https://www.wallsauce.com/wallpaper/orange-wallpaper-murals?filter_sort=latest



GREAT STUFF - Can't wait to get started but MUST prep first

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Yvonne! Thank you for your comment. We hope your decorating goes well!

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