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pastel blue floral wallpaper in light blue lounge

21/09/2021   POSTED BY

Colour Trends 2022: Hues for Happiness

Soul soothing greens, uplifting yellows, and grounding earth colours like brown and terracotta. Predicted colour trends for 2022 are deeply connected with nature and are all about making us feel good.

As mentioned in our home styling tips for next year, wellbeing is the main theme for 2022. The world is feeling optimistic again and we’re excited about the colour trends to match. But it’s not just those healing health retreat colours we’re loving. There’s room for a bit of boldness and glamour too.

Here’s a look at the most inspiring colour trends 2022 has to bring!

Herbal greens are all the rage

inky blue and green crane wallpaper in green dining room

Mural in photo: Ocean Cranes

If there’s one colour you have to know about next year, it’s green. And not just one singular shade of green, but a whole assortment of greens. The most popular will be herbal, vegetal and totally organic. Think sage, basil, olive or mint.

Anything that reminds you of a pretty herb garden or a woodland floor is probably on the right track. You know that saying “blue and green should never be seen”? Ignore it and add it to the fake news pile. Because combining soothing olive tones with a classic French blue – or a teal that lives on the green spectrum – is totally on trend.

Warm terracotta is retro perfection

terracotta and blue tribal pattern wallpaper in boho dressing room

Mural in photo: Ethnic Stripe

There are two overarching themes with this colour trend. Warmness and super cool retro-ness! Both of these are important next year, with balmy colours helping to soothe and relax us in important rooms like the living room or bedroom. Not forgetting retro vibes elevating our sense of nostalgia, giving us comfort with rose-tinted memories of better times.

Oranges are going to be much loved, not only because they remind us of the early evening sun in romantic corners of Europe, but because they are truly timeless. Transitioning seamlessly from spring to summer to autumn, this is a year-round hue to decorate with.

Definitely one the most uplifting and strengthening colour trends 2022 has to offer, this earthy Ethnic Stripe wallpaper is a great way to celebrate terracotta/burnt orange in a retro way.

Earth tones, defining colour trends 2022

brown and white watercolour wallpaper in lounge with tan sofa

Mural in photo: Brown Grey

As well as exotic terracotta, interior design is welcoming earthy tones like sandy, caramel or russet browns. These are browns inspired by nature and they go hand-in-hand with the vegetal tones mentioned earlier. But that doesn’t mean that brown can’t be the leading lady in your interior narrative.

It’s very much a centre stage colour trend in 2022, with hues that are comfortable, cosy and calming being most popular come winter. What’s great about using brown wall paint or natural brown wallpaper for your home is that it’s incredibly versatile, giving you endless options with light play. You can make your space bright and airy with buttercream neutrals, or you can follow the dark walls trend and make it super atmospheric.

Either way, brown interiors = 100% class and sophistication.

But don’t forget those blues…

Colour Trends 2022 pastel blue floral wallpaper in blue living room

Mural in photo: Blue Wild Meadow

In addition to soothing greens, we’re also making way for calming blues. The sort of blues that transport you to the ocean, or make you think of the morning sky swathed in white cotton clouds.

Pastel blues are going to be seriously sought after in 2022/23 and beyond as a chosen shade for bedrooms as well as living spaces where calm and relaxation are the main priority. This is definitely one of the most peaceful colour trends 2022 is going to reveal.

Plus, if you love Scandinavian minimalism and clutter-free interior design, a gentle or muted blue can be a more interesting alternative to all-white walls. Goodbye boring.

…and a gentle lick of pastel pink

pink marble effect wall mural in pink vintage lounge

Mural in photo: Pink Marble mural from our Extended Range

According to Dulux, there’s room for soft baby pinks and shades like warm, elegant blush too. So if blues aren’t your thing, pink could be the warmer, more romantic substitute. There are so many reasons to fall in love with pink in interior design, including the positive impact it has on your mood.

Blush pinks or barely there pinks are a comforting choice for painting any room in the house, but you can also get a little cheekier and braver if you’re after impact. Pink marble wallpapers are an option too if you want added texture.

Designs like marble ensure that your pink theme won’t fall flat, and it can also bring a feeling of high-end elegance to your space.

Or turn up the heat with bright orchid

dark pink floral and flamingo wallpaper in lounge with dark grey couch

Mural in photo: Flamingo Jungle 2

It’s not just pastels that are going to be hot next year, so get ready for some bold glamour. Reported by WGSN, ‘Orchid Pink’ is the pink hue to covet if you love brights and want to create a colour pop sensation in a tired room. This hot, fuchsia-meets-magenta-meets-cerise pink is set to bring any drab space to life!

It’s a trans-seasonal tone that plays perfectly into the theme of small luxuries and precious things that come from Mother Nature. A bright pink that is far from synthetic, but is intrinsically tied to nature to bring you peace and comfort.

This dark Flamingo Jungle 2 wallpaper by Andrea Haase portrays the orchid perfectly, while also working in some luscious purples to bring more excitement to the palette.

Trés uplifting – and such an eye-catching wallpaper colour for rooms that deserve impact!

Are you loving these colours as much as we do? These are just a few colour trends 2022 has in store for us…let us know in the comments about any hot hues we’ve missed!

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I just discovered your blog and i loved it, not only because of the great research and knowledge you have but also because of the amazing tips you give.

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Hello Mon Saldimar! Thank you for your comment! :) It's always nice to hear how much our readers find our blogs interesting!

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