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grey plaster wallpaper with elegant grey sofa, throw and cushion for perfect timeless interiors

25/08/2020   POSTED BY

Wallpaper Guide for Timeless Interiors

The fundamentals of timeless interiors begin with proven styles and that often means forgoing trends. When it comes to wallpaper, opt for colours that never age, patterns that remain relevant and designs that create balance in your home.

Wallpapering is one of the easiest and most affordable makeovers you can do. With our simple paste the wall wallpapers or our effortless peel and stick range, the fiddly part is a thing of the past. So changing up your look every season is no biggie. But timeless wallpaper designs can be a great way of setting the ambience for grown-up elegance and sophistication – and it will last for years to come.

If you want a home that stays beautiful across the decades, here are our tips for choosing the best timeless wallpaper patterns for any room.

1. Get wallpaper inspiration from nature for timeless interiors

green palm leaf wallpaper in timeless interiors lounge with wooden sideboard and grey sofa

Mural in photo: Quiet Jungle

Jungle print is all the rage right now, we know. But nature is much bigger than what’s in and what’s not. Plants, flowers and botanicals are integral to life and bring so much joy in the form of gardens or house plants.

When it comes to jungle or tropical patterns, they don’t always have to be loud. This beautiful Quiet Jungle wall mural makes an eye-catching feature wall, yet it doesn’t steal too much of the limelight. If you’re looking for timeless interior design ideas that also touch on current trends, opt for a popular wallpaper pattern that has muted hues so it ages gracefully.

leafy green feature wall in white and grey lounge

Mural in photo: Tropical Landscape

Muted colours can mellow out any design, bringing it down a few notches so you can enjoy balance in the room. The use of plants in textiles and patterns also dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt, so it never tires. It appeals to everyone and adds an instantly calming aesthetic.

Biophilia and the human connection to living things means floral and botanical wallpapers will always hold their charm. Let nature be your guide and choose colours that are easy on the eye and you’ll have the recipe for a classic interior story.

2. Adopt trends that blend seamlessly with timeless interiors

grey, brown and lack terrazzo wall mural in stylish, timeless interiors lounge

Mural in photo: Classic Terrazzo

Getting the right balance with trends vs. classic style requires a discerning eye. Not all interior styles are meant to stick around. Some will rise and fall quickly, others will gain momentum for a while and a small handful will earn their place as modern classics.

Wallpapers that mimic those proven styles that have graced our homes throughout time will give you more longevity. The terrazzo trend may be hot on Instagram, but it’s also rooted in 20th Century history. This natural material became popular around the 1920s and has been used in interior design ever since.


Recently, terrazzo made its big comeback. Rather than a fleeting trend though, this reintroduction is a reminder of a true classic. Even when terrazzo is no longer the most featured narrative on social media, its beauty will prevail.

pastel green terrazzo mural in hallway with white drawers

Mural in photo: Pale Green Terrazzo

Done in a tasteful way, wallpaper designs like the above subtle Classic Terrazzo wall mural can bring any room to life by adding depth, intrigue and texture. Go with neutral colours if you want timeless wallpaper designs that last and last. And if you want a clean, crisp and contemporary feel, cool-toned hues are the best direction to take with your colour palette.

To avoid vintage-inspired wallpaper patterns like this one from looking dated, make sure you clear away the clutter. It’s important to let designs like terrazzo shine in a well-presented space.

3. Choose art murals that you love and find inspiring

antique painting of two hands touching wallpaper in white and blue themed timeless trends lounge

Mural in photo: Hands of God and Adam - Sistene Ceiling

Art murals are a fantastic alternative to framed paintings. They amplify an art piece you love and transform it into a stunning feature wall. It could be the talking point that intrigues your guests, the window into your world when you entertain and the therapy you need when you’re having a bad day. It can also be a timeless wallpaper choice that never gets old – if you choose wisely.

subtly painted water lily painting in white and green bedroom

Mural in photo: Waterlilies Green Reflections 1914-18

The trick is to choose art that you are passionate about. Don’t choose art that simply works with your colour scheme as this can change over the years. If you’re set on having mural art, it’s worth deciding on this first and building the rest of your room around it.

Remember, timeless interiors is synonymous with luxury. So, find an art piece that inspires, has meaning, or holds a place in history. The idea is that the mural can elevate the look of your home while making it personal to you. Whether you love fine art or contemporary art wallpapers, individuality is key.

4. Select wallpaper colour palettes with staying power

very pale grey marble wall mural in navy lounge

Mural in photo: Light Grey Marble

There are some classic colours that never die. Symphonies of white, cream, beige, earth and clay colours will always have a place in the world of interiors. However, the key to getting neutral wall colours right is understanding the balance of warm and cool tones. Knowing how to address this balance will help to make your room brighter and more inviting.

While white walls last forever, pure white is rarely the answer when it comes to home colour schemes. So selecting off-white, greys and natural wallpapers is recommended if you want versatile, bright and timeless home interiors.

grey plaster wallpaper in stylish and classic grey living room

Mural in photo: Vintage Plaster Effect

This sleek Natural Marble wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for an ever-changing home. It acts as a canvas for so many different interior styles. From minimalist and mid-century modern to traditional with rich colour palettes, this tonal design keeps things simple without stripping away personality.

Texture effect wallpapers such as concrete wallpapers are also a good choice if you want an easy colour option that’s more interesting than white or cream. A timeless grey interior never goes out of fashion and grey matches well with just about any colour scheme.

What are your tips for timeless interior design? Do you have any favourite timeless wallpaper styles that you always turn to? Or do you prefer to decorate with trends? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to share your home restoration projects with us. Email photos to info@wallsauce.com or tag us on social media for a chance to get featured.

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