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living room with jungle wallpaper with green and orange touches

14/06/2022   POSTED BY

We Need to Talk About the Urban Jungle Trend…

Yes, we know it’s been around for a while. And it’s safe to say that almost anyone who owns an Instagram account has at least dabbled in jungle vibes when it comes to home interiors. Not exactly a new concept, the urban jungle trend is very much a mainstay in the design world. Yet, we’re not bored. Far from it in fact…

The love of live foliage, botanical prints and jungle wallpaper continues to take root in homes around the world. Homes are getting greener and potted plants no longer live a shadowy existence in the corner of our living rooms. These days, they take centre stage.

There are so many different ways you can embrace jungle wallpaper too. If you need a reminder of just how beautiful jungle interiors can be, here are some of our favourite ways to style it!

The minimalist urban jungle trend

green jungle on white background wallpaper with grey couch

Mural in photo: Quiet Jungle

Jungle is loud. Jungle is daring. Jungle is a bold style statement. These are all the things we know and love about this trend. The urban jungle is all about the wow factor and anyone who has channelled jungle vibes in their home will know that it makes a great conversation starter.

But this green toned Quiet Jungle wallpaper mural is a little more understated, making it suitable for Scandi homes. If you prefer minimalist interiors, jungle walls don’t always have to steal the show. This elegant mural gives you foliage without the fuss. A conversation piece all the same, but definitely not the only thing you notice in the room.

The vibrant jungle with pops of colour

colourful green and red parrot jungle wallpaper with yellow chair

Mural in photo: Parrot King

In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion of animal prints, animal décor and safari themed art. Not only are our homes getting greener, but they’re evolving in ways that incorporate all things wild. The addition of animals in our interiors celebrates nature in all its forms and there are so many different ways to combine jungle with animal décor.

From animal print fabrics, animal head sculptures and animal wall art to specific themes that give your home that point of difference, animal-inspired interiors are having a big moment.

This colourful Parrot King wallpaper by Andrea Haase honours the most intelligent of the bird species, the colourful parrot. With reds, pinks, yellows and greens, this mural injects fun and excitement to any space that’s calling out for a revival.

The chic and elegant bathroom jungle

dark leafy rainforest wallpaper in bathroom perfect for urban jungle trend

Mural in photo: Deep into the Jungle

As we’ve talked about before, herbaceous greens are totally delicious in 2022. It’s all about the sage, olive and eucalyptus. Think leafy, think herby, think vegetal. If it’s growing in your kitchen garden, we’ll have it on our walls please.

This is why the urban jungle trend has legs. It’s much more than just a fleeting décor style, but an ode to our natural surroundings, and it promises serious staying power. For bedrooms, they do wonders for our mental health, helping us relax and wind down at the end of the night. For spa bathrooms, they work even better in creating an organic atmosphere where your worries can melt away.

For natural green hues that improve wellbeing, we are loving our Deep into the Jungle wallpaper mural by Ukrainian artist Marina Stupakova – and we think it could be a timeless wall covering to be loved for years to come.

Jungle walls with pineapple contrasts

urban jungle trend yellow parrot wallpaper dining area

Mural in photo: Pineapple Jungle

Who said green had to be the star attraction in jungle wallpaper designs? This trend has evolved a great deal since it first become popular, with more and more wall coverings now incorporating bold contrasting hues, such as gold or yellow.

This sunshine-yellow Pineapple Jungle mural adds an element of glamour to your living space, while also warming up the room and bringing an air of sophistication. The black background on this design makes it the perfect option for those looking to experiment with the dark wallpaper trend, which has grown in popularity in recent years. Style with warm mustard accessories to get that high end finish.

Pretty in pink jungle wallpaper

light green and pink tropical birds and rainforest wall mural with terracotta chair with pink cushion

Mural in photo: Green in the Jungle

This is another masterpiece by botanical designer Andrea Haase – this time celebrating the colour pink. We think this mural is stylishly retro, channelling 1980s bright pastels and Memphis style hues. There was a big art deco revival in the 80s and this tropical Green in the Jungle mural provides the perfect backdrop for hard edges, geos and gleaming metal accents.

Pink and green is a combination that brings together nature and femininity in a playful way. A wallpaper design like this says you’re on trend and a little bit bougie, but you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Beautiful banana leaf mural

large green leaf wallpaper with bed with white bedding

Mural in photo: Tropical Banana Leaf Palm Tree

Another way to create an indoor jungle is to explore close-up leafy designs like this statement-making Tropical Banana Leaf Palm Tree wallpaper. This style of wallpaper works well in every room, but is especially popular for communal spaces like living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

We also love seeing bold patterns like this being used as a backdrop for a gallery wall in a maximalist home (more is more). Celebrities seem to go wild for this wallpaper too…

Take a leaf from Cara and Poppy Delevigne’s book, where contrasting colours are celebrated. As seen in their home bar (*adds to wishlist*), jungle is a theme throughout.

The luxury palm jungle for grown-ups

urban jungle trend green palm leaf wallpaper with grey couch and orange cushions

Mural in photo: Palm Jungle

There’s something seriously luxe about jungle wallpaper. It reminds us of boutique hotels, high end dining spots and homes that have had the magic touch of an interior designer. This dark Palm Jungle mural has all the hallmarks of a designer wallpaper, bringing a sense of opulence to any room in the house. It also makes the urban jungle trend much more sophisticated, giving us a grown-up take on a popular millennial craze that’s seen all over Instagram.

The combination of deep navy, organic green and warm orange/brown screams “classy” and “confident” and we think this type of jungle mural will have much better mileage than some of the other trend-driven designs that will come and go in a matter of years.

Have you got jungle prints or jungle murals in your home? If you love the urban jungle look as much as we do, let us know in the comments below…

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