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white, minimalist living room in rented property with black sofa

23/02/2021   POSTED BY

Tips for Decorating a Rental Property

There are many benefits of being a renter. From not having to pay for boiler repair, to being able to move onto new pastures, renting offers a great deal of freedom. But if there’s one thing we hate about being a renter, it’s the restrictive nature of rental décor.

After all, there are only so many cushions and candles you can throw at a lacklustre apartment to make it look homely. Personalising your space can be tricky when you don’t have full control over fixtures or fittings. But decorating a rental property doesn’t have to mean settling for uninspiring home design.

From easy peel-off wallpaper that doesn’t damage your walls to clever lighting tricks, there are so many ways to make your house a home. Here are our top rental decorating ideas for interiors that pop….and they won’t upset your landlord either!

Tip #1 – Decorate with peel and stick wallpaper

3d effect pink wood panel wallpaper in living room with pastel grey sofa and floral cushion

Mural in photo: Pink Panels

One of the easiest ways of adding personality to rental décor is with beautiful prints and patterns. But, wallpaper designs are often out of the question for renters. However, with the latest advancements in temporary wallpaper, everyone can enjoy beautiful walls whilst adhering to their landlord’s rules.

In a lot of rental contracts, making changes to the walls is forbidden. This is usually to prevent damage to paint and plaster. But, easy-to-use peel and stick wallpaper is a game-changer, as you can remove it without ruining the wall underneath. It’s also an effortless self-adhesive wallpaper, which means no more gloopy paste or messy brushes. Simply stick to the wall, then gently peel it off when you want to take it down.

Our peel and stick removable wallpaper is long-lasting and flexible like traditional wallpaper. This means you can bank on years of quality if you plan on renewing your contract too.

Beautiful wallpaper is a simple luxury, one that can transform your space with colour. You can even create charming and emotive interiors through the power of texture. Choose panel wallpaper for example, which creates sophisticated walls in a flash.

Tip #2 – Use wallpaper to upgrade your furniture

Another amazing thing you can do with peel and stick wallpaper is turn ugly furniture into something spectacular. Interior designers and design companies love our easy self-adhesive wallpaper as contact paper for tables, chests of drawers, cupboards and even staircases.

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A post shared by Medina (@grillodesigns)

Mural featured by Grillo Designs: Black Ink Leaves

The possibilities are endless, and you don't have to worry about it damaging paint, wood or other materials if the furniture doesn’t belong to you. Get creative with everything from marble, tile and realistic wood effect to glam geometrics for that art deco vibe.

With peel-off wallpaper, you can explore a different trend every season, without any permanent after-effects.

Decorating a rental property has never been easier, and DIY interior blogger Medina (@grillodesigns) proves that even drab kitchen cupboards can be elevated to a whole new level of chic.

Tip #3 – Hang pictures without nails or drilling

framed leaf prints inblack frames on white brick wall with orange vase and green drawers

While some renters can live without changing their wall decor, not being able to hang up your favourite works of art can be frustrating. Photos, art prints and paintings are important elements within a home, and they bring us a lot of joy.

Whether it's memories from your backpacking days, photos of friends and family, or art to soothe the soul, imagery can bring both culture and meaning to your life. That’s why no nail picture hanging is such a revelation.

There are a few options on the market these days and you can get them from most DIY shops. From damage-free hooks and adhesive strips to Velcro design hanging kits, you’ll find a range of options that could work in your home.

3d effect white bricks wallpaper in lounge with navy blue couch

Mural in photo: White Brick

Got an eye-catching gallery wall in mind? If you’re worried about it looking too cluttered in a small rented apartment, keep the background simple. For darker rooms, always opt for lighter walls, such as a realistic brick wall mural (available as peel and stick wallpaper).

Brick-effect wallpapers are an affordable way to get that industrial converted warehouse look, without having to foot the bill of heating a lofty warehouse conversion. Win-win!

Tip #4 – Become an indoor gardener

illustrated window with tropical birds in tones of yellow, grey and green in room with light tan leather chair

Mural in photo: Window with Birds

Rented flats and apartments are a great choice if you don’t have the time to tend to a garden. But what if you’re a green-fingered plant lover? With house plants, you can bring the outdoors in, turning every room into a natural haven of clean air and personality.

Potted plants = interior design 101 when decorating a rental property. They help you put your own personal stamp on a generic space, while also brightening up your home.

This is one of the easiest, cheapest and healthiest rental decorating ideas out there. Plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen and absorb moisture from the air. This, as a result, reduces bacteria, germs and nasty mould. So it’s not just aesthetics that you’ll be benefiting from! And an added perk is that they tend to adapt well so they can come with you when you’re ready to move.

To really embrace this year’s organic trend, check out our plant-based wallpapers. Themes such as jungle or painted botanicals provide stunning backdrops for your potted companions.

Tip #5 – Make natural light your best friend

door view of pink and white bedroom with wicker lampshade

One of the best tools in your arsenal when decorating a rented property is the use of lighting. However, there are limitations when it comes to light fittings in a rental. Getting them changed will need permission from your landlord or rental agency. So natural sunlight will be key, but you can also choose brighter bulbs and different colour temperatures to set the mood. You should also consider the type of lampshades you use, maximising light output where possible.

Leaning mirrors are also a fantastic way to bounce natural light around the room, making rooms appear brighter and more spacious. Plus, leaning mirrors don’t need to be attached (simply prop them up) so there’ll be no damage to the walls either.

If the walls in your rented apartment are looking dark and gloomy, use temporary wallpaper to give them a new lease of life.

lilac and pink floral wallpaper in bedroom with grey and pink accessories

Mural in photo: Pretty Garden

This calming Pretty Garden mural gives you plenty of white space to make the most of natural light, while still bringing some colour into the room.

Don’t forget to comment below with any ideas you have for decorating a rental property…

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