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plum and maroon rose wallpaper in a white and pink lounge

24/09/2020   POSTED BY

10 Pretty Wallpapers You Have to Have

Since the world of wallpaper began, pretty wallpapers have been desired year after year. From the damask swirls of the Victorian era to the chinoiserie designs of the ’20s. The abstract retro patterns of the ‘60s to the florals of the ‘80s: history’s opinion of what is pretty has certainly changed over the years. Now that we’re in the 2020s, our thoughts on what makes a wallpaper pretty are vast. The past has definitely given us a range of designs to take inspiration from.

In this gorgeous blog, we will show you the top 10 pretty wallpapers that are hot right now! We are seeing beautiful vintage-inspired florals, retro terrazzos, sleek geodes and antique tropical maps. Excited to see? Let’s go…

1. Sleek and chic geode wallpapers to dazzle your guests

colourful geode wallpaper in navy and pink lounge

Mural in photo: Rock Pool Beach

Geode and marble wallpapers are HUGE at the moment and it looks like they will confidently stride into next year as well (lucky us). Our fabulous Rock Pool Beach wallpaper has been a sure winner amongst our customers this year and it’s no surprise why. This stunning geode wallpaper designed by Lara Skinner went viral after our customer Sophie posted this photo of her newly decorated lounge.

2. Delicate botanical designs to awe and inspire

pastel pink floral and bird wallpaper in minimalist lounge

Mural in photo: Sweet Lilies

Pretty, delicate and gorgeous, this Sweet Lilies wall mural is certainly a cute wallpaper for the home. The pastel hues of pink, grey and cream are a calming colour concoction making this pretty wallpaper ideal for a relaxed lounge or bedroom.

As this pretty flower wallpaper is subtle, bring the colours to life with room accessories. Just look how wonderful the grey sofa with cream and pink cushions looks paired with this Kelly Kratzing design.

3. Daring dark floral wallpaper for passionate romantics...

dark floral wallpaper in romantic lounge

Mural in photo: True Love

Nothing is more romantic than a bouquet of flowers so set the mood with a striking dark floral wall mural.

Our customers are always searching for the prettiest floral designs. Because of this, we have carefully curated an extensive and fabulous collection of floral wallpapers. If you want to be really on-trend, we recommend choosing dark florals such as this gorgeous True Love wallpaper.

We adore how this romantic room has upped up the love by adding an elegant candelabra and cosy throws to hide under together!

4. Hand-painted pretty wallpaper for the cottagecore look

blue and white vintage floral wall mural in on-trend hallway

Mural in photo: Royal Indigo White

The cottagecore trend has become a huge subculture this year: it's all about enjoying the beauty of nature and the simpler things in life. And we really think that this blue and white pretty wallpaper epitomises that oldy worldy, simple life look.

Tashi Tsering Painting One of His Designs

Tashi Tsering painting one of his new designs

Hand-painted by our fabulous Tashi Tsering, all his designs epitomise the word “pretty”.

5. Terrazzo pretty wallpaper to add a chic, retro look to your lounge

pastel pink and blue terrazzo wallpaper in grey and blue lounge

Mural in photo: Speckled Pastel

Completely unique to the rest of our top 10 pretty wallpapers, this modern Speckled Pastel wallpaper is a far cry from our floral designs! So if you’re a fan of texture and shape rather than flowers, this is the wall mural for you.

We adore the pastel tones in this stunning terrazzo wallpaper and how fantastic it looks in this on-trend lounge.

6. Peonies wallpaper - so realistic they look freshly picked!

illustrated purple peonies wallpaper in purple and grey living room

Mural in photo: Pretty Purple Peonies

Recently added to our range of luxurious murals, this gorgeous Pretty Purple Peonies wallpaper has been one of our favourite pretty girl wallpapers: ideal for a sophisticated lounge as well as your daughter’s bedroom.

Designed by the talented Uta Nauman, all her works of art are inspired by her love of vintage pharmaceutical drawings. She describes the way she designs as “drifting”: we love this dreamy side of her work making all her beautiful designs ideal for a calming home.

7. Feel meadow-fresh every morning with a botanical illustrated wallpaper

white background with colourful illustrated flowers wall mural in minimalist office

Mural in photo: Growing Meadow Flowers

Intricately illustrated, realistic and beautiful, this Growing Meadow Flowers wall mural is the ideal beautiful wallpaper for any space. Designed with a vintage flair, these stunning flowers look as though they have been lovingly pressed inside an old book, saved for all time!

We love how fantastic this pretty flower wallpaper looks in this home office. It’s ideal for bringing the outdoors into where you work! Especially if you are a city-dweller and are in need of a dose of nature!

8. Vintage maps to bring the tropics into your home

vintage and tropical caribbean map in dining room with wicker chairs

Mural in photo: Caribbean Vibes

Feel the sultry heat and step into tropical lands with this fantastic Caribbean Vibes wallpaper. Taken from our Andrea Haase collection, this palm leaf and birds wallpaper is a fabulous addition to this dining room.

To complement that stunning vintage look, we recommend adding a range of romantic and pretty decor items to make the interior even more gorgeous!

9. Elegant marbles for luxurious pretty wallpaper

pink marble with gold touches wallpaper in gold lounge

Mural in photo: Pink and Gold Swirl

We love, love, LOVE marble wallpaper with touches of gold colour in them! They ooze style, class and utter luxury. And this is what makes this Pink and Gold Swirl wallpaper so perfect!

The beauty of this marble wall mural is that it is great for all ages - it’s one of our favourite cute wallpapers for teens as well as grown-ups! It would also look fabulous in a hair parlour, nail salon or a trendy cupcake shop!

10. The favourite pretty wallpapers of right now: more florals!

white background with maroon and plum coloured hanging flowers wallpaper in pink and white lounge

Mural in photo: Flower Chandelier

Last, but certainly not least, here is our favourite pretty wallpaper of the moment: the fabulous Flower Chandelier wall mural! I know, I know, we LOVE florals when it comes to pretty wallpaper, but they just tick all the right boxes!

And you can’t beat the absolute beauty of the colours and textures of this rose wallpaper: just look at those tones of plum, maroon, pastel pinks and sage. What’s more, the way that the painted flowers hang over the room is utterly dreamy, adding such a pretty touch to the room.

We have loved showing you our top 10 pretty wallpaper collection! Which is your favourite? Leave a comment below to tell us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Debbie Payten


Yepp the last floral one does it for me

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Debbie :). We love the floral ones as well! Aren't they pretty?

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