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stylish marble wallpaper in lounge with white and blue accessories

14/11/2023   POSTED BY

Modern Wallpaper Designs [From 5 Top Designers]

Installing modern wallpaper in your home is a great way to begin a fresh start. And it doesn't need to be the new year to do this! Whether it's April, July or November, get motivated to start anew! Are you finally going to book that holiday? Is your little one starting nursery? Does your home need a bit of TLC and modernising? Well, we can help you with that. Not the holiday or nursery part (sorry), but we can certainly point you in the right direction regarding modern wallpaper. 

It’s fair to say that designer wallpaper and wall murals are making a major comeback. Gone are the days when people just splashed a bit of paint on the wall. Nowadays, it’s all about the personal touch and bringing your inspiration to your interior décor. The best way to achieve that is with wallpaper murals because you have so many different styles to go for. Whether you want a pretty pattern, a striking visual or something in between, we have custom-made wallpaper to suit everyone’s taste. 

Wallsauce has an abundance of wallpaper designers to please all tastes. In this article, we reintroduce you 5 of our designers' work to show a snippet of what we have available! Each one of these designers has something wonderfully unique to help modernise your home and make it look oh-so-fabulous.

1. Anne Farrall Doyle

abstract painting wallpaper in lounge with blue couch

Mural in photo: Red Earth

Anne studied at Stockport College of Art and after finishing her course, she worked at an advertising agency. She’s now a Freelance Illustrator and has established an international reputation as a fashion and figurative artist. Her stunning collection for Wallsauce consists of contemporary, expressionist paintings through mixed media to create abstract pieces of art. 

green abstract painting modern wallpaper designs with leather couch

Mural in photo: Intangable mural

Anne loves the outdoors and nature in general. Her artwork will bring any room in your home to life. The use of different colours and textures she uses to create her unique designs will allow you to appreciate the beauty of nature in a whole new way. You can create a stunning feature wall mural with one of her mesmerising designs to create the ultimate focal point in your room. 

2. Di Brookes

peacock and parrot tropical wallpaper in white, minimalist bedroom

Mural in photo: Tropical Peacock

Di Brookes graduated from Staffordshire University in 2001 with a degree in Surface Pattern Design. She now has 15 years of experience working in the design industry and creates vibrant tropical illustrations. She creates her gorgeous art designs using watercolours, pen and ink and Photoshop. 

leafy green exotic wallpaper with flamingos in living room with green and off-white accessories

Mural in photo: Tropical Flamingo

Di’s modern wallpaper collection is bang-on-trend, making it a perfect choice to spruce up your home. The use of flamingos in her designs, colourful flowers and bright green tropical trees are something that will definitely give your home that contemporary edge. Her floral and tropical artwork will bring summer vibes all year round in your home. 

3. Gemma Coates (GCC Artworks)

geode effect modern wallpaper designs in minimalist bathroom

Mural in photo: Earthy Geode

Gemma is a Fluid Artist with a studio/shop in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. She works mainly with resin and ink but also combines various mixed media to add texture and depth to her work. Her detailed, distinctive designs combined with the use of dark colours, create the ultimate wow factor and will look amazing in your home.

turquoise and brown toned geode effect wallpaper with mid century furniture

Mural in photo: Satellite mural

Gemma’s beautiful designs have a very edgy feel, which will create a dynamic feature wall and give your home that modernistic feel. Choose mid-century-inspired decor in similar tones as this design such as walnut wood and black-toned furniture. And don't forget to make the most of those turquoise tones with glassware and ornaments in this rich, ocean-blue shade.

4. Nicola Evans

retro shape modern wallpaper designs in room with grey armchair

Mural in photo: Blurred mural

Nicola studied Graphic Design and Advertising at University and became an Illustrator. As well as creating abstract, atmospheric wall murals, her work can also be found in children's books, greeting cards, mugs and placemats. This shows the versatility as well as the beauty of her abstract designs.

retro abstract shapes wallpaper in dining area with yellow chair

Mural in photo: Angular mural

You can create the ultimate modern ambience in your home with Nicola’s designs. She uses prominent movement and splashes of colour to create abstract, atmospheric pieces. Her artwork will look super cool in your home or even in an office environment. Simply bring out those bold tones in your choice of decor, such as a mustard-yellow chair for those sunny-yellow tones!

5. Lara Skinner

colourful marble effect wallpaper in lounge with white and blue accessories

Mural in photo: Rock Pool Beach

Lara studied Graphic Design/Illustration at Camberwell College of Art and began her professional career designing record sleeves. Her work has since been displayed at various exhibitions in London and at small art galleries. Her amazing collection for Wallsauce features mixed textures with pretty floral patterns, the very stylish and on-trend ombre and marble effect and lots of colours to create breathtakingly beautiful designs. 

brown, cream and gold coloured marble effect wallpaper in beige lounge

Mural in photo: Creamy Caramel Geode

It’s safe to say that marble itself is having a moment right now. From home accessories to stationery, everyone is going marble-mad. So what better way to bring a modern vibe to your home than with one of Lara’s marble inspired designs? The exquisite use of bright colours and shapes in her designs will make an extraordinary feature wall while bringing that voguish vibe to your home.

So there you have the most modern wallpaper designs...

These five brilliant designers' artwork will help you give your home a modern makeover. All of the designs are made-to-measure and available to order in four different wallpapers: Classic Paste the Wall, Premium Paste the Wall, Deluxe Paste the Wall and Textured Peel & Stick. If you are spoilt for choice and can’t decide on which design to go for, why not order a sample?

If you enjoyed this blog post, read one of our previous posts on the latest interior trends. Have a comment? Leave one below!

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Anthony Caslin


Are any of the granite papers waterproof enough to use as a shower wall?

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Anthony. Thank you for your comment. We don't recommend using our wallpapers as a shower wall as they are not waterproof.



Awesome Blog! Your blog is very informative for everyone.

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