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blue and white marble effect wallpaper in minimalist bathroom

26/04/2021   POSTED BY

Why You Need Minimalist Bathroom Design

Love simplistic design? Want to recreate those spa vibes at home? If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that our homes are our castles and wellbeing starts in the bathroom. Yes, that’s right, our humble bathrooms!

A place of restoration, respite and time away from a busy household, bathrooms are the heart of self-care. If you’re a bubble bath advocate, a luxury pamper addict or just a quiet-time-escapist (we don’t blame you), this room is your sanctuary. And minimalist bathroom design can make a huge difference to your time of rest and relaxation.

Here are this year’s must-see bathroom minimalism ideas that make simple the only way to decorate…

Japandi minimalist bathroom design lasts forever

natural wood, white and pink flowers in minimalist bathroom design

Image source: houseandhome.com via Pinterest

Combine cool Scandi minimalism with a hint of rustic and quality Japanese craftsmanship. This is the style that every interior designer is talking about right now – Japandi style. And the way it makes you feel is exactly why you need it in your bathroom in 2021.

The Japandi bathroom is curated to perfection and every single piece is considered. The country’s long history with beautifully made things and its deep respect for nature makes this kind of bathroom design a way of life, rather than just a trend.

If you want a bathroom style that isn’t about to come and go, or fall out of fashion at the blink of an eye, Japandi has the longevity you need. A fitting definition would be ‘forever beautiful’ and the ambience is utterly serene and connected to the planet.

To recreate this look, incorporate stunning wood and wood effect elements. Bring in organics that add rustic charm, keep the colour scheme light and airy, and always choose artisan over mass-produced.

Under the sea brings escapism

vintage illustration of purple and blue coral in white and grey minimalist bathroom design

Mural in photo: Ocean Wonders

Is there anything more relaxing than the sight or sound of the sea? Simply being close to the ocean can do wonders for mental health and that’s why so many people like to retire to the coast.

Many of us go to our bathrooms to escape the stresses of the day, so it makes sense to have marine escapism as a theme. It’s a versatile concept too. It can be fun, muted, sophisticated, playful or abstract.

When done right (with just the right amount of nautical presence), it won’t disturb your minimalist flow either. This stylish Ocean Wonders mural is a great way of dipping your toes in the aquatic trend, while still keeping things simple, minimal and modern.

Dark minimalist bathroom design is the new white

dark grey and black minimalist bathroom design

Image source: archdaily.com via Pinterest

Brave springs to mind when we think of dark wall colours and wallpapers. Because not everyone has the confidence to dabble in darkness when we’ve always been taught to embrace light and airy colour schemes.

This is especially tricky in minimalism and Scandinavian interiors where white is the main colour to covet. But with the rise of luxurious dark wallpapers and paints, there’s a new faction of minimalist bathroom design for people to explore.

It’s murkier, it’s moodier and it’s so much more atmospheric than the traditional white, clean bathroom that we’ve gotten to know through magazines and Instagram feeds.

If you love this trend, make sure you know how to manipulate light to distribute it around the room (mirrors, mirrors, mirrors), use accents to make your design pop and incorporate layers of different dark hues to prevent your space from looking flat.

A pink feature is good for the soul

pink minimalist bathroom design with round mirror and grey accessories

Image source: home-designing.com via Pinterest

Pink is the last colour most people think of when it comes to minimalism and it’s certainly not a favourite for bathrooms or en-suites these days. But soft pink hues bring a lot of value in design, especially for a spa bathroom where people want to unwind at the end of the day.

The colour pink in interiors is soothing, calming and generally good for your mental wellbeing. Because soft shades like pastel pinks, dusky pinks, beige pinks and toned down salmon pinks can lower the heart rate, improve mood and add a unique touch to otherwise plain décor.

For those who are a little bored of the all-white minimalist bathroom look, a pink feature wall can be your point of difference. Inject instant warmth and brightness and add a whole new dimension to your space without having to renovate.

Marbled opulence adds instant luxe to minimalist bathroom design

white and blue marble wallpaper in minimalist bathroom

Mural in photo: White Marble

There’s something extremely calming about marble. Cool to the touch and satisfying to the senses, it’s an aesthetic addition that will instantly add to the perceived value of your space.

More importantly, marble is completely unique in its design, making it something that feels very personal to you and your home, even when it’s faux. You don’t need real marble to revel in its lavishness. If you want to elevate the luxe bathroom feel, marble wall designs are a fantastic idea.

A marble backdrop helps to make a central focal point, one that draws the eye to your most prized design features… such as a roll top bath or a designer vanity unit.

It also transforms boring into something that’s both exciting and opulent, making marble minimalism a must-have for anyone who hates to be too low-key (personality please)!

Something blue can lift your mood

blue and white fish wallpaper in minimalist bathroom design

Mural in photo: Blue Koi

Let’s talk about the colour blue… because this humble hue is definitely underrated. With the rise of minimalist bathroom design in recent years, the interior design world has shied away from colour. Choosing whites over brights is a common theme, but some colours are extremely soothing for the soul and shouldn’t be discounted.

Blue, for instance, is great for cleanliness and relaxation. Not only is it a natural colour, but it helps to build your design concept around the true role of the bathroom, for keeping us clean and healthy. It’s evocative of the sea and sky, adding a comforting natural element into your space and it calms the senses instantly.

Just a touch of blue can make a big difference too. Think blue bathroom tiles, a stand-out blue bathtub, or a feature wall like this blue and white Blue Koi mural.

What’s your favourite style of bathroom minimalism? Tell us in the comments below!

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Thanks for sharing this! I'm delighted with your blog, where such important moments are captured. All the best!

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Galep! We're so glad you enjoyed this blog! For more minimalist home ideas, why not take a look at our minimal wallpaper blog here - https://www.wallsauce.com/mural-wallpaper-inspirations/



What an exquisite article! Your post is very helpful right now. Thank you for sharing this informative one.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hi McKinney, thank you for your lovely comment! We are very pleased you found our article useful :)

Hinoj Mohanan


The background you choose in every picture is so beautiful and eye catching. i really like the marble background in banner. Also, you can have a look for home accessories.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Hinoj, thank you very much for your kind comment and we are so pleased you found our murals attractive! Should you wish to see more marble-effect wallpaper you can see them here - https://www.wallsauce.com/wall-murals-wallpaper/marble-wallpaper-murals

Builder Hardware


Thanks for sharing such great knowledge with us keep updating more

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Builder Hardware, it is our pleasure! If you're interested in more bathroom-related content, we have an article all about beautiful bathroom trends which you may enjoy - https://www.wallsauce.com/blog/beautiful-bathroom-trends-2023

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