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ochre, white and dark green bedding

28/01/2022   POSTED BY

14 Interior Tweaks that will Sell Your Home

If you’re looking to move home soon, it’s those all-important interior tweaks that will sell your home fast! The process of buying and selling a home is already a full-on experience. So knowing the specific tasks you need to undertake to get your home off the marketplace quick is exactly what you need!

Many of these home DIY tasks (told by the experts themselves!) can easily be done in a weekend or even under an hour! Before you know it, you’ll be inundated with house offers! Discover how painting your door can improve your curb appeal, how a peel and stick wallpaper can give a room a quick makeover and so much more! Which will be the first home tweak you make?

1. Make sure you have curb appeal

wistera front garden and purple painted front door

Image source: Laramichelle.com via Pinterest

So many of our experts can't stress enough the importance of curb appeal! After all, if a house doesn’t look good from the inside, why would you bother looking inside? Ryan Jones, Interiors Writer at Land of Rugs, tells us more about how painting a front door can make all the difference to your curb appeal.

“One of the cheapest, easiest and quickest changes you can make to your home is to paint your door in a stand-out colour. Not only is this going to make your home look more appealing from the outside but it’s also going to catch the eye of prospective buyers who just happen to be walking past your home. There are some great colours out there that will help your home stand out such as brilliant white or anthracite grey. You could really go bold and go with an orange or yellow if you’d like!”

As well as this, making sure your greenery is on point is so important when drawing the buyers in. Melanie Musson, Home Expert with Clearsurance.com, tells us how to manicure our front lawns and yards.

“Edge your grass so that there’s a clean line between your lawn and the sidewalk. This step to creating a manicured look will put prospective buyers in a positive mindset before they step foot into your home.”

2. Make it smell nice

scented candle and fresheners are Interior Tweaks that will Sell Your Home

Many of us are led by our noses. If something smells bad, we’re put off immediately. If it smells good, we want to find out more! The same goes for when you want to know how to sell your house.

“When you want to know how to sell your house or apartment, or any property in general, the worst words you can hear are: “What is that smell?” Really, once this question is asked you have lost those buyers, normally for good! Invest in some good air freshener and scented candles to give your home that amazing smell you would want if you were viewing a home!” - Ryan Jones (Interiors Writer at Land of Rugs)

3. Do a quick room makeover with peel and stick wallpaper

green tropical leaf wallpaper in minimal bathroom

Mural in photo: Leafy Paradise

Having a quick room makeover with a peel and stick wallpaper is always a good idea if you have a space that is lacking character and feels empty. Self-adhesive wallpaper is easy to put up with the help of a friend and because they don't need paste, there is little mess involved as well! Anna Learie, Interior Design Expert and Editor-in-Chief at Household Advice, knows exactly what we mean when it comes to peel and stick wallpaper.

“Peel and stick wallpaper is cheap and trendy and will not damage the walls or take much work to put it up. You can choose one side of the room to create an accent wall and give it an instant facelift!”

4. Use the power of a rug

black and white rug in retro lounge with round gold mirror and orange armchair

It’s a very quick interior tweak, but a rug is a great way to give a room a makeover and help to arrange furniture around it in a stylish manner.

“Area rugs! No matter how small or big, they anchor the furniture so they do not look like they are floating in the room. It also adds softness and gives a homely feel that the buyers will love.” - Annie Tang (Residential Project Manager at Environmental Design)

It’s a really good idea to have small rugs and mats around the home when you are trying to sell your house fast because they help to stop the dirt flowing around the home. Always encourage buyers to take their shoes off when they enter your home anyway, but placing a small and stylish mat next to every door will avoid your beautiful floors from getting dirty.

5. Make sure lighting and switches are up to mark

stylish hanging lamps are one of those interior tweaks that will sell your home

There is nothing more upsetting than seeing a naked bulb in a prospective, new home. Don't you think a naked bulb is the absolute opposite of a homely, stylish home? That’s why choosing beautiful light fixtures is so important. Darla DeMorrow, a Professional Organiser, explains this wonderfully.

“Are your light fixtures boring? Think of them as jewellery for your rooms. You can upgrade your room instantly with shiny new light fixtures at a good price. They are often the first and last thing someone remembers about a room.”

As well as lighting looking pretty, the practicalities of your home’s electrics and switches are even more important. Marcus Larrea, Co-Founder of Palm Paradise Real Estate, knows exactly what we mean.

“Make sure all your light switches work as well. No homeowner or realtor leading a home tour wants to answer the question, "What does this switch do?’""

6. Update your kitchen cabinets

concrete effect designer wallpaper in white kitchen

Mural in photo: Storm Ahead

The kitchen can sometimes sell a home, even if the rest of the rooms aren’t up to scratch. Like the bathroom, it’s one of the rooms that is the most expensive to make over so if it is already good-to-go, buyers will be very interested in your property.

“One of the quickest ways to make your home look updated is to paint your kitchen cabinets and change out the handles! Most people are looking for cabinetry that is painted to match a more mid-century modern aesthetic. Painting them white or sage green and changing out the handles to a brushed gold can really elevate your kitchen without much money and minimal effort.” - Anna Learie (Interior Design Expert and Editor-in-Chief at Household Advice)

As well as painting cabinets, have you considered refreshing them with veneer? They give a desired wood effect without you having to spend lots on a completely new kitchen. Matt Daigle, CEO and Founder of Rise, has more to tell.

“One DIY project to upgrade your kitchen cabinets is through refacing the old cabinet with self-stick veneer options. If you are not a professional carpenter, this is an easy fix that won't require you to get out the saw and drill.”

7. Check any leaks and bad condensation

condensation on window

This isn’t as much of a fun task to undertake when getting a home ready to sell, but it's oh-so-important. Damp, leaks and bad condensation on windows are some of the biggest no-nos for anyone who is looking to buy a home. Get in a professional to see what can be done, or if you’re confident enough, why not follow the advice given by Charles Leduc, Chief Operations Officer at Mold Busters?

“A quick fix and a great way to increase the ease of selling your home is checking for any leaks, clogged drains, or places where condensation gathers. By looking in your crawlspace or basement to make certain that there are no leaky pipes or that the drain for the air conditioning condensation is not clogged, you will save yourself a lot of hassle from prospective buyers and ensure that mould won’t have a moisture source to grow in the home.”

8. Declutter and deep clean

woman organising through clothes

Some of the cheapest and most effective home tweaks that will sell your home fast is having a good declutter and deep clean. Doing this can completely change the look and feel of your property! Either tackle an entire room or organise a room at a time.

“Declutter. Specifically, get everything off the floor. People pay for square footage. You are literally raising the price of your house by clearing off the floor, even inside the closets. Then declutter on every other flat surface. Tables, counters, beds, desks. The eye travels farther when it isn’t interrupted with a colour change or a shape to process. Minimise accessories to show off the space you are selling, not your stuff.” - Darla DeMorrow (Professional Organiser and Owner of HeartWork Organising)

Some ways to approach decluttering are simple and can take less than 30 minutes to complete! Brenda Scott, Owner and Operator at Tidy My Space, knows which tasks are as quick as this.

“Remove the clutter off the fridge. ex. photos, lists, magnets and shine up the fridge door (no fingerprints). Remove the bottles from around the bathtub, wash or replace the shower curtain and throw out dead plants.”

As well as decluttering, making sure the home is clean is key to selling quickly. Alison Bernstein, Expert in Buying and Selling as well as Founder and President of Suburban Jungle, explains more.

“Clean. This goes without saying… but you need to make certain that beds are made, dog hair is nowhere, trash is out and no dirty dishes are in the sink.”

9. Think about furniture placement and staging

dark blue floral wallpaper in dining room

Mural in photo: Midnight Bouquet

How you place your furniture is one of those interior tweaks that will sell your home. Prospective buyers want to imagine themselves in your property. They don’t want an empty shell or a disorganised and uncomfortable space. That’s why Kasia McDaniel, Home Stager of Blue Diamond Staging and Design, tells us why furniture placement is so important.

“If you have too much furniture in a living room, pare it down to the essentials. Baby toys, cribs, bassinets or dog beds should not be in the living room either. This comes back to clutter and makes the room feel smaller. A couch or chair that blocks the entrance to the room needs to be moved or removed which is an easy tweak to make the room feel bigger. Buyers are always looking for more space and rooms big enough to hold their families. Show it off with the right amount of furniture and place it to show off the focal point in the room.”

One of our favourite suggestions was the following. It just shows how a bit of staging can convince the buyer into making an offer.

“One idea my clients love is something I appropriated from new construction model homes. Set your dining room table like you're having company over. Simply setting your table gives your home a more complete look and can really turn an ordinary space into something more festive and inviting.” - Mark J. Schmidt (Real Estate Broker Associate at RE/MAX Country)

10. Give tired walls a clean and a fresh coat of paint

neutral white rooms are one of those interior tweaks that will sell your home

It’s a straightforward task and one that we all know works. But giving tired walls a clean and a fresh lick of neutral paint will make your house sell itself. Fresh, clean and literally a blank canvas, get ready for the queues of buyers at your door. Annie Tang who is Residential Project Manager at Environmental Design tells us where to paint.

“Give your home a fresh coat of paint and don't forget about the doors and trims. A fresh paint job goes a long way, covering up old holes in the wall, especially the doors and trims as they get the most touch traffic. Plus years of dust can easily age the home. If you can afford it, get a professional to come in. They are faster and the difference between a homeowner paint job and a professional one can make and break a sale.”

Kyle Richards, Co-founder of Best Overland Park Painters, tells us more about cleaning and choosing neutral paint tones for an impersonal look.

“One of the best ways to freshen up your house for sale is to clean your interior walls and get rid of any blemishes like streaks, spots, dirt marks, and nail holes. If you have the budget, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way and it will make your walls look brand new. It’s best to stick to light, neutral colours so potential homeowners will see it as a blank slate. One that they can customise instead of a personality-laden feature that they have to commit to.”

11. Buy new bedding (a MUST interior tweak)

ochre, white and dark green bedding

One of the easiest home tweaks that will sell your home is buying new bedding! And when you really think about it, of course, this works! When a buyer walks into your bedroom, you want them to think the bed looks SO comfy that they want to sneak under the covers for a quick snooze! This was an excellent tip given by Mark J. Schmidt, Real Estate Broker Associate at RE/MAX Country.

“I've seen this overlooked so many times, but it can have a huge effect on your home - buy new bedspreads! I've been to plenty of homes that had old, worn bedspreads on the beds, and they make everything look old and out of date. Replace your bedspreads with something new. These bedspreads could be elegant or fun, but what's most important is that they're new! Take cues from the rest of your home to decide what style would work best. This is a really inexpensive way to make your bedroom look amazing.”

12. Make sure storage spaces are only half full

uncluttered shelving in kitchen

A really easy task and one that correlates with the decluttering process is making sure storage spaces are only half full. After all, whenever you see shelves or storage in an interiors magazine, they are never spilling over with clutter are they?

“Make sure all your storage spaces are only half full. If they are full, your house looks too small for your family, so it’ll seem too small for the buyer. If it's empty, you seem like you’ve already moved. Are probably carrying a second mortgage payment and might be desperate for any offer. Clear closets, pantries and other storage areas so that they are only half full. Declutter to help your move; only rent a storage unit as a last resort.” - Darla DeMorrow (Professional Organiser and Owner of HeartWork Organising)

13. Make the most of natural light

woodland wallpaper well lit room with lots of natural light

Mural in photo: Enchanted Woodland

Free and so effective, natural light is always a winner when you want to improve your home’s interior! It’s almost like nature wants to help you sell your home quicker! So why not let it?

“While we're on the subject of light, make sure you have plenty of light coming into your home! If you have dark or heavy drapes, replace those with something lighter that lets more light in. Bright rooms are cheerful rooms and dark rooms are gloomy. You want people to feel that your home is a welcoming place, so brighten it up!” - Mark J. Schmidt (Real Estate Broker Associate at RE/MAX Country)

Following on from cleaning, simply making sure your windows are sparkling makes ALL the difference. Lambros B. Demos who is a Real Estate Broker of Royal LePage Realty Plus says how.

“Clean the windows inside and out - many people would be surprised what a difference a clean window makes. It just lets in so much more light and gives the house a beautiful clean look. Again, you could do it yourself (you will need a ladder for the upper floors) or hire someone. It may cost you a couple of hundred bucks depending on how many windows you have.”

14. Remove all signs of pets!

two cute dogs sat on rug

You may love your dog, cat, rabbit, hamster (whatever pet friend!) but some people really do not! Even if the buyer has pets themselves but sees a sign of a pet in your home, they may assume there is hair and filth everywhere. Lori Ozley of Birmingham HomeBuyers puts it perfectly.

“Lots of people love animals, but lots of people do not! Treat your fur babies to a "Pet's day out!" If you prefer a meower to a barker, be sure the litter box is gone for the day! Put up pet beds, toys, and get out the lint roller. Make sure couches and chairs are free of animal hair!”

Ready to take these steps to get your home sold fast? Do let us know how you get on by leaving a comment below. We love to hear from you!

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