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white, bohemium style bedroom to Make Your Home Feel like a Luxurious Hotel!

31/08/2022   POSTED BY

How to Make Your Home Feel like a Luxurious Hotel

Who wouldn’t want to make their home feel like a luxurious hotel? Surely, all of us enjoy the excitement of checking in a new hotel room. Of walking up to a numbered door and wondering what treats lie behind… Will there be his and hers sinks? High thread count bedding? Have you been upgraded to a lounging area?

So, how great would it be if you could recreate that same feeling when you walk into your own home? In this blog, we will tell you exactly how to do that by looking at the three main rooms of the home – the bedroom, bathroom and lounge. From pristine restrooms that smell utterly divine, symmetrically pleasing bedrooms, and super sleek lounges that look like they belong to the rich and famous. What will be your first step in creating a Five-Star home be?

Hotel bedroom ideas

pink, green and white hanging flower wallpaper in pretty bedroom

Mural in photo: Romantic Flower Chandelier

Let’s begin with hotel bedroom ideas. The bedroom is the most important space when you stay overnight in a luxurious hotel. After all, one of the first things you do when getting into your hotel room is test the bed! If your bed is ultra cosy, you’re on to a winner. If not, it can mean you’ll be leaving earlier than expected. Bed quality really counts in hotels. So make sure yours at home does too.

Dress that bed like a pro!

brown and off-white marble wallpaper in funky bedroom

Mural in photo: Marble by GCC Artworks

The thing that makes hotel style bedrooms different to your regular standard bed is how it is dressed. When we say dressed, we don’t mean dress your bed in an XXXXXL tuxedo. We basically mean make it look appealing like how customer @dianegordondesign has done in the room above.

For the typical hotel-inspired bedroom, it’s all about white bedding. Choose the highest quality bedding you can afford with the highest thread count. Thread count is basically the number of layering vertical and horizontal threads in your bedding. The higher the thread count, the softer the bedding will be. Not only will white bedding always keep things looking fresh and clean, but it will always be in style and will complement any colour scheme.

Make sure you also stick to quality when it comes to the mattress and pillows. These are crucial for an amazing nights' sleep. Goose-down pillows are often seen as the highest luxury and a soft but firm mattress, added with a mattress topper, will have you sleeping like you’re on vacation every single night.

black and pink bird and flower wallpaper in pink and grey bedroom

Mural in photo: Dark Chinoiserie

Next, dress the bed like a pro like our customer from @my.e17.home has done in the room above! Build layers with cushions and throws in the same colour but in different tones to add a sense of luxury. Place the throw or blanket at the bottom of the bed by folding it in half and smoothing it down.

When it comes to pillows, there are a number of ways to style. Stack two pillows on top of each other or rest them against the headboard as though they are sat up in bed. Next, add a selection of three to four scatter cushions – too many can be overwhelming. Choose two cushions in one tone and then a third in another, or choose two cushions in one tone and the other two in another.

And don’t forget that all-important headboard. A bed without a headboard is a very sad thing indeed and if you want the hotel look, a headboard is a big must. Not only nice to look at, a headboard is an added comfort so that you aren’t prone to touching the hard, cold wall behind you. For a vintage look, why not choose a brass framed bed or a country-style wicker one that would look at home in a French chateau? Or for more of a modern twist, opt for a scalloped, velvet headboard adorned in a striking colour.

Symmetrical hotel style bedrooms

colourful graffiti wallpaper in cool bedroom

Mural in photo: Grunge wallpaper

The difference between normal sleeping areas and hotel-style bedrooms is a focus on symmetry. As well as placing scatter cushions symmetrically, hotel bedroom furniture is placed strategically to please the eye when the guest walks into the room. One way to do this is by making sure you have identical bedside tables on either side of the bed. These will act as bookends and create a room within a room. Seek matching bedside lamps both placed on either side of the bed either on the wall or on the bedside tables. A common rule of Feng Shui, this rule of symmetry will create a sense of balance in your hotel-style bedroom.

Hotel style bathroom ideas to make your home feel like a luxurious hotel

marble wallpaper in white stylish bedroom to Make Your Home Feel like a Luxurious Hotel

Mural in photo: Black and White Marble

When it comes to hotel-style bathroom ideas, it’s all about making the room feel like a spa retreat. You need to walk into your bathroom and sigh. There should be fragrant candles lit, luxurious looking faucets, snowy white fittings and an overall sense of relaxation. The bathroom is definitely a part of hotel vacationing that we love the most. Make sure that it feels special when you walk into it by following these all essential tips.

Have a white luxury hotel bathroom

marble tiles, white sink and gold mirror

More than often, luxury hotel bathrooms stick to one colour scheme: white. This bright and airy tone will make sure your hotel style bathroom is ontrend for a long time. It will always make it feel fresh and clean, and if you want to inject some gold or colour, you can do this with accessories and change these when you want as long as you always have a white canvas. Seek all white fittings but don’t be scared to choose a white tile with a touch of grey or other neutral tones that will age well.

Get your hands on those hotel bathroom accessories

white and gold bathroom with towels and matching mirrors

Image source: Hgtv.ca via Pinterest

When we say get your hands on bathroom accessories, we aren't giving you the right to steal from your next hotel bathroom! We mean, build your own hotel bathroom accessories to give your home the luxurious edge. I think it goes without saying, but most importantly, make sure you have matching bathrobes and towels in white. Store your towels with care by rolling them and displaying them on shelving or in baskets: nice to look at and always at hand when needed.

Dress your sink with accessories if you have the room. Place a small orchid, whether faux or real, on your sink as well as pretty glass jars for storing earbuds and cotton balls inside. Have a box of tissues for the ultimate hotel effect but make sure you use a reusable and wipeable tissue box that will survive in damp conditions.

Think with your nose

white candles, rolled towel and reed diffusers

When you walk into your hotel-style bathroom, it always needs to smell nice. The easiest way to do this is with a timed air freshener. Place it on the side or sneak it onto the wall so your guests will wonder why your bathroom always smells amazing. As well as these, traditional scented candles or reed diffusers will keep your luxury hotel bathroom feeling fresh.

Have the same branded toiletries

grey and white tiles and matching sinks

If you want to go one step further to really feel like you are living in a hotel, stick to the same brand of toiletries. Having matching shampoo, conditioner and shower gel will look like you’re living the Five-Star life. Just make sure it is a brand that you have already used before and is loved by the whole family. Or if this isn’t realistic, only display your fancy bottles and store away the kids' shampoo so you can feel like you’re still living your best hotel life.

Hotel living room

black, white and mustard living room

If you have ever been lucky enough to stay in a luxury hotel suite with a hotel living room, then you will know how fabulous it felt sitting in there. Don’t you think there is something very stylish, organized and fresh about these areas? They have developed the perfect balance of comfort and luxury. Well, guess what? We know how you can recreate this in your own home.

Stick to a relaxing colour scheme to make your home feel like a luxurious hotel

off-white, gold and grey abstract wallpaper in white lounge

Mural in photo: Soothe Your Soul

It’s true. Sticking to a relaxing colour scheme is most important in a hotel living room. It’s a communal space that needs to please more than one person so neutrality is key. A minimalist approach to choosing two or three matching colours in calming hues is the best approach. Simple tones such as whites, creams, greys and beiges are classic choices. Pastel shades of blue and green will create a nature-inspired atmosphere. Avoid tones that are far too energizing such as yellows and reds. It’s all about subtlety when it comes to hotel room design.

Style around a coffee table

light green and pink couch with glass coffee table

Image source: Wonder Boy

To make the most the space, hotel suites that are open plan with a dining room or bedroom will style the living room seating area with care. The easiest way to do this is to make the coffee table the main focus of the room. Seek a square or rectangular shaped table with a smooth glass or marble top. Frame the table with two small couches on opposite sides as well as two armchairs on the other ends as well. Place an oversized rug that will have a bigger floor space than the entire furniture set to act as a frame. For added style, place coffee table books about interior design or fashion on the table. All this work will create the illusion of a room within a room so that your hotel living room feels closed off to the rest of the hotel suite.

Have a show-stopping hotel wallpaper

yellow and grey lounge

Mural in photo: Grey and Mustard Watercolour

Hotel wallpaper is a really easy way to transform your regular lounge into a luxurious hotel suite. From abstract marbles with neutral tones and illusional New York skyline window views to jaw-dropping designer artwork and even faux brick designs, there are so many ways to embrace a wallpaper mural in your hotel-inspired home. Place your stunning hotel mural along the most undisturbed wall in the room so that your eye is instantly drawn to it as soon as you walk into the space. Use the hues in the design to complement the rest of the room such as in the lounge above where customer, Jan, perfectly matched the grey and yellow tones with her set of couches.

Are you ready to make your home feel like a luxurious hotel? Let us know how you progress by leaving a comment below!

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