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monochrome bathroom with green palm wallpaper

14/03/2024   POSTED BY

How to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Huge

Small bathrooms can be a pain to decorate. With both floor and wall space being limited, it’s hard to know where to start with decorating! However, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help you create the space you need in your small bathroom.

Want to know how to make your small bathroom feel huge? From how to use wallpaper in small spaces to bathroom colour schemes and furniture tips, read on to discover how you can transform your small bathroom into a huge space, even if it is just an illusion!

Decorate with mirrors

gold mirror and marble tiles in small bathroom

Mirrors are a must when designing your small bathroom. Not only do they create the illusion of more space, but they reflect light. Bouncing light around your bathroom will intensify the overall brightness of the space. This will make it feel a lot more spacious.

Installing wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling mirrors is a great way to incorporate this into your small bathroom. Yes, it takes up wall space, but the effect it creates is unmatched when it comes to increasing the size of your bathroom.

Use bold wallpaper selectively

monochrome bathroom with palm leaf wallpaper

Image source: Donna Bradshaw, @this_slice_of_paradise. Mural in picture: Banana Leaf Pattern

Contrary to belief, you can use bold colours and patterns in your small bathroom! As long as you do it correctly, bold wallpaper can completely transform a small space and actually make it seem larger. A great way to do this is by splitting your wall space in half. Use tiling or wall panelling on the bottom half and opt for a patterned wallpaper or mural on the top half. This will ensure the space isn’t too busy, and therefore not overwhelming.

Tip: A good rule of thumb is to choose wallpaper with a light background and overlayed accent colours. Pick out these colours to incorporate into the rest of your décor.

Cut corners with curved edges

luxury free standing bathtub in bathroom

A great space-saving hack is to cut corners, literally! Get rid of the sharp and square angles and opt for round edges instead. This will not only save you floor space but will also improve the overall flow of your small bathroom. A round-edged bathtub, round sink and even hexagonal tiles will create a softer space that flows easily, therefore creating the illusion of more space.

Create the illusion of more space with 3D Wallpaper

small bathroom with 3d wallpaper

Image source: David, Wallsauce.com customer. Mural in picture: Palace of Venaria

If you can’t build more space, trick the mind into thinking it’s there! This is where 3D wallpaper comes in and the possibilities are endless. Install a corridor that goes on forever, or even create the illusion of a whole extra room! 3D wallpaper will trick the mind into thinking your small bathroom is a lot bigger than it actually is, great right?

Tip: Install your 3D wallpaper on your main bathroom wall without any accessories. You want to make the illusion look as realistic as possible!

Be selective with colour schemes

stylish small bathroom with plants

A general rule is to keep your colour schemes light and bright. Avoid too much darkness as this can make your already small bathroom look even smaller! But there are some exceptions.

Opt for light coloured or even mirrored furniture. This can effectively double the size of your bathroom with how much brightness it will bring to the space. 

Alternatively, dark colours can be used, if done correctly. Keep your dark shades to the floor. Textured wooden flooring or decorative black tiles can work wonders in a predominantly white bathroom. Not only will this warm up the space but it’s a stylish touch that won’t make your bathroom look any smaller.

modern small bathroom with dark flooring

Don’t skip out on the bright colours either! These can really bring a space to life and uplift what would otherwise be small and cramped. Delicate but colourful floral patterns are a great choice for a pop of colour which can be added through curtains, blinds or rugs.

red patterned rug in bright bathroom

Add a clear glass shower screen

A clear glass panel is a great way to fake more square footage around your shower space. Not only will a glass shower screen reflect light throughout the room, but it will also open up your bathroom, creating a flow and essentially more floor space! The beauty of glass dividers, walls and shower screens is that you can see right through them. This lack of solid barriers will instantly make your small bathroom feel larger.

clear shower screen in small bathroom

Lighting is everything

With small rooms, lighting is everything. You want to bring in as much light as possible, whether that’s natural or artificial. With artificial lighting, keep it bright. White lights and light lamp shades will ensure maximum brightness. Additionally, make sure to install lights close to your mirrors. This will take full advantage of the light and reflect it across the full room.

bathroom lighting idea in small bathroom

Opt for hanging units

Small bathroom or not, wall-hung units are the best way to fake more space! Why? Because no legs means more floor to play with. Floating vanity units are a popular choice for many, simply because of their space-saving qualities. The free space underneath your units not only creates the illusion of a bigger bathroom but also takes your gaze straight through the room without obstacles, contributing to how large your bathroom feels.

Tip: Although hanging units is a great space saver, avoid filling your whole wall with them. This will actually make the floor space, and as a result, the whole bathroom look smaller.

small bathroom wall hung unit

Have these small bathroom ideas inspired you? Let us know in the comments below!

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Janice Bowles


These are great ideas that inspire me to get started. I want to use a bold wallpaper in my small bathroom and now I know how to avoid overwhelming the space. This is just the information I've been searching for, thank you.

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