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farmhouse bedroom

24/07/2019   POSTED BY

Create a Farmhouse Bedroom in 6 Easy Steps

You don’t have to live on a farm to enjoy the cosiness of a chic farmhouse bedroom. You don’t even have to live in the countryside. Whether your window overlooks a beautiful green field or an urban jungle, you can still create a rural-inspired haven and achieve a sense of peacefulness in your home. This unique bedroom style is defined by its bright and airy interiors. Think lots of natural light. Think wood and organic finishes. Think the sort of hand-sewn fabrics that only your grandma can make. All with the emphasis on huge open space.

info graphic of how to create a farmhouse bedroom

The country farmhouse trend strikes the balance between minimalist and kitsch. Never cluttered, never twee. It’s the grown-up, refined and less attention-seeking sister of shabby chic. And while there may be a number of similarities to Scandinavian boho, farmhouse décor is much warmer, giving you a real feeling of homeliness as soon as you put your feet up.

If you have a quaint cottage or Victorian-era house, this style of bedroom is a match made in heaven. But you don’t need a character property to embrace the farmhouse bedroom trend. Here are 6 easy steps to creating yours in any style home or apartment.

Step #1 – White is your best friend

Never underestimate the power of white walls. In the absence of colour, white is what we see when all wavelengths of light are reflected off an object. That’s why it works so well at making our bedrooms appear brighter and airier. But that doesn’t mean turning your interior palette into something that’s boring and sterile. You can choose an off-white wall design or even upload your own photos to create custom wallpaper.

wedding mural in white bedroom

Wedding photos or landscape shots often work well as white backdrops. There are so many ways you can get creative with your bedroom walls.

However, when eliminating bold colours and prints from your design scheme, it’s important to add depth and dimension in other ways. Layering is key here, and fabrics are great for this.


By using high-quality blankets and throws, you can turn an otherwise plain bed into somewhere that’s sumptuously inviting and ultra-cosy at night time. A few cushions scattered here and there will prevent the room from looking flat, and a considered blend of muted colours will keep things interesting at every angle.

Step #2 – Embrace natural looking finishes

The farmhouse bedroom trend celebrates all the world’s natural and raw resources. Avoid trends such as concrete, metal or brass (although a few accents can be rather chic). Wood is the go-to material, and it can instantly make you feel comfy and snug, whilst also balancing out interiors that have too much white. Wood effect wallpaper can be an inexpensive way to add warmth to the room and works best when you have enough natural light coming in to keep it looking airy.

natural wood effect wallpaper in farmhouse bedroom

A reclaimed wood bed makes a great central feature, and the use of other natural materials like wicker and rattan can give your home that rural touch.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with upcycled pieces either – just remember not to overdo it if you’re not a fan of 90s shabby chic.

Step #3 – Decorate with flowers

One of the biggest home trends at the moment is leafy green plants and plump succulents. But the farmhouse style bedroom is worlds away from all of that. It’s much more traditional when it comes to selecting flora for the windowsill. Simply ask yourself what sort of flowers you would pick for your nanna, your great aunt, or the old lady next door…..anything quintessentially English or French will set you on the right track!


Bunches of fragrant lavender, beautiful roses, foxgloves or geraniums work well. Faux or real, they can transport you to a fanciful farm fairytale, miles away from your city digs. For extra farmhouse points, display them in a rustic jug.

Step #4 – Upgrade your storage

Cupboards and drawers just aren’t enough for a farm or cottage bedroom. We need to get more creative when deciding on ways to store our spare blankets, linens, clothes and other bits and bobs.


Whether it’s a luxurious ottoman that doubles up as a bench, a set of vintage-looking storage trunks, or a set of hand-woven baskets, storage can make a great style feature in your home. Choose storage solutions that are both beautiful and practical, and treat them as investment pieces that will last long into the future.

Step #5 – Set the scene with a wall mural

Don’t have a garden? Every farmhouse needs one. Set the scene with a garden wall mural or an art reproduction like this Van Gogh wall mural at Wallsauce. You can easily turn your urban abode into a rural retreat with picturesque murals that depict cottage plots, rolling fields, forest flowerbeds and the great outdoors.

the plains at auvers mural by van gogh in farmhouse style bedroom

Some scenic murals can even open up your room, giving you an added sense of space for peace and relaxation. If you prefer to keep your walls blank, why not feature framed botanical art prints or paintings instead? As well as Van Gogh, Monet and Renoir were also known for their depictions of gardens with oil paints.

Step #6 – Add rustic charm to your farmhouse bedroom

A little dose of rustic appeal can go a long way when designing a modern yet traditional bedroom. Clean lines, when overdone, can form a stark and minimalist setting. But a few rustic touches can balance it all out and add depth to your walls and surfaces.


Ornate mirrors or windowpane mirrors work fabulously with a farmhouse interior scheme. As do leaning mirrors that balance effortlessly on the wall. Other rustic décor pieces include lanterns, wooden signs, planters, mason jars, and wrought iron candle holders.

Keep it classy by selecting each piece carefully, and ensuring that there’s a nice harmony between country chic and on-trend elegance.

Do you love our farmhouse design ideas for the bedroom? Let us know your top tips for creating a rural retreat in the comments below.

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