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wavy pastel waves wallpaper

26/06/2023   POSTED BY

Get in the Groove with Wavy Wallpaper!

Curvy abstract shapes are taking centre stage in the auditorium of design, and we’re seriously stoked about getting into the groove with wavy, wobbly interiors. Wavy wallpaper, wavy décor and even wavy furniture are stealing the limelight, with a major focus on playful storylines and unusual silhouettes.

For those who can’t get enough of retro vibes in the home, this trend ticks all the boxes. It screams “throwback” with a bucket-load of 1970s charm, it’s totally soothing for the soul (rounded shapes induce happiness), and it paves the way for colour experimentation to lift the mood in any season.

Inject brights, pastels or muted hues into your interior colour palette and let loose with our wavy murals. Here are some of our favourite wavy wallpaper styles to try out in 2023…

Wobbly Waves

wavy red blue white mural

Mural In Photo: Wiggle Jiggle

This ‘Wiggle Jiggle’ wavy wallpaper verges on the psychedelic side, with a nod to hedonism and trends in the 1970s. Perfect for spacious bedrooms that need an uplift, this mural is a showstopper that demands attention. So make sure you reserve it for a feature wall that receives plenty of light.

Having the right lighting (both natural and artificial) is key, as this is a design that deserves to be seen in all its glory. Keep things simple with light-coloured fabrics and light wood furniture, and stick to small pops of colour to avoid overwhelming the space.

To ground your design concept, simply add some natural elements such as wicker or seagrass, as well as your favourite live plants or dried flowers.

Soothing Arches

dark wavy wallpaper

Mural In Photo: Dark Abstract Pillars

According to psychology, smooth curves in architecture and interior design can induce feelings of happiness. Rounded shapes are easy on the eye, making it easy for the human brain to process when compared to harsh, angular lines. In other words, arches are just lovely to look at!

Whether you replace a doorway with an archway to connect two rooms, or you experiment with curvaceous shapes in artwork and décor, there are so many ways to bring arches into your design narrative. But the easiest way is with this ‘Dark Abstract Pillars’ mural, which keeps things tonal and muted for total sophistication.

Fun retro meets classy and grown-up. This is the ultimate hybrid for on-trend luxe, and it can transform your room instantly.

Geometric Pastels

wavy pastel wallpaper

Mural In Photo: Harmonic Waves

Bring soft and feminine pastel tones into your space with our ‘Harmonic Waves’ wallpaper. This mural helps to generate feelings of calm and relaxation, despite having a rainbow of colours and a variety of shapes to catch the eye.

The gentle colour palette prevents the wallpaper from overstimulating, yet it brings enough excitement to give your home that priceless ‘je ne sais quoi’. Instantly upgrade a minimalist-style concept – especially if you need something colourful and abstract to pair with white, cream or grey furniture.

Warm Orange Waves

orange wave wallpaper

Mural In Photo: Cell

If you’re looking for a way to instantly revive your home, this ‘Cell’ pastel mural does the job. Not only are soft waves soothing to look at – helping you relax and wind down – but the warming colour palette will lift your mood and make you feel safe and content.

Colour psychology tells us that orange promotes happiness. Seen as an optimistic and rejuvenating colour, it can often be associated with warmth, security, fun, liveliness, joyfulness, and even creativity. That’s why this mural is perfect for your home office, or anywhere in the home where you might need to escape, relax, work or create.

Retro shapes

wavy wallpaper pastel colours and shapes

Mural In Photo: Walking In Lanzarote

This ‘Walking in Lanzarote’ mural has an 80s nightclub vibe. It’s a mish-mash of wavy wallpaper shapes, including arches and curves, wobbly straw-like lines, flowers and dots, as well as wavy blobs. With so much going on, this wallpaper is definitely reserved for a large feature wall in an important room – and the taller the ceilings, the better!

Bring this mural to life with some quirky, colourful décor pieces, and add plenty of textural elements such as tropical leafy plants, clashing prints and fabrics, and organic materials to balance out the overall look.

We think something like this is ideal for living rooms or open-plan kitchen/dining spaces, as well as those unused corners such as a long, narrow hallway. 

Rainbow Patterns

wavy wallpaper pastel shapes

Mural In Photo: Pastel Shapes

When it comes to the abstract trend, colours play a big role. Your choice of colour palette is one of the key features of abstract energy in the home. This is because colours can set the mood, affecting how you perceive each interior element and how you feel while in its presence. Understanding what colours mean can help you select the right palette for your design concept too.

If you love to combine different colours together, this ‘Pastel Shapes’ mural can bring a lot of different meanings to the table. With pastels, the general mood is calm and collected, gentle and soft. Finished with rounded shapes, this wallpaper is wavy in all the right ways and looks great when matched with a range of light furnishings.

Abstract Botanicals

wavy green and orange wallpaper

Mural In Photo: Tangerine Waves

Combine the wavy interior trend with another huge trend right now – botanicals. Leafy wallpapers and tropical storylines have been popular for a while, with biophilic designs getting bigger every year.

Unlike a lot of other trends, there isn’t a shelf-life on biophilia – and that’s probably because our love of nature will always continue. Furthermore, it seems that as we mature further into the age of technology, the more our admiration for the outdoors intensifies.

If you love botanical and jungle styles but also want to try this year’s hot wavy trend, this ‘Tangerine Waves’ wallpaper is perfect and will be a great fit for just about any room in the house.

Sunset Wavy Wallpaper

blue and orange wavy wallpaper

Mural In Image: Sunset Ocean

Is there anything more relaxing than a sunset? Sitting and watching the sun go down over the horizon is one of the most satisfying activities. Not only has it been proven that watching a sunrise or sunset can give you a better sense of gratitude for the earth, but the warm colours can make you feel all fuzzy inside (it’s a scientific fact).

This abstract wavy mural represents the sun setting over the ocean, adding beautiful contrasting colours to any living or dining space. Or it works equally as well behind your headboard, giving you a beautiful backdrop to enjoy at the end of each day.

What do you think of our wavy wallpaper collection? Would you use it to decorate your home? Let us know how you feel about this retro-inspired trend in the comments below…

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