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18/01/2019   POSTED BY

Alternative Damask Wallpaper Designs

Damask wallpaper has such a luxurious and classy look and will enhance any room in your home. The intricate detail and unique patterning make it a timeless design that creates a feeling of elegance and sophistication.

The beautiful damask pattern originates from China and was originally a fabric design opposed to the wallpaper design we all know. It was first produced over a thousand years ago and it was formed by hand from a variety of weaving techniques on satin and silk materials.

The popular damask pattern today is a scrolled motif in a grid design with a detailed repetitive pattern. Damask wallpapers are now available in lots of designs, colours and finishes including metallic highlights and embossed textures.

We have a stunning collection of damask wallpaper and if you like the damask style then you will also love our other patterned wallpaper designs which have a similar style to damask.

We have picked some fabulous wallpaper murals from different collections that make a great alternative to damask wallpaper.

Floral wallpaper

We have picked a few of our floral wallpaper murals, which have a similar chic feel to them like damask wallpapers are known for.

This Florals Pink wallpaper mural features light pastel colours with a simple floral design. For that super stylish impact you can accessorise your room with rose gold furnishings to create that wow factor as soon as you walk in. Your room will look blooming lovely with this as a feature wall.


If you love damask wallpaper than you will also love this Spring Blossom wallpaper mural. Just like damask wallpaper it has that aesthetic repetitive pattern. With hues of blue, green and white the simple colour palette means it has that subtle vibe to it. If you’re going for that minimal look but also want something that catches the eye then this wall mural is the one for you.


This Forest Pattern wallpaper mural is such a pretty print to have in your home. If you love the outdoors and all things nature you will appreciate this leafy pattern. The elaborate detail is clear to see within the pattern of the wall mural. The green, orange and blue tones make this a vibrant feature wall and great for any room in your home.


The nude background in this Organic Interweaving wallpaper mural with the floral and leafy pattern makes a stunning combination. It has a very rustic feel to it and has the same stylish repetitive appeal to it like damask wallpaper. The contrast between the light and dark colours within the print are really complimentary and you can choose to bring out one of the shades with accessories like cushion covers, ornaments and curtains.

Studio Arterie wallpaper

Studio Arterie is a design studio and is made up of a team of artists, illustrators and art directors. They have a stunning collection of wall murals!

This Centre Of Mobius wallpaper mural is a gorgeous mauve/deep purple colour with a very similar pattern to damask wallpaper. It’s also available in red, blue and bright purple, whichever colour you go for this design will look amazing as a feature wall and really create that stylish statement in your home. For that added touch of glamour, you can accessorise your room with metallic colours.


This Enchanted Trees Blue wall mural has an utterly exquisite design and is also available in green. Tropical inspired home décor is very popular at the moment and with this print you have a leafy pattern with shapes going through it, which makes it an intriguing wall mural to look at.

Circle wallpaper

Some of our circle wall murals have that same infectious patterns as damask wallpapers do.

This Night Flower wallpaper mural features a pretty floral-inspired design with circular shapes embedded. The striking black and white print will make a sleek and stylish focal point in your room.


This Vulnerability wallpaper mural features an assortment of circles in different sizes and colours. It’s a very captivating circular print with an interesting use of bright colours. The faded finish makes this a mesmerising feature wall to have in your home.

Tribal wallpaper

Tribal wallpapers can create the ultimate fun and vibrant feature wall in your home. They have a more flamboyant look to them than damask wallpapers do however they have the same clear patterned effect.

This Graphic wallpaper mural will bring a bright and beautiful splash of colour to your room. The bold and contrasting colours combined with the interesting pattern makes this a cool, contemporary feature wall.


This Tribal 1 wall mural features dark colours and has a very distinctive look to it. The sharpish of the pattern is undeniable and it looks like you’re looking into a kaleidoscope. You’ll definitely add a touch of individuality to your home with this wallpaper mural.

We hope our alternative designs has inspired you and given you more ideas for your home décor. The options all certainly bring the same allure to a room as the damask design does. It now just depends on your own personal preference in terms of which design is the best for you and your home.

Are there any other good alternatives to damask wallpaper that you know of? Share them in the comments box below.

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