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Lotus Wallpaper

Lotus Wallpaper

Lotus Flower Wallpaper

Despite growing in murky waters, the lotus is a beautiful, clean and untainted flower. Symbolising purity and beauty, the lotus is often associated with spas, making a lotus wall mural perfect for those looking to create a peaceful and relaxing space.

With its stunning, crisp pink petals, a lotus mural can brighten up a room and create a feminine aura. This attractive flower is simply stunning and can work well as a feature wall for many rooms in your house, such as your living room, bathroom, bedroom, or even for a meditation or yoga centre feature wall. 

Our gorgeous selection of lotus wallpapers are made to fit your wall perfectly and are available in paste the wall or peel and stick wallpaper.

Lotus Wallpaper

Prominent in both Egyptian and Buddhist culture, the lotus flower symbolises enlightenment and rebirth, due to the flower submerging itself into murky waters every night, and resurfacing clean and beautiful every morning. Here at Wallsauce, we have many different lotus flower wallpapers available for you to choose from, including close-ups of this beautiful and poignant flower, as well as images of a sea of lotus flowers atop the water.

Sometimes colloquially known as waterlilies, the lotus flower ranges from Southeast Asia to places in North Asia, as well as sometimes on the eastern coast of Australia. To pair with your new lotus wallpaper mural, why not choose furniture in blush pinks or greys, and add in decors such as minimalist vases and furnishings that are soft and made of delicate materials, such as a wool throw or cotton curtains in colours to match the lotus flower. Plus, you can even pay homage to the cultural or religious symbolism the flower provides, with a stone or metal Buddha to keep you company.

You’ll find it so easy to order a lotus flower wall mural with us. Just fill in our simple online form with your chosen wall measurements, and we’ll do the rest of the work for you. We’ll send your chosen lotus wallpaper to you in easy to apply wallpaper panels, so you don’t have to spend hours applying your new wallpaper. 

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