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Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric Pattern Wallpapers

Geometric wallpaper will add another dimension to your room with various shapes and colours to choose from. These on-trend geometric pattern wallpapers are perfect for your interior design projects and are sure to create interest and bring colour to your space.

Choose from a variety of bold geometric patterns including anything from sharp angles, circles and squares to repetitive retro prints with distinct lines and shapes. In this vast collection of geometric wallpapers, we have all colour palettes covered too, so you will be sure to find the right design to tone into your interior design project! Blue geometric wallpaper, pink geometric wallpaper and many more!

All our fabulous shape wallpapers are made to measure to your specifications so you get the perfect look for any room. 

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61 Geometric Wallpaper Designs

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Green, Blue, Pink Geometric Wallpaper

If you want some inspiration to help you select the perfect geometric wallpaper for your project, then take a look at our interior inspiration section for ideas to help. Here you can see our designs in different rooms and helpful ideas, hints, and concepts to get your creative juices flowing. If you need any extra help finding the perfect shape wallpaper, then please feel free to call us and discuss your project with our Studio Team who are on hand to assist. Send in a photograph of your wall or interior project and we can add the design to your room and email it back to you, so you can see the design in-situ before you place an order.

Many of our unique geometric pattern wallpaper designs are curated from the works of graphic artists from around the world. Together, we have been able to bring an amazing collection inspired by an international design community. If you still don't see something you like, please let us know, or, use our Extended Range feature available from the main menu to search for thousands of more designs.

Choose from a vast selection of colours and designs: green geometric wallpaper, pink geometric wallpaper, blue geometric wallpaper and more! All Wallsauce wallpaper murals are custom-made to the highest standards, on the best materials, so you get the stunning look you want for your room.

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