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peel and stick wall mural wallpaper in dark living room

12 OCT 2021      PUBLICADO POR

Seis beneficios de los murales de Peel and Stick Wall

¡Pelar, pegar y listo! Nuestros papeles de pared removibles y reutilizables son como los papeles de pared normales sin el desorden y el alboroto habitual. La ventaja añadida es que se ven igual de bien, o incluso mejor que los papeles de pared tradicionales.

Nuestro gran selección de materiales can also be used with our Peel and Stick wallpaper. This high-quality wallpaper has a finely textured finish and is made of self-adhesive fabric which means no paste or water is needed to get it up on your wall. You simply peel and stick up your wall mural allowing you to have a new look in little time.

If you’re thinking of choosing a self adhesive wallpaper but aren’t sure if it’s for you, then check out these six benefits for choosing this fantastic removable wallpaper…


1. Redecorate your home easily with a peel and stick wall mural

dark green jungle peel and stick wallpaper in dining room

Mural en la foto Monkey Sanctuary

Removable and reusable wallpaper murals allow you to peel off the wallpaper in no time, without making your home look like a building site or causing any damage. Unlike traditional wallpaper, if you make a mistake while installing your self adhesive wallpaper mural, you can take it off and start again. This means you could even swop and change wallpapers from room to room with little mess involved. Please speak to our team for more about this by emailing

Why not get in tune with your seasonal side and change your gorgeous stick on wallpaper to match the time of year? Embrace florals and bright colours in the spring and summer months then enjoy rich, darker hues during autumn and winter. Embrace the year by living boldly in every season!


2. Affordable removable wallpaper murals

peel and stick wall mural with colourful rust effect in bedroom

Mural en la foto Jewels of Rust

On top of the price of the actual wallpaper, there’s the fitting of it. Not everyone feels confident with applying wallpaper themselves so often they pay extra to get a professional decorator in to do it. Peel and Stick wall murals are less messy when it comes to putting them up. They’re self-adhesive so it can give people the confidence to install the wallpaper themselves.  

Not only this, but our Peel and Stick wallpapers are ALL custom-made to fit your wall as perfectly as possible. Say goodbye to cutting away reams and reams of excess paper. Instead, not only choose self adhesive wallpaper to be kind to your bank account but reduce paper waste as well!  


3. Peel and Stick wall murals are a good option if you’re renting

red poppies peel and stick wallpaper in cool lounge

Mural en la foto Dark Poppies

If you’ve been renting for a while, you may have found that decorating can be a bit of a pain. Contract limitations can often get in the way of adding your own touch to your home. Some landlords can be really strict and you can’t even hammer a nail in the wall to hang a photo without asking for permission!

Con nuestros murales de pared "peel, stick and go", tendrás la libertad que siempre has querido añadiendo tu personalidad a tu casa alquilada. Puedes simplemente pegarlo sin causar ningún desorden y luego quitártelo cuando te mudes. ¡Simples!


4. It's great for children's bedrooms

sea creatures colourful peel and stick wall mural wallpaper

Mural en la foto Paisaje submarino

Peel and Stick wall murals are literally perfect for your child's bedroom: they grow so fast and their preferences change from year to year! After all, they’re not going to be into unicorns or dinosaurs forever.

So as they go through childhood, you can easily change their stick on wallpaper to their taste with no fuss or hassle. That way, when they are teens, they will be excited to show their friends their bedroom instead of keeping them well away because they still have a huge kitten or tractor on their wall!


5. It's perfect for parties

peel and stick halloween wallpaper with orange pumpkins

Mural in photo: Zombie Hand from  Extended Search

Birthdays, baby showers, Halloween parties (basically any special occasion) can be made extra special with a self adhesive wallpaper mural.

Are you planning a surprise for a loved one? Or are you having a big get-together at your home and have gone to the effort of putting balloons and banners up? Then a Peel and Stick wall mural will certainly be the cherry on the cake. It’ll make the perfect background to take all your photos!

If you're passionate about sustainability, don't worry about creating paper waste once the party is over. All our Peel and Stick wallpapers are recyclable so just pop it in your paper bin once you've finished.


6. Peel and Stick wall murals are easy to install

decorator hanging peel and stick wall mural with map design

Mural en la foto Azul Político Mundial

One of the most attractive qualities about Peel and Stick wallpaper is that it is really easy to install! Because no paste is needed, there is a LOT less mess. All you have to do is peel off the protective backing and then apply the panels straight to the wall! It's so easy! Think you’re going to have a try out with our Peel and Stick wall murals? Then read on for these top tips for when you’re applying it...


1. Clean your walls before installing your mural

Give your walls a good clean pre-application to avoid any interference with the adhesive. Dirt and grime build up over time across the surface of your walls and if you apply your Peel and Stick wall mural directly to a dirty wall, it might not stick on properly or may not last as long as it should. Just give your walls a wipe with warm, soapy water to ensure that as much of the dirt and grime is removed as possible. Ensure your walls dry properly before you apply the mural.


2. Use on smooth walls

Peel and Stick wall murals won't stick on textured walls and the texture will show through the mural. If you were to get it to stick on, it's likely to not last long. It could possibly start to peel off! So play it safe and use it only on smooth walls.


3. Order extra wallpaper

Order a bit extra to give yourself some extra room for when you cut it to fit your wall. And we don't mean a lot more. Just enough so that you feel confident that your entire wall will be covered - sometimes walls can vary in size from one side to another.


4. Stay patient

Be patient and take your time to avoid getting bubbles in your mural. If you do get a little pesky bubble or two, don’t worry and simply peel the wallpaper back from where you’ve applied it. Reapply it and smooth out the bubbles with a firm hand.

Top tip! You can also use a clean, sharp pin to pop the bubble and smooth out the air within.


5. Have a second pair of hands

Peel and Stick wall murals are easy to install and you can do it by yourself. However, if you have someone with you, it will make your job easier. That way one person can help to hold the wallpaper in place while the other applies it to the wall - just like this awesome twosome who installed one of our self-adhesive murals in their osteo clinic...


If you’re still not sure if a Peel and Stick wall mural is for you, then you may like to read our post on por qué tu casa necesita papel tapiz removible.

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Me gustó que explicaras que poner un mural personalizado en la habitación de tu hijo ayudaría a crear un tema que les gustara. Me imagino que incluir un mural en una habitación ayudaría a que el niño se emocionara al jugar en su habitación. Consideraría poner un mural en la habitación de mi hijo para añadir belleza a mi casa y ayudar a mi hijo a disfrutar realmente de su habitación


¡Gracias por tus comentarios, Ashley! Es genial escuchar que consideras un mural

David Norriss


Gracias por aconsejar a la gente que limpie sus paredes de mugre y suciedad antes de intentar poner un mural. Creo que los murales son realmente geniales.

Amy en Wallsauce


Es un placer, David :). Gracias por tu comentario. Es muy importante asegurarse de que la pared esté limpia y sin golpes antes de instalar un papel pintado mural.

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