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blue and white oriental pottery on an orange background wallpaper in cosy lounge with table, tea pot and blanket


The Global Interiors Trend That Everyone’s Loving

There’s something quite distinguished about a house that draws design influences from around the world. By incorporating global interior design styles into your home, you can celebrate different cultures and make your mark as a true global citizen.

If you love adventure, art, nature, or anything related to travel, the global interiors trend is made for you. Fans of this eclectic style are effortlessly stylish, sophisticated in their décor choices and fluent in all things chic. Because let’s face it, there’s nothing more current than paying homage to beauty captured on all corners of the globe. It’s very millennial in its nature and people just can’t get enough.

We’re loving this trend, which is predicted to gain even more traction in the future. Here are some of the blossoming global interior design looks that homeowners are coveting right now.


Spanish tiles for instant luxury and vibrancy

blue decorated spanish tiles from the bottom of a spanish

The Spanish baños has been a growing trend in interiors, with Pinterest reporting that searches for the key phrase “Spanish bathroom” were up 309% at the end of last year. But it’s not just bathrooms that could do with a Mediterranean makeover. Our love of Spanish tiles extends to all areas of the home and you don’t need to completely renovate to achieve the effect.

From Spanish tile effect wallpapers and contact paper for furniture to mosaic mirrors and other decorative items, there are so many ways you can channel this look.

multicoloured circular moroccan style tile wallpaper in room with turquoise sofa

Wandbild auf Foto Marokkanischer Bodenbelag

The ornate Luxury Tiles wall mural is just one of many in our tile wallpaper range. Just one look at these charming designs and you’ll be transported to sunnier climes where you’re surrounded by Gaudi mosaics and soothing sea breeze. Escapism is a wonderful thing and Spanish tile effect wallpapers are the best way to indulge.


Chinoiserie prints that were made for royalty

blue and white oriental pots on orange background wallpaper in cosy lounge

Wandbild auf Foto China Garden

This is a global interiors trend that we’ve loved for hundreds of years. Even with the ebbs and flows of evolving design styles and cultural shifts, chinoiserie has remained strong. The patterns and prints of East Asia have never lost their charm or romance in the world of interiors. But right now, they’re taking centre stage.

Throughout history, chinoiserie has had many links with royalty and was the most coveted style of western aristocracy in the 17th and 18th centuries. The admiration of mysterious, far-away places was something that bordered on obsession, with the wealthiest constantly looking to evoke Asian art, landscaping and architecture in their homes.

Today, chinoiserie wallpaper patterns still carry the same excitement and mystique, and our exotic repertoire of beautiful oriental artwork can transform every room in the house.


Indian elephant murals and vibes of the jungle

vintage black and off-white illustration of elephants in dining room with wood and wicker dining setin the jungle wallpaper

Wandbild auf Foto Indische Elefanten

As well as rising interest in Spanish bathrooms, another search that grew last year according to Pinterest was “Indian living rooms” with an increase of 2080%! One of our favourite ways to celebrate the rural landscapes of India is with elephant wallpaper, and murals that depict the Indian jungle.

With an imposing presence, one that demands the attention of guests, this type of exotic wall mural works best in social rooms. Create a stunning feature wall in a living or dining area and harmonise with natural materials like wood and wicker. Other ways to incorporate global interior design styles from India are woven rugs, embroidered cushions and the addition of exotic house plants.


African safari and animal prints for the wild at heart

photo of jaguar's spotty coat wallpaper in lounge with brown tan leather sofa

Wandbild auf Foto Jaguar Druck

Our fascination with African wildlife has existed for a long time and safari travel dates all the way back to the turn of the 20th Century. This is when the first travellers and explorers visited areas for the purpose of watching game, with Kruger National Park being one of the first to welcome tourists in private vehicles during the 1920s. This fascination later grew into a style statement, with animal prints becoming a wardrobe staple in the 1930s.

To this day, safari and animal prints are still all the rage. But from now and beyond, our love affair with leopard, zebra and tiger patterns can also be seen in the home.

Despite the loud nature of these prints, some wallpapers and fabrics can be surprisingly easy to style. Our roarsome Jaguar Print wall mural is the perfect example of how a bold print can coordinate seamlessly with a tonal living space.


Bahamas-inspired décor fit for a beach house

beach house room with wicker lampshades, duck egg blue ceiling and tropical wallpaper

If you dream of escaping to a far-away destination with hot weather and ocean views, this is the global interiors trend you’re going to fall in love with. Combining aquatic colours, natural light and organic woven features, it’s got “luxury beach house” written all over it. But you don’t have to be by the sea to recreate this look.

Bahamian straw craft dates back centuries and adding woven décor to your home can transform it in an instant. The same goes for tropical plants, such as palms. Together with a fresh colour scheme to bounce light around the room and a beach wallpaper, you can achieve Bahamian boho in any urban space.

orange sunset with palm tree silhouettes wallpaper in zen home office

Wandbild auf Foto Palme Sonnenuntergang

Our calming Palm Sunset wallpaper adds warmth and ambience, giving you a relaxing space to wind down at the end of each day. For anyone who struggles with stress or anxiety, a soothing sunset mural will tick all the boxes for better mental health.


Atlas-themed global interiors for serious nomads

golden coloured map with leafy green and pink painted floral boarder

Wandbild auf Foto Detaillierte Blumen-Weltkarte

Are you an insatiable jet-setter? A keen globe-trotter? Or a nomad who gets itchy feet after being in the same place for too long? For true travellers and global citizens, maps are a symbol of freedom and exploration. Whether you love framed atlas prints or giant murals that cover an entire wall, world maps are a fantastic way to decorate your home.

Our collection of Atlas wallpapers range from antique-looking to minimalist and modern. And with unique creations by artists such as Andrea Haase and Rosana Laiz Garcia, this is one of the most versatile and interesting global interior design styles to covet.


Are you a fan of global influence in interior design? Tell us about your favourite global interior design styles in the comments below. We’d love to see your decorating skills in action too, so feel free to send your snaps to

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