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Buddha wallpaper

14/03/2022   POSTED BY

Why Buddha Wallpaper is the Next Big Thing

We’ve talked a lot about wellness and interior design in recent years. In fact, we’ll go as far as saying that if your home doesn’t bring you joy, it’s crying out for a makeover. While it’s always been the case that interior design affects our mood, never has the connection between home, heart and mind held such importance.

In our search for health and happiness, we’ve dabbled in decorating trends with references to spirituality, particularly Eastern influences such as Buddhism. But as many of you will agree, the iconic Buddha is less about religious aspects and more about what it represents.

Visually, Buddha symbolises enlightenment, wisdom and knowledge, as well as being able to bring serenity to the home. There’s also an element of calmness and composure, which can be seen in its meditative stillness.

For the wellness-obsessed, Buddha wallpaper, Buddha wall art or Buddha sculptures are the next big thing. Here’s why this trend is set to be huge (and why it looks great in every home). 

Buddha is peacefulness personified

buddha wallpaper in white zen room

Your home should be the place where you can enjoy moments of tranquillity throughout the day. But good old fashioned P&Q (peace and quiet) can be hard to come by when everyone is working remotely. With more remote workers than ever before, having a little corner to call your own is important.

Buddha wallpaper murals, like this ‘Buddha Panoramic’ mural, embody everything that’s serene, happy, and at one with the universe. A pure white background declutters the brain, while the meditating statue grounds you and brings a sense of calm to your space.

Even when there’s disorder and dysfunction in the home, just the sight of this mural will bring you back to neutral. It’s a charming addition to any room but could work particularly well in a home office or shared spaces such as the living room.

Earthy, tonal colours always work

buddha wallpaper in living room

Colours of nature not only make us feel amazing, but they have some serious staying power. If you want on-trend, wellness-led interiors that bring zen into your humble abode (but are also utterly timeless), earthy hues are the way to go.

Traditionally, Buddhist sculptures were made of stone and terracotta, as well as metals such as bronze, silver or gold. While some of the more opulent statues popped in bright gold plating, most blended seamlessly into the environment.

This ‘Statue of Buddha’ wall mural adds an organic warmth to your home, and aesthetically it’s is as eye-catching as it is cosy. Bold and soothing at the same time – and an easy way to add instant wow to a basic design scheme.

Buddha wallpaper can help you relax

wallpaper with buddha in dining room

Relaxation is important at all points in the day, from a few quiet moments in the morning to your lunchtime break to when you’re reading in bed. But the time when we need it the most is in the evening, especially after a long day’s work.

That’s why Buddha murals, like this sunset statue mural, are perfect for family areas and living spaces. One of the best times for meditation is at sunset and combined with the image of Buddha, you’ll feel instantly pacified.

Wondering why simply looking at this wallpaper is so reassuring? That’s because, in Buddhist practices, a palm held up facing outwards signifies the act of teaching, nurture and encouragement. Now how’s that for spreading positive energy in the home?

Gold Buddhas can be super opulent

golden buddha mural

Many practising Buddhists believe it’s important to live simply and to respect the balance in nature, and this often means forfeiting extravagances. But did you know that Buddha’s story began with riches?

Buddha, born a wealthy prince, renounced his life in the palace in order to go on a journey in search of enlightenment. Yet, precious metals like gold have always remained significant in Buddhism. Gold is linked with the sun and stands for purity, happiness, and freedom. So that’s why you’ll find so many gold Buddhas in our religious and icons wall murals range.

If you want to find inner peace while elevating your interiors with warm gold tones, this wallpaper trend will give you all of that with a side serving of glam.

This trend celebrates Eastern culture

buddha wall mural in bedroom

The power of unity can change mindsets and transform outcomes. The coming together of East and West in the world of interiors has always been such a huge success, and that’s why we’re loving this trend.

We think this breathtakingly beautiful ‘Sukhothai’ wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for any space where you entertain. It sparks conversation, inspires travel, and encourages curiosity so people learn more about other cultures. Using a mural like this in a private space, like your bedroom, can also be beneficial as it helps you escape when day-to-day life gets too much. Just the sight of water can calm your mind, so make landscapes a go-to for restful slumber, whether in guestrooms or the master.

Mindfulness should be practised daily

calming office wallpaper with Buddha

Another reason why Buddha wallpaper is the next big thing is because of the growing practice of mindfulness. This is a concept extracted from Buddhism where we aim to be aware of present thoughts, feelings and sensations without judgement. There’s plenty of research out there that suggests that mindfulness helps us tune out distractions, improve memory and recall, enhance concentration, regulate emotions, and manage anxiety and depression.

This ‘Hand of the Golden Buddha’ mural depicts the Vitarka Mudra, which is the hand gesture of reasoning, consideration and deliberation. There’s no better space for this type of inner reflection than your home office, or somewhere where you spend the majority of your day.

To nail mindful minimalism and keep the space clutter-free, choose quality items over quantity, use organic elements and natural colours, incorporate soft textures, and decorate with energising plants.

Buddha murals = textural heaven

buddha mural in living room

Texture is everything in interior design. It can make you feel a certain way. It can draw or divert your attention to/from different focal points and it can create depth and dimension, expanding or condensing a room visually.

We have an entire library of surface texture wallpapers that can do these things, from wood effect wallpaper and marble murals to industrial-looking concrete wallpaper for that urban and contemporary finish. But this stone Buddha mural is our favourite because it adds instant texture while also creating calming surroundings for snoozing, relaxing or meditating.

You can add gentle colour to your design scheme

meditating buddha wall mural in living room

You won’t find any bright neons or mind-bending geos here, but Buddhism inspired murals can still be a way to add a splash of colour to your home. Warm colours tend to be the core theme, with balmy sunset hues, rich metals like copper, bronze or gold, and beautiful colours that are linked with nature.

Whether it’s the delicate pink of a lotus flower, lush greenery surrounding temples in our photo murals, a glistening body of water that pops oceanic blue, or the orange fabric that wraps around statues in Thailand, you’ll find many ways to introduce elegant colours into your interior design palette.

What do you think of Buddha wallpaper murals like these? Can you see them in your home? Tell us in the comments below about your favourite ways to incorporate wellness into your home design…

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