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kids playroom idea with wall mural

27/06/2024   POSTED BY

Amazing Playrooms Ideas to Fuel Imaginations

There’s so much power behind learning through play. In fact, it’s one of the most important ways for children’s brains to develop and grow, forming neural pathways every time they engage in a play activity. This is even more important in the early years, which is why parents should indulge their little ones in play as much as possible.

Play is the key to learning important life skills, so if you have the extra room and budget, a play area can be the perfect way to fuel your child’s imagination and help them thrive. That’s why we’re so excited to share these incredible playroom ideas with you…

Need playroom design inspiration? Here are some of our most amazing playroom themes that will make your kids eyes light up!

A playroom that’s outta this world

space mural in playroom

Mural in image: Planets in Space

Space-themed playroom ideas are amazing for kids of all ages, but we especially love these for school-age children who are starting to learn about the solar system for the first time. While learning about space in a school setting can be exciting, exploring the subject at home through play can be even better.

We love the idea of space in playrooms because it helps our kids get curious. It makes them think outside of themselves, realising that there’s more to the universe than just us. And the idea of space travel helps them believe that possibilities are endless – something we all need in order to form healthy dreams and ambitions.

Space can be great for preschool kids too, and the theme offers incredible visuals (like this Space Odyssey wallpaper) that can ignite their natural inquisitiveness and support their sense of discovery for years to come.

Space playroom design ideas to try:

• Mood lighting

• Glow in the dark stars

• Solar system mobile

The jungle themed playroom

jungle jive wallpaper mural in playroom

Mural in image: Jungle Jive in White

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely seen all the stylish jungle-themed nurseries and bedrooms. Yep, the jungle has been a serious interior design trend across the board, not only for adults, but for kids too.

For little people, animals can be such an exciting addition to a bedroom, playroom or play space. They bring another dimension of life, and animal names and sounds are some of the first things that children learn in the early years. In fact, some of the most common first words are animal-related!

This Jungle Jive mural is a great way to inspire their play, and you can add to the theme in so many ways.

Jungle playroom design ideas to try:

• Animal print throws and rugs

• Artificial plants for a realistic jungle experience

A playroom under the sea

cute sealife mural in playroom

Mural in image: Secret Sealife

This Secret Sealife wall mural is another fantastic design theme to inspire exploration. Water play is also a part of the Montessori trajectory play schema – so if you find that your toddler is doing a lot of play with taps or water when they shouldn’t be, having dedicated waterplay time could be exactly what they need.

With the right lighting, this theme can also be a relaxing sensory experience. For little folk who struggle to regulate their feelings, having a breakout zone like this could really help with their emotional development.

Ocean playroom design ideas to try:

• Sensory lamp/fish tank

• Indoor water play table

• Watermats for toddlers and babies

LEGO themed playroom

toy brick mural in boys playroom

Mural in image: Toy Brick

For kids who love to play with bricks and building blocks, this Toy Brick mural is absolutely perfect. It’s one of the best playroom ideas for multiple age groups too, so if you have children of varying ages, this playroom theme could work for you.

There are building toys out there for all ages, ranging from babies and preschool to teens. In fact, even big kids love a bit of building from time to time, making it a fun theme for the whole family!

LEGO playroom design ideas to try:

• Table and chair set for big building projects

• Presentation shelves for best builds

• Transparent storage for organising bricks by colour

Magical unicorn playroom

pink unicorn wallpaper mural in girls playroom

Mural in image: Unicorn Forest

We know that unicorn bedrooms are a big hit with children, tweens and teens. But we also love unicorn themed wallpaper for playrooms and play areas. Nothing fuels a child’s imagination more than fantasy, and wallpapers like this one allow little people to explore a whole world of make belief.

Playing make belief is so important to a child’s development, teaching them important life skills such as sharing, communication, being able to think outside the box, and how to problem-solve creatively. Did you know that children often use pretend play to work out life’s challenges too? So creating an outlet like means giving them the tools to cope during periods of change or uncertainty.

Unicorn playroom design ideas to try:

• Rainbow coloured decor

• Glitter lamps / lava lamps

• Rainbow teepee / play tent

Enchanted forest

forest tree wall mural in Scandi style playroom

Mural in image: Fairytale Trees

An enchanted forest theme is one the top playroom ideas for kids who love the outdoors! If you find that your little one suffers low mood when they haven’t been able to go outside, a forest themed playroom could be the perfect solution when it’s cold and drizzly out.

This mural by Kikki Belle not only recreates an outdoor aesthetic, but it also adds an element of fantasy to foster imagination and pretend play. You can even help your child get the same physical satisfaction as they would from outdoor play with the addition of safe, age-appropriate climbing equipment.

Enchanted forest playroom design ideas to try:

• Twinkly fairy lights

• Indoor climbing arch

• Indoor children’s swing

Arr Matey! playroom ideas

pirate wallpaper mural in playroom

Mural in image: Pirate Island and Volcano

Children love pretending to be pirates. The romance of travelling the seas and the discovery of treasure is all too irresistible. Treasure hunts also instil a sense of adventure into kids, and the prospect of finding something valuable really adds an element of magic to playtime.

This is why kids love to go on quests. It gives their make-belief persona (AKA Captain McStubby or Nancy Lobsterlegs) an important purpose, and it’s more about the journey than winning at the end!

Pirate playroom design ideas to try:

• Dressing up box

• DIY treasure chest

• A pirate map mural

Do you love our playroom design ideas as much as we do? Let us know what themes you’d like to see for your child’s playroom in the comments below…

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