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Rattan trend in a room with a rattan unit and rug, with a large, pink floral wallpaper and white voile curtains

20/12/2022   POSTED BY

The Rattan Trend: How to Style in Your Home

Stylish, practical and durable, it’s easy to see how the Rattan trend has taken over the interior décor industry. The popular Rattan trend is very much here to stay and so we’re going to show you eight ways to incorporate it into your home décor scheme this season. Whether you want to make a statement with a fabulous focal feature or you simply want to dot some subtle pieces in and around your home, we have the ultimate guide to decorating with Rattan furniture.

Rattan may be having a moment but this is a timeless home décor trend that will look beautiful in your home for decades to come.

Use rattan as a stylish storage solution

White walls with a tall, curved rattan unit with a wooden floor and rattan rug

Image Source: urbanoutfitters.com via Pinterest

One way to experiment with the rattan trend is to use it in small doses around the house and one way to do this is to focus on storage. Rattan makes the most superior storage solution in every room due to its versatile colour and durable exterior. Think over-sized woven baskets to store toys in the nursery, a Rattan ottoman at the end of the bed and woven display trays that sit on a coffee table or bedside table.

Using Rattan as elegant accent pieces is a superb way of incorporating this trend into a formal space or traditional style home.

Get the vacation vibe with the rattan trend

Neutral living room with a white sofa and beige rug with a rattan chair

Photo credit: Shelby Bishop via Pinterest

Beach houses are a natural fit for Rattan furniture and accessories but thanks to the Rattan trend, you can now get the vacation vibe without having to own a holiday home. We adore the idea of adding a few statement pieces to your home such as a Rattan hanging chair or grounding a seating area with a Rattan rug.

Of course, Rattan looks beautiful but it is one of the most durable fabrics around which means you have the added benefit of furniture and furnishings with longevity.

Pair it with Other Biophilic Elements in the Bathroom

White bathroom with white units holding rattan plant pots with green indoor plants

Image source: houseandhome.com via Pinterest

Rattan is a neutral colourway and for this reason, it pairs well with botanical prints and greenery and there is no better place for this than the bathroom. When trying out the Rattan trend in a guest or main bathroom, layer the look and play with different shapes and sizes to really refresh your space. Rattan plant pots, storage baskets and wall ladders can all add a practical and aesthetically pleasing element to any bathroom.

Create a Cosy Corner or Reading Nook

Rattan trend in a room with a rattan unit and rug, with a large, pink floral wallpaper and white voile curtains

Mural in photo: Gentle Flowers

The texture and colour of Rattan furniture and accessories mean it adds a warm and cosy feel to any area of the home which makes it ideal for those who have always wanted to create a cosy area to relax and unwind. A Rattan chair, rug or wooden cabinet with rattan doors can add interest to an empty corner of a room, just make sure you add a cosy element with a comfy chair or a beautiful floral wallpaper.

Rattan doesn’t just create a cosy vibe that adults will love, it’s great for kids and pets too. Why not try a Rattan tipi tent to create a luxurious room for your furry friends?

Add a Modern Feel with Square Edges

Neutral dining room with a brown geometric tile floor, wooden table and rattan chairs and light shade

Image source: blog.scoutandnimble.com via Pinterest

There’s no denying that Rattan is seriously retro, so what if you want to use it in a contemporary home? The good news is that the Rattan trends work in modern homes as well as nostalgic ones. The trick is to opt for Rattan furniture or dining sets that have square edges rather than round. Thanks to its natural look and earthy colour palette, it can add the perfect finishing touch to a minimalist modern room.

Rather than an abundance of rattan that can appear beachy or boho, use it in an eclectic way by placing a large freestanding Rattan mirror in an alcove or a one-off Rattan footstool in your living room.

Take the Rustic Route

Beige living room with a light grey sofa, dark rattan rug and large rattan pendant light shades

Image source: etsy.com via Pinterest

Of course, Rattan pieces go hand in hand with a rustic aesthetic but the key to getting this trend right is to use Rattan sporadically throughout the home and use it to support a rustic theme rather than as a driver for the look. Rattan lighting is an easy way of including these on trend pieces without overpowering a room.

From this starting point, use accessories around the home to build on the theme. Rattan lends itself well to rustic Scandi style kitchens and dining areas and you will soon realise that a little goes a long way.

Bedrooms with a Beachy Feel

Beige floral wallpaper in a bedroom with white bedsheets, a rattan rug and bedside units with rattan doors

Mural in photo: Meadow Panelling

Woven textures are often well suited to bedrooms and you can add touches of Rattan here and there to achieve that coveted beachy feel. A Rattan pendant light, a woven rug or bedside tables can really upgrade your existing space and give you that relaxed beachy feel you crave. Contrast the natural and woven textures with crisp white bedsheets and voile curtains to create a cosy yet casual feel.

Complete the look with smaller pieces dotted around the room such as decorative Rattan trays or vases that can add an element of sophistication to your boudoir.

Go coastal with the rattan trend

Coastal living room with white chairs and blue cushions with a rattan coffee table

Image source: Betty Leach via Pinterest

The beauty of the Rattan trend is that it can lend itself to a number of décor styles so you don’t have to reimagine your entire home décor theme to try out this trend. Rattan looks stunning when teamed with natural fabrics and raw linens which means if you have a coastal style home or a beachy feel, Rattan pieces will only enhance this aesthetic. To achieve the ultimate coastal Granddaughter feel, try a Rattan TV cabinet or footstool.

If you aren’t sure where to start, begin from the ground up. Start with a Rattan floor runner then build on the look by adorning your shelves and surfaces with Rattan storage and accessories. Complete the look with a Rattan pendant light.

Will you be trying out the Rattan trend this season in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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