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08/02/2024   POSTED BY

How To Create A Luxury Dog Room [Expert Advice]

It’s hard to imagine life without them, so why not create a luxury dog room your fur baby will love? Dogs are the ones who shower us with unconditional love, brighten our sad days and provide us with devoted companionship. They deserve the best room in the house!

Like us, dogs like to have an area they can call their own. They need a space they can retire to when they are tired or if they feel like some alone time. Luxury dog rooms are a great way to show your canine friend how much you care. An unused cupboard or an awkward corner you haven’t quite figured out what to do with yet. Your fur baby will love their room no matter what.

Whether you are bringing home your first puppy or third! We are here to guide you through creating the ulti-mutt luxury dog room!

Choose paw-fect storage

German sheppard sat next to dog storage crates

Image Source: ballarddesigns.com via Pinterest

We don’t like to admit it, but sometimes our pooches can cause quite a mess. We try to keep them as happy as possible by indulging them with many toys! Much like children, dogs love to play with multiple toys! So why not build your luxury dog room around storage ideas? Incorporate a comfy dog bed for your pooch to complete the area! Dog behaviourist and blogger Danielle Mühlenberg has some important advice when it comes to designing a space for your dog.

“When designing a space for your dog, consider their individual needs. Some dogs love facing the door and being close to the action, while others need a more closed-off space as their personal haven. Whatever you do, make sure it's puppy-proof, including removing sharp objects, choking hazards, cables, etc.”

Create a luxury dog room with your negative space

Dog crate under a table with a white curtain

Image Source: hometalk.com via Pinterest

If you are low on space or cannot dedicate a full room to your fur baby, you can use negative space. Adding a side table over a cage and adorning it with a light curtain fabric allows you to create an area for your pooch without taking up room in your own area. Incorporate a comfy dog bed and adorn the tabletop with some lovely greenery. This is both a simple and cost-effective way to create a perfect spot for your furry friend!

Blend your luxury dog room with your décor

Dog bed area with pet cabinet in boot room

Image source: houzz.com via Pinterest

Many luxury dog rooms are currently incorporated within other rooms, such as kitchens, laundry rooms and hallways. Blending your dog’s space with your chosen room is always better. A dog bed placed in an unused cupboard would be the perfect spot. This will help keep the area tidy and not upset the flow of your home. If your dog's room is intertwined with your home, it will make the space feel cosy for both you and your pup.

Be minimalist to make an impact

Two dog beds with lights and striped wallpaper

Image Source: decorfacil.com via Pinterest

Much like our own spaces, a great way to exude luxury is by neatness. A soft, decorative wallpaper, ambient lighting and a comfy dog bed (or two!) are all you need. The space will be a loving focal point and will act as the perfect space for your dog to feel safe and cosy.

Affix a doggy-themed mural to your wall

Jack Russel ina grey bed infront of a dog themed mural

Mural in photo: Dog Clan

A great way to dedicate a space to your four-legged friend would be with pet-themed wallpaper! The moment you affix a doggy-themed mural to your wall is when you have created the perfect area for your pooch. There is no reason to feel guilty if you can't dedicate a large space or separate room to your pooch. A playful mural is all you need to enhance your pet's area.

Create a luxury dog room with a lick of paint

Under Stairs Dog Nook with Handmade Dog Bed & Organizer

Image source: thediymommy.com via Pinterest

Adding a lick of paint is a great way to make any room stand out. Your fur baby has its own personality, so why not try to reflect this through your colour scheme? Much like how we would decorate our rooms. You don’t need to shy away from vibrant colours to be luxurious. A striking colour scheme will enhance your dog’s space and make it a beautiful focal point in your home. Dr. Sabrina Kong, DVM at 'We Love Doodles' was happy to share her professional insight.

“First of all, you have to keep in mind that there's no such thing as the "perfect space" for your dog as it all depends on you and your furry friend's liking. Whether you go all out with it and create some sort of hotel room for your dog in your own house or keep it nice and simple, there are some essentials that should be in every dog's room/space such as a comfy bed, a toys/play area, a feeding station, and of course, all sorts of doggy-themed decor that lets people know who's the real owner of that room.”

Inject a unique dog bed

French bulldog sat in a tipi style dog bed

If you are low on space, you can still treat your pooch to a beautiful space. You can achieve this by using a unique dog bed. Luxury is all about comfort, so why not choose a bed which encompasses its own enclosure? A roofed bed will help make the space feel cosy for when your dog wants some alone time or 40 winks! Alex Schechter, DVM, is a renowned vet with some wonderful advice regarding dog beds.

“Dogs feel more at ease in cave-like beds with warm and cuddly covers. These beds provide the impression of a secure atmosphere. When dogs are not busy splayed out among the family, they like being comfortable in their own quarters. You may acquire luxurious mattresses for your dogs or a ready-made kennel for your dog to remain in. Blankets and even a small rug can assist you in creating a cosy resting spot for your pet to relax as desired.”

Decorate your luxury dog room with patterns

Cute dog in an under the stairs room with terrazzo wallpaper

Image source: hellomagazine.com via Pinterest

If you have a space under your stairs, why not transform it into your pup's new room? Say goodbye to the cluttered space where you used to dump your shoes and coats (and whatever else would fit in!) and say hello to a luxury dog room your fur baby will love! If the space under your stairs restricts your décor, a good alternative is a patterned wall mural. A terrazzo mural would be a great choice as there are various depths of patterns you can choose from. Jen Jones, the founder of Your Dog Advisor, has some great advice regarding choosing the perfect space for your pooch.

“Allowing your fur babies to have their own space where they can feel safe and comfortable should really be a basic tenet of your life as a pet owner. You can do this by making sure your dog has enough space for them to move around. You should also make sure that your dog has access to water and food at all times. A dog's environment should be equivalent to their needs.”

Use fabrics to create a luxury dog room

Dog crate adorned with black and white fabric

Image source: amzn.to via Pinterest

It doesn’t matter if you only have limited space to work with. You can create a luxury dog room anywhere. A simple but effective way to achieve this would be by adorning a crate with fabric to create a curtain or its own roof. You could even use the same fabric for your dog's bed. This will make your crate look safe and cosy to your doggo. By matching your fur-babies décor to your own you will create a seamless area.

If you are creating a luxury dog room for your four-legged friend, let us know in the comments below!

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Ashikur Rahman


Give your dog a grand entrance by installing a pet door in a wall. A pet door is one of the valuable assets if you have pets at home since it allows them to enter and exit on their own. So, if you are tired of letting your cat or dog in and out every time, then a pet door is a better and efficient way.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Ashikur, thank you for your comment and we love this idea! A pet door is perfect to give your pet freedom to come and go as they please.

dog beds Australia


Dogs don't need soft beds, but instead need to rest on a firm surface; too-soft pillow beds don't offer the support needed for comfortable rest and healthy joints, and an older dog who sinks into a plush bed may have trouble getting into and out of it.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Dog Beds Australia, thank you for the wonderful advice!

Pet Hotel Auckland


Creating a luxury dog room is a wonderful way to show your furry friend how much you care. Dogs, like us, appreciate having a space they can call their own. 

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Pet Hotel Auckland! Personal space is important for everyone, our furry companions included!

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