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Pop Art Wallpaper

Pop Art Wallpaper

Pop Art Comic Wallpapers

Introduce glamour and colour to your decor with a pop art wallpaper mural.

This collection of classic pop art style murals features bold and vibrant murals, ideal for teenage bedrooms, offices and workspaces looking for something different.

If you’re a fan of this art movement, then we have many different pop art wallpaper designs for you to choose from. Options include famous Lichtenstein pieces, comic strip inspired designs, pin up girls of the era, and much much more. 

Simply choose your favourite pop art mural, enter your dimensions and choose your preferred wallpaper to take your space back to the stylish 1950's.

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44 Pop Art Wallpaper Designs

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Pop Art Wallpaper

The pop art movement was fronted by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, and many more innovative and exciting artists. With its bright colours, challenges to the emerging commercial culture, and influences from popular culture, pop art was a future-forward response to the art movements of the past.

We have a pop art wall mural that will suit everyone’s tastes and personalities. Pop art collages and retro pop art wallpapers help to bring back the glamour of that era, from the 1950s to the 1960s and give a glimpse into how those people lived their lives during that time. You can use a pop art wallpaper mural in your living room, bedroom, or office, but are especially great for a teen girl’s bedroom, as they ooze personality and fun. Why not add in accessories and decor that mimic the style of the pop art movement?

Items such as small versions of iconic sculptures from the movement, bright coloured cushions and curtains, as well as clashing and contrasting prints within the rest of your interior design. You can order your new favourite pop art wallpaper online with us easily. Simply enter your wall measurement details into our online form, and we’ll make your wallpaper to fit your wall exactly, and on high-quality wallpaper material.

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