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Custom Made Wallpaper Murals
Art Deco Wallpaper

Art Deco Wallpaper

Art Deco Style Wallpaper

Feel like you’re part of The Great Gatsby with our stunning range of Art Deco wallpaper murals.

‘Deco’ started after WW1 and ended around 1940. It was a unique style that showed great change and reflected the feel of the time: full of confidence, optimism, speed and progress.

Renown for its sharp and linear appearance, Art Deco is a celebration of pattern: geometrical forms, chevron patterns and zig zags galore! Our stylish Art Deco designs are adorned with a beautiful selection of marble patterns as well as dashes of gold colour. Although the gold is printed and has no sparkling effect, the results are just as stunning once installed onto the wall.

Please note: Some of these designs can be pattern repeated. Please contact us at info@wallsauce.com to find out more.

Art Deco Murals

For ultimate glamour, Art Deco wallpaper is at the top of the list. With designs adorned in gold colours, marble effect and geometrical lines, our deco wallpaper brings something completely unique to any environment, whether for the home or business.

Starting after the First World War and originating from France, Art Deco took the world of interior design by storm. Everything was styled this way: architecture, cars, jewellery, trains, movie theatres and even hoovers! This art nouveau-inspired style represented luxury, glamour and a passion for all things new and progressive.

The beauty of Art Deco is that it is extremely versatile and able to spread its stylish grace in any type of room! Our geometrical marble and gold designs are a feast for the eyes and display gorgeous detail. Therefore, we recommend keeping the rest of the room as minimal as possible. But do include some art deco-styled pieces as well! Velvet scalloped armchairs in a similar shade as the mural would look gorgeous. Not forgetting gold accents throughout the room as well such as lighting and ornaments.

Supplied in panels and easy to install, it won’t be long till you can adorn your wall with a custom-made Art Deco wallpaper.

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