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Green Wallpaper

Green Wallpaper

Green Wall Mural

Bring the fresh, relaxing colour of the natural world into your room with a green wallpaper.

Said to be the most soothing colour to the human eye, all green murals, whether dark green wallpapers, mint green wallpapers or light green wallpapers, can transform any room and create a beautiful space.

Green is both vibrant and soothing: a great option for walls and home decor. That’s why we have so many great green wallpapers available. From zingy fruits to abstract art, our collection of green murals are made-to-measure and are installed as simply as wallpaper.

To order your fabulous, new green wallpaper, all you need to do is tell us your wall's dimensions and choice of wallpaper material.

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152 Green Wallpaper Designs

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Green Wallpaper

Green is associated with nature, life and growth. From leaves and palm tree wallpaper to northern lights wallpaper, to lime slices as a wall mural, green wallpaper is diverse and interesting.

A dark green forest wall mural is a fantastic option for many rooms in your home, as well as bamboo wallpaper, jungle waterfalls, green floral wallpaper, and many more variants on the theme of green. There are so many different shades of green murals, from deep emerald green wallpaper to sage green wallpaper, to even bright and bold lime green wallpaper.

A green wall mural works well in a living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, as well as in many other rooms of your home. For example, one of our green waterfall wallpapers is perfect for use in a bathroom. You can either add in other shades of green in the rest of your decor or add in contrasting and complimentary furniture in colours such as brown, grey or even blue or red.

You can order a green wallpaper mural online with us in just a few clicks. Simply enter in your wall measurements into our online ordering form, choose which one of our quality wallpaper materials you would like it to be printed on, and then we’ll create your chosen wallpaper and ensure that it is perfectly measured for your wall.

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