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Waterfall Wallpaper Wallpaper Murals

Waterfall Wallpaper

Wall Mural Wallpaper

Waterfalls are some of Earth’s most breathtaking and beautiful features, ranging from small river cascades to towering and powerful waterfalls such as Niagara Falls or Angel Falls. 

From the powerful waterfalls of Niagara, Iguassu and the dramatic heights of Angel Falls, to the smaller fast flowing woodland waterfalls, these waterfall murals will bring energy and a breath of fresh air to any space. Choice includes the tropical waterfalls of Thailand to the sheer power of Iceland's Gullfoss.

Choose from a variety of luxury wallpapers and see your waterfall mural transform your room.

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Waterfall Wallpaper

52 Waterfall Wallpaper

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Enchanting Forest waterfall Wallpaper Wall Murals

Enchanting Forest waterfall

Price from: $59/m2
Orchid Garden Waterfall Wallpaper Wall Murals

Orchid Garden Waterfall

Price from: $59/m2
Kirkjufellfoss Iceland Wallpaper Wall Murals

Kirkjufellfoss Iceland

Price from: $71/m2
Erawan Waterfall, Thailand Wallpaper Wall Murals

Erawan Waterfall, Thailand

Price from: $59/m2
Fire and Water Wallpaper Wall Murals

Fire and Water

Price from: $71/m2
Banyue Waterfall Wallpaper Wall Murals

Banyue Waterfall

Price from: $59/m2
Bruarfoss Wallpaper Wall Murals


Price from: $71/m2
Mossy Waterfall Wallpaper Wall Murals

Mossy Waterfall

Price from: $59/m2
Bruarfoss 2 Wallpaper Wall Murals

Bruarfoss 2

Price from: $71/m2
Gulfoss waterfall, Iceland Wallpaper Wall Murals

Gulfoss waterfall, Iceland

Price from: $71/m2
Detian Waterfall Wallpaper Wall Murals

Detian Waterfall

Price from: $59/m2
Waterfall Wallpaper Wall Murals


Price from: $71/m2
Rainforest Waterfall Wallpaper Wall Murals

Rainforest Waterfall

Price from: $59/m2
Autumn Melodies Wallpaper Wall Murals

Autumn Melodies

Price from: $71/m2
Demonstration of Power Wallpaper Wall Murals

Demonstration of Power

Price from: $71/m2
Woodland Waterfall Wallpaper Wall Murals

Woodland Waterfall

Price from: $59/m2
Icy Falls Wallpaper Wall Murals

Icy Falls

Price from: $71/m2
Icelandic Waterfall Sunset Wallpaper Wall Murals

Icelandic Waterfall Sunset

Price from: $59/m2
Iguassu Wallpaper Wall Murals


Price from: $59/m2
Niagara Wallpaper Wall Murals


Price from: $59/m2
Rock Pool & Waterfall Wallpaper Wall Murals

Rock Pool & Waterfall

Price from: $59/m2
Beautiful Vibrant Waterfall Wallpaper Wall Murals

Beautiful Vibrant Waterfall

Price from: $59/m2
West Burton Waterfall Wallpaper Wall Murals

West Burton Waterfall

Price from: $59/m2
The Fairy Pools Wallpaper Wall Murals

The Fairy Pools

Price from: $71/m2
Annadale Falls, Grenada Wallpaper Wall Murals

Annadale Falls, Grenada

Price from: $59/m2
Cascatella blu Wallpaper Wall Murals

Cascatella blu

Price from: $59/m2
Double Waterfall Wallpaper Wall Murals

Double Waterfall

Price from: $59/m2
Hawaii Waterfall Wallpaper Wall Murals

Hawaii Waterfall

Price from: $59/m2
Iguazu Waterfalls in Brazil Wallpaper Wall Murals

Iguazu Waterfalls in Brazil

Price from: $59/m2
Waterfall Wallpaper Wall Murals


Price from: $59/m2
Aira Falls Lake District Wallpaper Wall Murals

Aira Falls Lake District

Price from: $71/m2
Cotter Force Yorkshire Wallpaper Wall Murals

Cotter Force Yorkshire

Price from: $71/m2
El Nicho Waterfall, Cuba Wallpaper Wall Murals

El Nicho Waterfall, Cuba

Price from: $59/m2
Gullfoss Falls Wallpaper Wall Murals

Gullfoss Falls

Price from: $71/m2
Iguassu Falls Wallpaper Wall Murals

Iguassu Falls

Price from: $59/m2
Iguassu Falls, Argentina Wallpaper Wall Murals

Iguassu Falls, Argentina

Price from: $59/m2
Iguassu Waterfalls Wallpaper Wall Murals

Iguassu Waterfalls

Price from: $59/m2
Prenn Waterfall, Vietnam Wallpaper Wall Murals

Prenn Waterfall, Vietnam

Price from: $59/m2
Scaleber Force Yorkshire Wallpaper Wall Murals

Scaleber Force Yorkshire

Price from: $71/m2
Waterfall in Autumn Forest Wallpaper Wall Murals

Waterfall in Autumn Forest

Price from: $59/m2

52 Waterfall Wallpaper Murals

Page: 1 of 1

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Further Waterfall Wallpaper Information

Waterfall art is perfect for a backdrop in many rooms of your house, and we have an exciting range of waterfall landscape wallpapers on our site. From jungle waterfall wallpaper to forest waterfall wall murals, and everything in between, our waterfall wall murals are some of the best you can find online.

We have waterfalls from Thailand, Iceland, Cuba, and the UK, so you have a broad choice of international waterfalls to pick from, as well as many different types of waterfalls from each country. Waterfall wallpaper murals are fantastic for using in your bathroom, to add in ambience and relaxation, as well as in your living room, kitchen or even your bedroom.

Accentuate your new waterfall wall design with lush greens or dense greys on your other walls, and add in thick stone grey towels, leaf green blinds, and a grey or green bath mat. Or, go the other way, and choose more blues and browns, if your chosen waterfall wallpaper is within those colour schemes. If so, place in accessories within that colour palette, such as your shower curtain, toilet seat, or even your bathroom cupboards and other accessories.

To order your waterfall wallpaper mural, simply enter your wall dimensions and measurements into our online form, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll send it to you on quality wallpaper material, in easy to apply wallpaper panels, for simple and straightforward wallpaper application.

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