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Sniper and soldiers gaming wallpaper

18/06/2020   POSTED BY

The Ultimate Gaming Wall Murals for the Hardcore Gamers

All you hardcore gamers have your own space, somewhere you go to open fire or sneak around the back of the enemy. How about if you could have that gaming artwork cover your entire wall? Iconic gaming titles like Halo, Metal Gear, Call of Duty, Assasins Creed and more recently Fortnite have some truly awesome graphics and artwork, just imagine having that kind of artwork at the scale of your wall.  Well,  now you can with our selection of inspired gaming wall murals. 

Our gaming and sci-fi wall murals are custom made by us for you, digitally printed to produce the best sci-fi wall murals anywhere. Check out some of our favourite images from Simon Fetscher and Philip Straub.

Gaming wall mural by Simon Fetscher 

Post Apocalypse, right? 

This cool Flooded City wallpaper was designed by the amazing Simon Fetscher: a Swedish freelance artist who works in the entertainment business, focussing on smaller game titles and short films. So, it’s no surprise that his designs ooze the raw realism of our most loved games.

desert city gaming wallpaper in cool lounge

Mural in photo: Flooded City

Perfect for the ultimate gamer’s lounge, this cool deserted city gaming wallpaper would look amazing on the most focal wall in the room. For more of a grungy feel, add rustic décor with metallic finishing. Why not paint the walls in a pale or dark grey to mirror the shades used in Fetscher’s amazing design?

 sniper in game wallpaper in trendy home office

Mural in photo: Snipers Nest

Get ready with the fire button...

Just looking at this gaming Snipers Nest wallpaper gets me excited to open fire at the enemy. It makes you wonder where the sniper is actually hiding… No matter where you install this incredible gaming wallpaper, it will look great.

Placed in this home office, it makes the perfect backdrop for studying or working. At the same time, it’d make the perfect view for a gaming corner: somewhere to rest your eyes in between games!

hooded figure in forest gaming wallpaper in trendy bedroom

Mural in photo: Cold Morning

Looks like a Hooded Wizard to us, bet he kicks some serious arse.

The beauty of this wicked Cold Morning wallpaper is that it is clearly a gaming wallpaper. However, it is also calming enough to make an excellent feature wall for the bedroom. This type of sci-fi wall mural is something you could get away with if you have a partner who isn’t interested in gaming! If your sci-fi wall mural looks as great as this one, I’m sure even they would love a bedroom science fiction wallpaper.

Inspired gaming murals by Philip Straub 

Looks like Coruscant in my new Empire!!!!

A lot of Philip Straub’s work takes me straight back to many epic games. They are so well-designed that they are works of art in themselves. I don’t think most people could not be impressed with how cool this fantastic Metropolis wallpaper looks in this lounge. It gives a sophisticated bachelor pad feel to the room that is completely unique to most other luxury mural designs that are available.

fantasy gaming city wallpaper in cool lounge

Mural in photo: Metropolis

Do you remember R-Type?...Loved that game. And I think it’s fair to say that every gamer would love a gaming room with a sci-fi wallpaper like the impressive Sosheskaz Falls wall mural below! Even if you don’t have a spare room handy, you can make a gaming area in the corner of any room. All you need is a good desk and tables to keep your computer well-displayed and accessible at all times.

eery gaming landscape wallpaper in red coloured bedroom

Mural in photo: Sosheskaz Falls

The eery yet cool landscape of this Straub sci-fi wallpaper makes an amazing feature wall in this stylish bedroom. By opting for deep-red duvet covers, the rusty-red tones of the striking planet are really brought out of this fantastic gaming wallpaper.

We can’t get enough of gaming wallpaper and it’s no surprise: they are epic!! If you would like to ask more or have anything to say about our gaming collection of wallpapers, just leave a comment below!

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olive charles


Hi I am trying to locate your "cold morning" gaming mural on your main site but can't find it. Have you stopped printing it as this is the perfect wall paper for us and it would be a real shame if you have.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Olive 😊. Thank you for your comment on our blog.  As you requested, here is a link to the Cold Morning wall mural - https://www.wallsauce.com/designer-wallpaper-murals/simon-fetscher-cold-morning-mural-wallpaper. If you have any more issues, please email info@wallsauce.com.

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