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bold print floral wallpaper on staircase

11/01/2024   POSTED BY

10 Best Staircase Ideas You Haven’t Seen

Create your own stairway to heaven with these 10 best staircase ideas and see tips you’ve never seen or considered before! When decorating a staircase, it’s all about the perfect blend of functionality and style. A staircase is the bridge between downstairs and upstairs having the need to fit in with your hallway décor as well as your upstairs landing.

Not only this, but your stairs are the first thing visitors see as soon as they walk into your home – including potential buyers – so making sure you set the right tone for the rest of the house is crucial. What do you want your home to say when people walk in?

From having fun by colour drenching your stairs in paint to creating a modern, minimalist look with glass stair panels, discover many staircase decorating ideas to represent your unique sense of style.

1. Stair carpet ideas to elevate your style

beige carpet runner on stairs in vintage hallway

Image source: the-frugality.com via Pinterest

Elevate your staircase with stair carpet ideas to really make a feature of this integral part of the home. Long-lasting and hard-wearing, woven seagrass stair runners are perfect for busy households. This is because they will endure the test of time. Or if you want something similar but softer underfoot, choose a natural-toned wool carpet like in the vintage hallway above. If you have a beautifully curved staircase such as this, you will need to cut squares and place them at an angle to match the turn at the bottom of the stairs. If you want traditional stair runner ideas, carpet runner holder clips are a big must to pin down your carpet runner securely. Ones in brass are ideal.

But remember, you don’t need to have an actual carpet to create a stair runner. Instead, why not paint your own runner using paint and paint tape? That way you can have lots of fun with colour! Just place two strips of tape all the way down the stairs and then paint in between.

2. Staircase pictures that are picture-perfect

watercolour green floral wallpaper in hallway

Mural in photo: Garden Sage

One way to completely personalise your staircase is to embrace staircase pictures. Display black or white photographs of your loved ones in black frames for an ultra-stylish gallery wall. Paint the stairs black and opt for off-white walls so that the space mirrors the tones of your memorable photographs.

Customer and Interior Designer Donna Shenton created a beautiful gallery wall in her client’s home using a mix of old and new photographs of their family in all-white frames. These staircase pictures stand out on the gorgeous forest green painted wall.

3. Panelled staircases inspired by Bridgerton

vintage floral wallpaper on a black and white staircase

Mural in photo: Antique Tulips

One of the biggest stairs decoration trends is panelled staircases. Completely heightened by the world’s love for the huge Netflix show Bridgerton, panel effect walls are the current go-to look for modern homes. You can totally imagine Daphne walking down this staircase in an elegant ball gown!

Paired with bold wall art whilst the panel is left simple is the best way to really show off the wainscoting. To get this royal look, check out Skirting World for lots of fabulous moulding and even panelling kits!

Alternatively, why not have a go at using realistic panel effect wallpaper? Much easier than creating real panelled walls, panelled wallpaper can be put up in no time!

4. Glass staircases that open up small spaces

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Cherie (@houseonalittlelane)

If you have a small stairway, have you considered an ultra-modern glass staircase? Glass stair panels completely open up the space, breaking barriers across the room. This is because the eye can see through the railings rather than blocking out what’s on the other side. These are perfect for cramped entryways, encouraging more light into the room.

Not only perfect for those looking for small staircase ideas, but glass stair panels are also ultra-modern and sleek. When interested in using glass panels, be mindful of the age of your property. Always choose a staircase that reflects your home and don’t try to force contrasting styles too much. For instance, a modern glass staircase could look out of place in a pre-20th-century home.

5. Under stairs storage ideas that minimalists will love

office under stairs

Image source: melaniejadedesign.com via Pinterest

Under stairs storage ideas are a great way to utilise the space in your hallway. And what’s more, it’s a good excuse to keep the home looking tidy and calm. Something we all would love! If your home is structurally able to do so, why not open up the underneath of your stairs and install fitted units? These are a great spot for storing shoes, coats and dog leads so you can quickly grab them when you run out of the door.

Why not be creative with understairs ideas by fitting in a desk area? Completely multi-functional, this is a great way to make the most of your home’s space and practically create an additional room in an area that wasn't previously used as well.

6. Tiled stairs that transport you to the Mediterranean

blue and white tiled stairs with wooden tops

Image source: stoneimpressions.com via Pinterest

Of course, if you live in the Mediterranean, you might not love this idea as much as we do, but we love tiled stairs because it instantly makes us feel like we’re on vacation. Greek-inspired blue and white tiles paired with natural wooden steps takes you straight to the Grecian Isles. Whereas brightly coloured tiles with terracotta, emerald and navy tones transport you straight to the heat of Istanbul.

Easy to achieve, simply paint the side of the staircase in the most neutral shade taken from the tile design. In the room above, you can see that white has been used. Once this has been done, install the tiles underneath the lip of each step!

7. Colour drenched painted staircases that make us go “Wow”

yellow painted stairs in a pink living room

Image source: sophierobinson.co.uk via Pinterest

If you are colour fanatic, then colour drench your hallway with painted staircases! And remember, the bolder the colour, the better! We are in LOVE with this bright yellow staircase which seems to elongate the height of the wall by having painted the sides of the stair's entryway. Although simple, this bright painted staircase is definitely a feature that will grab your friend and family’s attention as soon as they walk into your home.

8. Staircase lighting to set the mood

dimly lit staircase

Image source: real homes via Pinterest

If you really want to go one step further, create ambience in your hallway with staircase lighting. There are a number of ways to do this. Why not place mood lighting spotlights on the wall next to the steps such as in the room above? These type of yellow lights are warm and very inviting.

Or how about using led strips underneath each step to create a back-glow? These are ideal for showing off the beauty of the staircase in itself. If you have an open riser staircase that has a flouting effect, hide a contoured LED strip underneath the riser. This means they are out of sight when unlit but create a soft, flouting effect when lit up.

9. Staircase wallpaper – the easiest staircase idea

colourful mural on staircase

Mural in photo: Pink Jungle Passion

If you are looking for quick and easy staircase wall ideas, then stylish staircase wallpaper is the answer. With the help of a friend, staircase wallpaper can be up and installed in a day! And the beauty of stairs wallpapers is that they come in so many different designs. This means you can easily show off your sense of style so that guests can quickly see what you like as soon as they walk into your home.

metallic coloured agate wallpaper on white staircase

Mural in photo: Sage Gold Agate

Customer Ali Augood made a beautiful feature wall on their staircase with one of our Lara Skinner wallpaper murals. This luxurious marble effect wallpaper adds a touch of glamour to these traditional white and wooden bannisters.

10. Wood and metal staircases – a celebration of texture

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by CHACHOU✨Interior Design✨Decor (@the_welcoming_home)

Texture is a huge interiors trend that isn’t going away anytime soon which is why wood and metal staircases are a big hit. A mix of man-made and natural materials that blend perfectly together creates an effect that isn’t just pleasing to the eye but to the touch as well. We adore how the vintage wooden bannister marries up so well with the dark metal, modern railings.

Our customers at Wow Wallpaper Hanging were decorating a metal and wooden staircase area with one of our wallpaper murals. We love how modern the metal and smooth wooden bannister rails look in this staircase area. They completely complement the modern art style of this graffiti tram wallpaper.

graffiti style wallpaper next to metal and wood staircase

Mural in photo: Tram wallpaper from Extended Range

From panelled staircases and colour-drenched stairs to staircase wallpaper and mood lighting, there are many ways to embrace staircase decoration. When finally deciding on one of your favourite staircase ideas, always ask the following: Is it sympathetic to the age of the building? Does it truly show your awesome sense of style? Is it still functional as well as stylish?

Have you seen some staircase ideas you have never seen before? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Millie Hue


I love that you talked about adding lighting for the staircase to create an ambiance. I would love that when I get a custom staircase installation for my future house now that I bought a piece of land in Torrance, California. Also, it would be a safety feature for my family, especially when I have low vision as well. 

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Millie :) Yep it's always best to have an area well lit! For safety as well as aesthetics.

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