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grey rain clouds in pink and grey modern bedroom

23/02/2023   POSTED BY

Dreamy Cloud Wallpaper for Any Room in the House

In storytelling, pathetic fallacy is something that connects the weather with a person’s mood. We see it in movies. We read it in emotive books. We see it in works of art like paintings and frescos. But it’s also something we experience in everyday life. This is because the weather can affect the way you feel. Blue skies and fluffy clouds can lift your spirits, while grey and drizzly days can make you sad. But of course, not everyone is the same. There are some who find rain relaxing or even romantic, storms exciting and misty landscapes beautiful to look at.

Our cloud print wallpaper collection ticks all the boxes. From the stillness of a spring morning to tempestuous weather brewing in the air, our range of cloud murals will transport you to another time and place. It doesn’t matter whether you draw comfort from sunny climes, sombre fogs or an angry storm – there’s a dreamy cloud wallpaper to suit every room in your house.

Here are a few wallpapers to inspire you…

White clouds that take you to Cloud 9

white fluffy clouds wall mural in trendy white office

Mural in photo: White Clouds

Cloud wallpapers don’t get any dreamier than this. Clean white for minimalist interiors, this White Clouds mural doesn’t take attention away from other key focal points and blends in seamlessly with any colour scheme.

This is one of the best wallpaper ideas if you’re looking for an off-white wall colour to create a sense of space. In a small room, it can give the illusion of size and in a dark, poky nook that doesn’t benefit from large windows, it’s a great way to reflect light around. Soft hints of blue are calming and soothing for the mind according to colour psychology, while the fluffy billows add texture to an otherwise flat room design.

Perfect for: bedrooms and guestrooms, children’s rooms, nurseries and minimalist open plan living areas.

Cloud wallpaper from our fine art range

antique painted art of clouds wall mural in grey themed lounge

Mural in photo: Study of Cumulus Clouds 1822

The most sophisticated cloud wallpaper around, this Study of Cumulus Clouds 1822 mural by John Constable is perfect for fine art fans. It’s from our Bridgeman art library, bringing famous works to life and giving you a stylish alternative to framed art in the home. You can turn your favourite paintings into feature wallpapers – talk about conversation starters and focal points! Impress guests with your art knowledge, inspire family members to be creative and show appreciation to everyone from Leonardo Da Vinci to Van Gogh.

John Constable’s Study Of Cumulus Clouds is one of the most well-known pieces in the art world and it definitely deserves to have pride of place in your house. It suits any style of property too, from converted loft apartments and city centre dwellings to period homes with beautiful cornices and high ceilings.

Perfect for: communal areas such as the living room, dining room, reading room or a guest bedroom.

Soft sunset clouds for a restful night’s sleep

blue sky and pink sunset clouds wall mural in bedroom with terrazzo pastel duvet covers

Mural in photo: Creamy Coloured Clouds

For a soothing cloud wall mural to help you wind down at the end of the evening, it doesn’t get better than this Creamy Coloured Clouds wallpaper design. Featuring soft, gentle clouds and a warming sunset, this represents the trancelike transition that takes place as day moves into night.

Golden yellow, orange and pinkish hues are present, but muted. In an instant, these colours can warm up your room and make you feel cosy even when it’s cold outside. And because the image sets you high up in the clouds, it’s easy to leave your troubles and the rest of the world behind. This is a great cloud wallpaper idea if you’re trying to improve mental wellbeing through interior design. For those who struggle to ‘switch off’ after work, cloud murals like this one are spot on.

Perfect for: anywhere that is meant for relaxation – including bedrooms, nurseries, guest bedrooms and reading rooms.

Uplifting cloud mountain views

painted white and blue clouded mountain wall mural in minimalist style bedroom

Mural in photo: Cloudy Mountain

If you want something a little more uplifting and inspiring, this Cloudy Mountain mural by Tenyo Marchev is the perfect pick-me-up. While some of our other cloud wallpaper designs are ethereal, surreal and dreamlike, this one is full of life.

It nurtures your adventurous spirit and connects you to the freshness of the outdoors. Tenyo’s work is digitally created and many of his graphic artworks have landed him awards. Many of his scenic wallpapers focus on cloud formations too, adding atmosphere to any room.

Perfect for: the master bedroom or a contemporary guestroom, as well shared spaces like the dining room or living room.

Watercolour clouds for understated charm

watercolour blue skies wallpaper in cool lounge

Mural in photo: Blue Skies Watercolour

Not all cloud murals have to be realistically depicted or translated in the literal sense. You can also enjoy abstract designs like this Blue Skies Watercolour wallpaper – a not-so-obvious interpretation of fluffy clouds on a clear day.

Watercolour murals are a great idea if you want to express your creativity in a subtle way. They’re just as ideal for feature walls like all of our other wall designs, but they also have the ability to blend in seamlessly and act as a soft backdrop to other interior features.

Perfect for: almost any room in the home with good natural lighting, including bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens and living spaces.

Rain clouds that create atmosphere

grey clouds wallpaper in pink and grey master bedroom

Mural in photo: Germany Bavaria Rain Cloud

Our relationship with clouds has always been symbolic of all things pure and innocent. For many people, soft white clouds remind them of heaven or a sunny day in August. For that reason, cloud imagery can evoke feelings of calmness and contentedness. But there’s a darker side to cloud formations that we want to explore.

This Germany Bavaria Rain Cloud mural, for example, edges on the more ominous side of the weather. But grey clouds don’t have to signify gloom. This wallpaper is seriously atmospheric, and in a room that receives ample light it can transform the space into something unique and interesting. Style with simple interiors and opt for a quiet colour scheme that doesn’t clutter.

Perfect for: rooms that lend themselves to cosying up in, or parts of the home for abstract thought such as offices, studies and music rooms.

Do you love our cloud wall murals? Let us know in the comments which one is your favourite – and don’t forget to send us snaps of your wallpaper renovations. We’d love to see how you’ve incorporated the humble cloud into your décor.

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