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18/02/2019   POSTED BY

9 Off White Wallpapers You Should Consider

The not quite white colour has been a popular shade in interiors throughout time. Think of everyone’s favourite magnolia wall paint. Soft ivory hues have adorned bedrooms, warm buttermilk tones have brightened up kitchens, and almond creams have decked hallways for as long as we can remember.

Choosing an off white wall colour for your home is an easy way of opening up your space, adding more light and creating a sense of airiness – without leaving your walls looking cold and stark. If you want to add more depth and texture, off white wall murals can look great in every room, and can help to tie your whole design concept together. Here are 9 off white wallpapers to consider for your next interior design project.

9 Off White Wallpapers You Should Consider

1) Off white floral bloom wallpaper

Floral wallpapers are the perfect subject for an off white colour scheme. There are so many stunning flowers in creams and whites, and they can add instant romance to any space. We particularly love off white florals for the bedroom, as they make striking feature walls to go behind the bed without taking away from minimalist interiors.

From faded cherry blossoms and pretty orchids to the cotton white hue of dandelions when they seed, flowers are beautiful even in the absence of colour. If your palette is a mix of Nordic greys and barely there beiges, watercolour florals can create a subtle focal point in your room.


This Neutral Bloom wall mural by Carol Robinson is perfect for homes with tall ceilings and large wall spaces. And it’s a match made in heaven for wooden furniture and wooden floors.

2) Off white wallpaper in damask print

If you want to decorate your home with off whites and creams, but don’t want your walls to appear boring, play around with sumptuous patterns like this lovely Damask Cream wall mural.

It looks incredibly opulent for a living, dining or bedroom space. Use Egyptian cotton fabrics, plush velvets and Edwardian style furniture for an expensive-looking finish. Stick with soft creams and enrich the narrative with gold décor. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns if you’re building more of an eclectic story, and use mirrors to expand your space if the room gets too busy.

3) Natural antique map mural

You will find a huge collection of world map wallpapers at Wallsauce, many of them in natural colours. From blueish greys to tea stained sepia, our map murals can create an impact on any wall or ceiling without overpowering a neutral colour scheme.


This Antique World Map wallpaper is the perfect example of adding intrigue and depth to a large wall space in an understated way. Keep your design consistent by using natural materials that have not been treated or glossed. Wicker, hessian, rattan and seagrass are all natural materials that look great for rugs, baskets and even furniture. To breathe more life into the room, choose leafy plants like palms – a nice way of adding pretty pigments to your story.

4) Pink washed concrete wallpaper

When whitewashed is still too white, try a pretty pink wash instead. This will add a lovely blush of pigment to your room, conjuring warmth and femininity and preventing your walls from appearing too stark. For rooms that need a colour lift, this delicate Pale Pink Concrete mural is the perfect take on off white wallpaper.

At the same time, it’s got an edge of industrial about it, making it ideal for a more masculine space. Such as an office or dining room adorned with cast iron, chrome and stone finishes. Like all of our texture wallpapers, this design can convert any room in the house into a different space entirely without the cost or effort of renovation.

5) Barely there pastel wallpaper

Very few homes feature pure white walls. Even the most minimalist apartments will choose an off white shade to finish the rooms with. Otherwise, you run the risk of your cosy abode looking like a hospital hallway and if you want to keep it interesting, play around with pastel colours, like this stunning Polygon Pastel wall mural.


The faded pastel hues won’t disrupt your all-white room concept, but it just adds a little extra something and helps to brighten up a dull or clinical space. The unique geometric wallpaper design is also one of the biggest interior trends of the moment, easily transforming old, tired décor in the home.

6) ‘Bougie’ floral wallpaper in ivory

Magnolia and ivory are two of the most timeless colours you can choose for your home. Whether it’s a bedroom or living room, kitchen or hallway, buttery off white hues work incredibly well. Our beautiful White Roses wallpaper has warm tones that can turn any cold space into a cosy one. Making it just as appealing in winter as it is in the summer.

The flowers in this wallpaper design are both feminine and romantic and will work well with the latest ‘bougie’ interiors trend that has taken over Instagram feeds. If you’re unsure, think elegant décor, Coco Chanel inspired apartments, Parisian monochrome, rose gold touches, and luxury candles that look as expensive as they smell.

7) Off white marble wall mural

If there’s just one trend to get to know in 2019, it has to be the marble trend. Classy marble wallpaper seems to be everywhere this year, and it’s the perfect solution to a plain living space that needs a little ‘je ne sais quoi’.


We like how simple this Blue Marble wallpaper is, featuring grey / blue tones that instantly lift the room. For living spaces that get cramped or stuffy during the hot summer months, this wall mural can open up the room and help to add a sense of light, coolness and calmness.

8) White washed brick wall design

There are fewer things more instagrammable than exposed brick. Interior design nerds go crazy for brick walls on social media. But the cost, labour and irreversible nature of exposed brick in your home can be off-putting for some homeowners – and only a pipe dream for renters. But brick wall murals can give you quick and easy transformation for a fraction of the price.

Our White Washed Brick wallpaper features a realistic distressed design that will fool the naked eye. Even close-up, it’s very beautiful to look at. And the off white mural colour will ensure your room stays light and airy, whilst remaining interesting.

9) Macro white rose mural

If you love the ‘bougie’ rose wallpaper trend, but prefer abstract imagery, try macro florals instead. This Close-up of a White Rose wall mural offers waves of cream and different shades of off white in an intense cyclone of colours. It’s a brilliant focal point in any room setting and will look seriously plush in a cream living area.

Finish with Farrow & Ball’s Dorset Cream on the rest of the walls, and use soft pinks or moody mauves as an interior accent.

Do you love our top picks of off white wallpapers? Are there any wall colours you would like to see us feature on the blog? Comment below and let us know what hues you hope to find for your home!

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wanda brook


I got know your article's Content and your article skill both are always good. Thanks for sharing this article this content is very significant for me I really appreciate you.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Wanda. Thank you for your comment. Please keep visiting us for more tips and inspiration.

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