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blush pink background with illustrated maroon flowers in pink lounge

05/03/2020   POSTED BY

Blush Pink Wallpaper That's Beyond Pretty

Blush pink has confidently taken centre stage in the world of design. From interiors and fashion to even your best friend’s colour scheme at their wedding, it’s really no surprise how popular this shade is. Not only has this gorgeous colour become a classic, but it appears to have diminished those negative connotations of “pink only being for girls” which is absolutely not true. Blush pink suits everyone, whoever you are. That’s why we love blush pink wallpaper so much!

With such an eclectic range of patterns and designs, we have tried our hardest to provide a blush pink wallpaper suitable for all our customers. From stunning terrazzo wallpapers, luxurious dark florals and even world maps, you’re sure to find a custom-made wall mural to make you feel tickled pink!

Fed up of thinking of a new colour scheme? Well, ‘pink’ no more. Read on to discover your new blush pink wallpaper.

Totally on-trend terrazzo blush pink wallpaper

pink and plum purple dashes of terrazzo wallpaper on trendy bookshelf

Are you a chip off the old marble block? Then you’ll love this trendy Pink Terrazzo wallpaper.

Original terrazzo paving was created by the Romans. Known for their huge and decadent marble temples, the Romans did not like to waste any left-over marble chippings. They would mix the bits of marble with cement and create terrazzo! So, if you love marble feature walls, but want something a little edgier, a terrazzo wallpaper is for you.

For this particular terrazzo dusty pink wallpaper, we recommend installing it on a wall which is already the main focal point of the room. Often this is the wall where your eye is mainly drawn to when you walk into the room. Paint the remaining walls in white, or even very pale pink and you’ll have created a room that embraces colour in a tasteful, subtle way. To bring out the numerous shades of pink in the terrazzo design, search for décor that revels in purple plums, dusty and pastel pinks.

Romantic pastel pink floral imagery

pastel pink and purple flowers wallpaper in trendy lounge

We really do have some beautiful designs that are both romantic and timeless.

A frequent contender in our floral wallpaper collection is our high-definition photography pieces. Although illustrations are artistic and unique, they can never capture the utter purity of the actual object itself. When something is as beautiful as the summery flowers in this Dusty Pink Floral wallpaper, you needn’t have to alter the image. They are what they are: simply stunning examples of nature.

In this stylish lounge, rosy tones have been chosen to mirror the shades in the floral mural. This pale pink scalloped sofa is perfect for reflecting the pastel pink petals of the hydrangea flowers – just gorgeous.

Unicorn fur wallpaper: how does it get better than this?

natural wood decor bedroom with blush pink fur wall

Image source: Parquet King Size Bed and storage from Oak Furnitureland.

Calling to all children, teenagers and those young at heart! Make your unicorn fantasy dreams a reality with this Pink Unicorn Fur wallpaper. Yes. It is a true photograph of an actual unicorn’s fur (maybe) and it will absolutely make any unicorn-lovers week…month…year…life!

As most of us know, unicorns have taken over the world and because of this, there’s such a fantastic selection of unicorn room accessories that would look great with this unicorn fur mural. Imagine rainbow-covered duvet covers, unicorn-shaped scatter cushions and not forgetting the muchly needed unicorn onesie! Or, for a more grown-up feel, choose white and grey duvet covers with a range of natural wood furniture.

Believe in magic: it won’t be long till you can surprise a loved one with a beautiful unicorn fur-effect bedroom!

World maps in tones of terracotta and blush pink wallpaper

terracotta, pink and grey world map in stylish lounge

Moving swiftly away from unicorns, we couldn’t not mention one of our most popular map murals.

Unique to our other blush pink wallpapers, this intriguing Executive Political World Map wall mural is both a fantastic feature wall and educational. It’s great for those families who love geography, for adventurous travellers or just those who appreciate the aesthetic appeal of a map.

Not only does this map look absolutely gorgeous in this grey-themed modern lounge, but this informative map wallpaper is a great conversation piece for when you have people over. You’d be surprised how many travelling stories can emerge when appreciating such a stunning and well-detailed map as this.

Glitzy blush pink wallpaper to glam up any room

rose gold glitter effect wallpaper with terrazzo patterned bed

If you’re more into glitz and glam rather than backpacking and tenting up in a dirty field, then look no more. This gorgeous glitter-effect rose wallpaper is utterly glamourous and on-trend. You can almost imagine Marilyn Monroe singing ‘Diamonds are a girls’ best friend’ with this stunning mural as a backdrop!

This Rose Gold Glitter Glam wallpaper is printed and not actually glittery. Yet, it is a great option if you’re looking for a beautiful blush pink wallpaper. Because this luxurious feature wall is so impactful, try to keep the surrounding décor simple but don't be scared to throw in a little extra pattern. White furniture is a great option as it will always draw the eye to the glitter-effect feature wall.

Moody, vintage dark floral prints

burgundy flowers on blush pink backdrop in stylish living room

How beautiful is this Gothic Bouquets wall mural? Created by our fabulous designer, Uta Naumann, this moody dark floral illustration is the perfect blush pink wallpaper. Inspired by vintage botanical illustrations, the artist takes great care with the detail of her drawings. That's why this stunning maroon and pink design is so alluring.

Install this dark floral wallpaper in your bedroom to create a romantic setting. Position it behind your bedhead and paint the remaining walls in a pale pink or burgundy for more of a dark, dramatic effect. Move away from the norm of white duvet covers. Opt for pastel pink sheets and a selection of maroon scatter cushions. To add even more of a sense of luxury, find rose gold bedside lamps and room accessories to mirror the gorgeous shades of pink.

Don’t you just love this collection of blush pink wallpaper and ideas? We certainly do. If you have any comments or further inspiration for this beautiful colour scheme, simply leave us a comment below.

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