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tropical floral and bird wallpaper with map background

23/05/2023   POSTED BY

Beautiful Wallpaper for Every Room in Your Home

Here at Wallsauce.com, we are certainly in love with beautiful wallpaper. It’s what we live and breathe! We are always searching for the latest, most gorgeous wallpaper to transform our customers’ homes or businesses. Whether its dark floral wallpaper that ticks all your boxes or oriental works of art, we always strive for the best.

Of course, what is perceived as beautiful varies from person to person. Some may love floral wallpaper adorned with tropical birds and others may appreciate designs that relish in classic works of art. In this blog, we have tried our hardest to provide a variation of beautiful wallpaper that will fill you with joy every day.

Pretty watercolour floral wallpaper

Taken from our stunning Carol Robinson floral wallpaper range, this Garden Sage wall mural has been a sure winner for many of our customers.

leafy green watercolour floral pattern wallpaper in minimalist bedroom

All colours affect our moods and green is no exception. It is said that the colour green is one of the most relaxing shades. It is calming and relieves stress, making it ideal for the bedroom.

Although choosing your colours wisely is important, you also want it to be beautiful. That’s why a watercolour floral pattern is the answer. Carol Robinson’s designs come in a range of gorgeously painted colours, patterns and styles.

Beautiful oriental wallpaper

blue, white and orange oriental landscape wall mural in travel themed room

Nothing can be more zen than an oriental work of art. This serene Fuji No Yukei wall mural, taken from our Oriental collection, is absolutely beautiful. For a masterpiece created between the 16th to 18th century, this oriental design is still relevant and exudes utter style. The soothing blues with a dash of warmth from the ochre brown clouds and burnt orange sun create powerful contrasting tones.

Dark Wood Oriental Cabinet Wallpaper

Image source: Oficina Inglesa

Choose décor that celebrates in similar shades and oriental design. Why not buy Japanese-inspired room accessories? Sliding doors, a chinoiserie cabinet or even a futon bed? This decadent Zhao Bar Cabinet from Oficina Inglesa is absolutely gorgeous. 

Floral works of art that have stood the test of time

If colourful florals are your idea of beautiful wallpaper, install this gorgeous Flower Piece wallpaper painted by Abraham Mignon in 1667.

painted dark floral work of art wall mural in trendy lounge

Are you the type of person who always feels filled with awe and beauty when having visited an art gallery? But, immediately, that feeling leaves you as soon as you exit its doors? Rather than nailing up a framed print of your favourite piece of art, adorn an entire wall to show your dedication to its beauty.

dark navy velvet sofa

Image source: Oficina Inglesa

We have a beautiful range of dark floral masterpieces in our floral wallpaper range. Due to the realism and stunning detail in these styled paintings, we’d advise you to keep the amount of décor minimal. Yet, that doesn’t mean avoiding colour. Choose your favourite shade in the painting, for instance, the deep shade of blue. We think this Oficina Inglesa Lake Forest Sofa would look amazing.

black glass and brass legged angular coffee table

Image source: My Furniture

Don’t forget to add dark mahogany or walnut wood furniture to mirror the dark, sultry look that this floral wallpaper evokes. This minimalist Stiletto Black Glass and Brass Coffee Table from My Furniture is fabulous.

Delicate fauna and flora feature walls

delicate flower and bird wallpaper in beautiful nursery

Do you want a beautiful wallpaper for your new baby’s nursery, but are aiming to stay away from the typical zoo animal or clouds designs? This floral Finch Love Bird wallpaper is sweet, charming and brings a sense of calming nature – one that you hope will rub off on your little one at nap time! The cute finches and hummingbirds are adorable. Did you know that the smallest hummingbird is the bee hummingbird that is only 5cm in length? Just a bit smaller than your teeny tot!

Just like this lovely nursery, keep décor minimalist, but again focus in on a few tones used in the design. The sage green blanket, white cot and grey table really complement this pretty wallpaper.

Beautiful art deco wallpaper

art deco mountan landscape with flying heron wallpaper in minimalist bedroom

If delicate florals, pinks and whites aren’t your thing, this art deco-inspired Elegant Flight wall mural could be just right. Although the gold effect is printed and not shimmery, the stunning contrast of the warm metallic tones with the dark black/navy watercolour is astounding.

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Choose furniture which revels in 1920s-1930s art deco vibes and opt for gold geometric lines and patterns. This upcycled cabinet created by Nicky Cash is perfect. Or, if you fancy having a go yourself, you could even visit your local charity store and find an old sideboard to upcycle yourself!

Romantic dark floral designs

dark maroon flowers in blush pink modern dining room

We can’t wait to tell you more about our latest designer, Uta Naumann. She really does know a thing or two about beautiful wallpaper. A German-born artist, Naumann’s wallpaper collection is inspired by vintage pharmaceutical illustrations of plants and flowers. This luxurious Moody Maroon wallpaper is so intricately detailed from the budding burgundy flowers to the green curling leaves. It truly is gorgeous.

wine red velvet armchair with black and brass legs

Image source: Oficina Inglesa

Choose décor to complement the stunning tones of purple. If installed in your lounge, find a wine-coloured velvet sofa and paint the surrounding walls in a pale sage green paint: you don’t always have to have white walls! This Oficina Inglesa Addison Armchair holds a luxurious shade of ruby red and would look fabulous with this dark floral wallpaper.

Embrace the beauty of art and culture

So florals and birds don't do it for you? Are you more of a city-dweller? If so, you may appreciate the artistic and cultural beauty of this fabulous The Avenue de Lopera, Sunlight, Winter Morning wallpaper from our Bridgeman collection. This stunning wallpaper design was painted by the French landscape artist Camille Pissarro, in 1898. It encapsulates the beauty of pre-World War 1 France where coaches were the main form of transport and walking out without wearing a hat was seen as most inappropriate!

painted scene of Paris in minimalist dining room

Feel the hustle and busy of by-gone Parisian days every day in your home. Inspiring and motivating, why not install this work of art in your home office, or if you’re lucky enough, your own artist's studio?

Let’s take you to a vintage tropical paradise

Like many of Andrea Haase’s designs, this Voyage of Discovery wall mural is the epitome of beautiful wallpaper. It's reminiscent of glass orangeries at stately homes. Places filled with tropical plants that the Lord and Lady have accumulated whilst travelling around the British Empire! And during this particular voyage, it seems that they even sneaked a new species of bird in as well!

vintage map wallpaper with tropical bird and plants in stylish lounge

You can easily imagine one of Haase’s beautiful wallpapers installed in this regal orangery. Choose rose gold décor to accentuate the pinks in this stunning bird mural.


Are you in love with any one of our beautiful wallpapers? If not, take a look at our extensive photo wallpaper collection or search through our extended range to find the perfect wallpaper for you.

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