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Anna kodin antiikki kauneus tällä mittatilaustyönä valmistetulla Chinoiserie Garden -taustakuvalla.

Tuoitämainen kosketus kotiisi tällä upealla Chinoiserie Garden -taustakuvalla. Suunniteltu antiikkityyliin, tämä rauhoittava chinoiserie-taustakuva saa kotisi todella tuntemaan, että olet astunut regency-ajan draamaan!

Uskomme, että tämä kaunis itämainen taustakuva näyttäisi täysin kauniilta makuuhuoneessa. Aseta tämä maalattu puutaustakuva sängyn päätylaudan takana olevalle seinälle ja maalaa seinät pastellinvihreän tai harmaan varjossa. Valitse sekoitus antiikkia ja moderneja huonekaluja peilataksesi lintujen seinämaalauksen vintage-tunnelmaa, mutta älä tee kodistasi tuntua liikaa museolta!

Tilaaoma rentouttava puutarhataustakuva täyttämällä yksinkertaisesti tämän sivun tilauslomake. Pyydämme seinän mittoja ja taustakuvamateriaalin valintaa. Tarjoamme klassinen tai premium liitä seinään tai kuvioitu kuori ja kiinni.

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Tarvitsetko apua tilauksen tekemisessä tai sinulla on erityinen suunnittelupyyntö, studiotiimimme on valmis auttamaan sinua. Katso lisätietoja ota meihin yhteyttä .

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Top tips for installing your mural

Wall murals are a great way to transform your room, quickly and easily. For ease, we recommend 2 people install the mural onto your wall.

All wall murals are supplied in even panels to ensure installation is as simple as can be.

Installation Diagram
Wall Mural Installation Diagram
Your wall mural is supplied in panels.
All panels are hung edge to edge without overlapping.
Trim excess at top, bottom, far left and right panels.
We recommend that you add 5cm or 2" extra to the total width and height.

As walls tend to not be even, we suggest you add 5cm (2inches) onto your dimensions. Excess can be trimmed from around the edge once your mural has been installed.

It’s important that you prepare your wall as per the installation instructions.

If you’re considering a paste-the-wall wallpaper, we will supply your mural with the relevant adhesive. This adhesive has been rigorously tested to ensure you gain the best results.

If you’re considering the peel-and-stick wallpaper, installation is as simple as peeling off the backing gradually, as you’re applying it to the prepared wall.

All murals will be supplied with full instructions which can also be downloaded below.

Classic & Premium 'Paste the Wall' Wallpaper Mural

Classic & Premium 'Paste the Wall' Wallpaper Mural

Peel & Stick (Self-Adhesive Fabric Wall Mural)

Peel & Stick Self-Adhesive Fabric Wall Mural

For more information on preparing for your mural and installing it, please head to ‘how it works’. 


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Asiakkaamme ovat arvioineet meitä erinomaisiksi 5 vuotta käynnissä!

Anonymous from Spain 17/11/2022
5 stars 5/5

Good Quality / Buena Calidad

A good quality product, in my case I have chosen the 350g. I would have liked it to be a little less vinyl because it is very rigid when it comes to gluing.
The only downside was the delivery which took 15 days instead of 3-4, due to customs problems.

Un buen producto y de calidad, en mi caso he elegido el de 350gr. Me hubiera gustado que fuera algo menos vinílico ya que a la hora del encolado es muy rígido de tratar.
El único pero fue el delivery que tardó 15 días en lugar de 3-4, por problemas en la aduana.

Exquisite and personalised service. I will buy again for sure.

Atención exquisita y personalizada. Volveré a comprar seguro.

Anonymous from UK 28/7/2022
5 stars 5/5

Great looking quality wallpaper

Very different one off wallpaper

Answered any questions - good service

Rebecca from Cambridge 7/3/2022
5 stars 5/5

Fabulous mural, great company

Fabulous picture, really calming and interesting to look at when I wake up every morning. Goes well with all shades of green, pale pinks, and cream

Best company I have used in ages!
My payment didn’t go through to start with and someone from WallSauce called me immediately to ask if they could help. She was really great and processed my payment with no hassle.

My mural arrived when they said it would, we’ll packaged, and it is fabulous quality (I ordered just the standard paper), really thick - couldn’t even slice it with a Stanley knife - and the picture quality is great. I hung it in an hour with my son’s help on my large wall - 7 panels worth - and all I had to trim off was a 3cm strip off the last panel. Really good value for money, very very easy to hang, and looks incredible. Couldn’t recommend WallSauce enough! Thank you so much for such a great product and customer service

Anonymous from USA 17/2/2022
5 stars 5/5

Very pleased with mural

Anonymous from UK 29/12/2021
5 stars 5/5


The quality of 4 parts to a mural went beyond expectations and pasted to the wall easily

Beautifully packed order of a product which went beyond expectations

Anonymous from UK 21/12/2021
5 stars 5/5

Highly recommended!!

I have given five stars because the product meets my requirements and then some. My decorator thinks it is a wonderful product too, and has found it easy to work with. Also, this is the second mural I have bought, and am thinking of another one!

Wallsauce is a very competent firm, I have now had two murals from them, both excellent, they have transformed two rooms in our new house. Delivery too was spot on, and our decorator likes the product very much too, easy to work with!

jill bramley from UK 12/11/2021
5 stars 5/5

Looks fabulous

Excellent from start to finish. Was a bit nervous about how it would look but it is fabulous. Good quality paper, easy to put up. Will be buying more.

Sharon Ambrose from UK 30/8/2021
5 stars 5/5

Amazing feature wall


The site was easy to use, delivery was quick and on time, and the wall mural great quality. The paper was easy to hang and the 7 lengths matched perfectly. It looks great on the wall. I'd definitely recommend.

Images shared by Sharon Ambrose

Customer Image
Kate Ms McCarthy from Coventry 9/8/2021
5 stars 5/5

A standout wall mural from a standout company.

Wallsource provided me with excellent service. I had an issue with a plug in the middle of my wall and I was able to contact them straight away and modify the crop around this so the plug was not affecting one of the central images. This was done with excellent communication and efficiency and I was sent the mural images by email. I am delighted with my peel and stick mural - so easy to apply and the quality is excellent. It looks amazing and is a really beautiful feature in our kitchen which all my friends and family are commenting on.
Thank you -it's a company I would definitely recommend.

Anne Tyler-Bryant from UK 11/6/2021
5 stars 5/5

Excellent quality of paper and print.

Excellent quality of product and service.


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