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whimsical decor in living room

13/06/2024   POSTED BY

Whimsical Decor: The Biggest Design Trend of 2024

If we could only use one word to describe interior design right now, “whimsy” would be it. In 2024, it feels as though everyone’s been infected by a playful spirit, giving the green light to get creative with a whole range of whimsical decor for the home.

For those of us who have held back on unusual design pieces or daring colour combinations, this is our time to shine! This year, the rule is zero inhibitions – as long as it brings joy and makes you smile. And while whimsical design is something that is very personal to the eye of the beholder, there are definitely a few fun themes to hone in on.

Here are some of our favourite whimsical trends to follow…

Floral Explosion

whimsical pink floral wallpaper in bathroom

Mural in image: Baroque Light mural

Bold, bright and busy florals are in, and we absolutely love how this trend has taken the interior design world by storm. Beautiful botanicals are everywhere we look – there are just so many different ways you can embrace this story in your home.

From timeless botanical murals and retro designs to unique works of art like this ‘Gazania Field’ wallpaper by Burcu Korkmazyurek, floral walls capture the hearts of everyone, young or old. Traditionally seen as feminine, botanical designs have progressed so much in recent years and take on various forms. This includes darker botanicals, which bring a masculine edge to your whimsical décor.

Additionally, the floral trend gives you a free pass to experiment with the full spectrum of colours, whether you love coordinated colour palettes or prefer something more eclectic. The options are truly endless.

Pinks and Warm Hues (Goodbye Grey)

whimsical wallpaper in living room

Mural in image: Birds of Voyage mural

We love grey – don’t get us wrong. And we firmly believe it will always have a place in interior design. It’s one of the most versatile and easy colours to work with, and it adapts well to almost any interior concept. But in 2024, we’re seeing designers moving away from grey as the main base colour, showing a preference for warmer, more fanciful hues like pink.

Not only is pink the perfect backdrop for whimsical décor, but it can instantly add a feeling of cosiness and comfort to your space. It’s warming and calming, a reliable colour for anyone who values a sense of safety in their own abode.

The colour pink also opens up a whole range of fun, playful themes, including retro foliage tropical and vibrant jungle. So if you’re ready to wave bye-bye to grey, why not give pink a go instead?

Wavy Shapes and Asymmetry


You heard it here first – make way for big waves in 2024! This year is all about irregular shapes, wonky and wobbly decorative pieces, wavy and rounded design elements, and silhouettes that don’t follow the rules. This trend is fun, daring and experimental, and it’s the ideal way to create a central focal point.

A wavy mirror can be the centrepiece in any room, while an abstract wallpaper can turn your entire space into a whimsical hotspot in the home.

whimsical wallpaper with pastel shapes in living room

Mural in image: Pastel Shapes mural

This ‘Pastel Shapes’ wallpaper is a stylish way to elevate the playfulness in communal rooms like your living or dining areas. The pastel palette helps to inject pretty colours into your design concept without being overly bright too. We also love how this mural is both eye-catching and subtle.

Kitschy Wallpaper

kitschy floral wallpaper in living room

Mural in image: The Purple Garden mural

We simply cannot talk about whimsical décor without mentioning nostalgic patterns. Kitschy wallpaper designs are a must if you dream of traditional design, but executed with a contemporary edge. Old-fashioned florals (as seen at your grandma’s house) are 100% dreamy in 2024 and make the ultimate backdrop for transitional homes.

Your choice of kitschy florals isn’t just restricted to your walls either – according to a lot of interior design experts, botanical blooms are perfect for ceilings too! Adding wallpaper to ceilings can be a great way of making your home look and feel completely unique.

Ceiling wallpaper works particularly well when you don’t have the wall space or if adding wallpaper to your walls simply doesn’t fit with your design goals (eg, if you’re working with a small space such as a utility room or downstairs bathroom).

Stripes and Ruffles


There’s just something so pretty about this combination. Stripes and ruffles are a match made in heaven. An elegant mix of masculine and feminine. A lovely juxtaposition of strong lines and soft edges.

The contrasting narrative creates a satisfying story that helps to create balance in your whimsical décor, giving you the best of both worlds. This sophisticated combo also works well in luxury settings, making it easy to elevate your whimsical home concept.

While the stripes and ruffles trend is nostalgic and playful, there’s also a grown-up twist to it, ensuring your design stays classy. To elevate this look even more, we recommend tasteful touches like wall panelling. For a quick fix, you can try wall panel wallpaper – this is a great way to add depth and dimension at a fraction of the cost.

Murals that Tell a Story

chinoiserie wallpaper in feminine office

Mural in image: Eastern Chinoiserie mural

Another way to add an element of whimsy to your décor is to tell a story with your interiors, adding a thematic finish to your space. We have a large selection of wall murals that feature inspiring scenes, and we particularly love tales of nature and travel. These are wonderful for escapism, and they can also be very personal, creating instant talking points when you have guests.

For instance, this ‘Eastern Chinoiserie’ wallpaper is appealing to anyone who has travelled and wants a lasting memory of their travel experiences.

Murals like this one are ideal for eclectic home styles, so don’t hold back when it comes to layering colours, patterns and texture.

Whimsical Decor in Rainbow

rainbow floral mural in vibrant living room

Mural in image: Cloud of Flower mural

It’s time to switch on rainbow mode if you’re a fan of bright colours. If restricting yourself to just a few hues isn’t your cup of tea, 2024 is the time to go all out with a full colour spectrum of whimsical designs. This year, there is no such thing as ‘too much’ or ‘too bright’.

Opt for soft rainbow florals like this one, bold retro styles such as paisley patterns, or eye-catching geometrics. Abstract murals make it easy for you to coordinate furnishings – pick out a few key colours to lead the way, or dial up the eclectic vibes by clashing prints and patterns.

Love rainbow hues and bold, bright design? Check out our collection of multi-coloured murals and get colourful inspo for your next overhaul.

Does this year’s whimsical interiors trend appeal to you? What are your favourite looks? Let us know in the comments below…

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Hi Mags, this is a brilliant piece! Whimsical decor is shaping up to be the biggest design trend of 2024, characterized by playful, imaginative, and eclectic elements that bring a sense of joy and creativity into home interiors. This trend emphasizes personalization and the infusion of personality into spaces, often incorporating vibrant colors, unique patterns, and quirky accessories.

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