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purple spiral milky way wall mural in home office

18/05/2021   POSTED BY

10 Universe Wallpaper Murals to Rock Your World!

Using a universe wallpaper in your home can make you feel like you’ve travelled across space – something that may not be an option for all of us (despite how much we'd like to go)! From colourful nebula clusters, artistic depictions of space, actual NASA photography of galaxies and mesmerizing views of our planet, there are so many space wallpapers to make you feel like you’re an astronaut on a mission!

Space wall murals that will appeal to any physicist, an aspiring NASA rocketeer or someone who just finds planets and stars relaxing, everyone and every room can benefit from a galaxy wallpaper. So what are we waiting for? Let's launch into this space collection!

1. Designer solar system wallpaper for the aspiring astronaut!

colourful universe wallpaper in child's black and white bedroom

Mural in photo: Our Solar System

If you’re lucky enough to be acquainted with a future astronaut, then why not treat them to Our Solar System mural? Obviously not a realistic depiction of the solar system, this mesmerizing universe wallpaper is nonetheless awe-inspiring. Designed by the talented Illustrator Adrian Chesterman, the believeable textures and colours of the planets, stars and milky ways are truly beautiful. Perfect placed along or behind your child’s bed and paired with neutral-toned décor, this planets wallpaper will make their friends’ jaws drop when they come for a sleepover!

2. Moon wallpaper you’ll be over the moon with!

fantasy moon wallpaper in zen home office

Mural in photo: Dreamy Moon

Be over the moon with this Dreamy Moon wall mural (sorry for the cheesy pun – but that is what the moon is made of, after all)! We think that Tenyo Marchev’s depiction of our planet’s constant satellite is truly magical. Framed by a dusty red, rocky landscape, it really feels like you’ve stepped onto Mars and are looking at the moon from an entirely different perspective…

Because of the calm, dreamy feel of this cool purple wall mural, we think that it looks ideal in this hip home office. Paired with leafy green plants, wooden furniture and a buddha inspired ornament, you can’t help but feel zen in this creative, productive space.

3. Sci-fi earth wallpaper for a futuristic lounge [Spock would approve]!

planet earth wall mural in green lounge

Mural in photo: Realistic Planet Earth in Space

A sci-fi inspired lounge that even Spock would be impressed with, this futuristic green space really brings out the green tones in this Realistic Planet Earth in Space wall mural. By choosing sleek furniture made with clean lines and metal accents, this amazing earth wallpaper would look at home in Captain Kirk’s space pad (or Jean-Luc Picard’s depending on which era of Star Trek you love the most)! All this living room needs now is a transporter in the corner of the room. You'd never be late for work again!

4. Inspire young physicists with a planets wallpaper

colourful planets in teen's study room

Mural in photo: Planets Orbiting Sun

If you or your child are serious physicists and want your surroundings to represent your passion, then a colourful planets wallpaper like this Planets Orbiting Sun is perfect. We love how this solar system wallpaper has totally brought this teenager’s study room to life! The bright orange tones of the sun contrasted against the deep purple atmosphere is a colour sensation – great for finding room accessories to go with! With such an inspiring space feature wall as this, your child is sure to be motivated to work hard so that one day they can afford to travel into space (you never know)!

5. Explode colour onto the walls with a universe wallpaper

colourful universe wallpaper in navy living room

Mural in photo: Space wall mural

In every home, there is at least one room that lacks colour and style. That’s why a colourful nebula wallpaper can really come in handy. And you don’t need to be a sci fi or space fan to enjoy one! As you can see, the burst of rainbow shades in this Space wall mural have totally transformed a room that was lacking in colour beforehand. If you wanted to add even more shades, use the pink, orange and green tones in this bright nebula wallpaper – scatter cushions, rugs, curtains and more.

6. Marble or space wallpaper? Which is it?

bronze and silver toned nebula wallpaper in boho bedroom

Mural in photo: The Carina Nebula: Star Birth in the Extreme

What can you see? A bronze and grey marble wallpaper or a space scene? It really is hard to tell when you look at this nebula wallpaper from a distance! A wallpaper design that is out of this world, our The Carina Nebula: Star Birth in the Extreme mural is so unique compared to the other space wallpapers in our range. With bronze and silver tones, it almost looks metallic! Great paired with exposed bricks, tropical plants and boho furniture, this warm-toned star wallpaper would also look great in a futuristic space with lots of metallic accents and grey tones.

7. Decorate YOUR way with a milky way wallpaper

purple toned universe wallpaper in home office

Mural in photo: Spiral Galaxy Milky Way

Space wallpaper isn’t always an obvious choice for a home office. But why not? If you’re passionate about the universe and don’t want to follow the crowd, then this Spiral Galaxy Milky Way wall mural could be your answer. This office space has opted to keep the room as simple as possible so that this universe wallpaper is always the star of the show. If you’d like to inject more colour into the room, paint the walls with a shade of purple to mirror the tones in this design.

8. Feel like a superstar with a star wallpaper!

navy star night sky wallpaper in bathroom

Mural in photo: Star Cloud

What’s more luxurious than sitting back in the tub looking up at your own cluster of stars? That’s why you will feel like a superstar with this Star Cloud wall mural in your home! A unique choice for a dark navy wallpaper, this galactic design looks great with natural wood and wicker décor. Or, why not choose navy and white room accessories for a classic look? For bathrooms, we always recommend our Premium Paste the Wall wallpaper – it has anti-mould and anti-microbial properties.

9. Calming universe wallpaper for the bedroom

photo of galaxy wallpaper in white bedroom

Mural in photo: The Majestic Sombrero Galaxy (M104)

If you are looking for a simplistic space wallpaper for your relaxing bedroom, then our The Majestic Sombrero Galaxy (M104) mural is calming as well as beautiful. A genuine photograph taken by NASA Space Images, this silver-toned galaxy is a marvel to behold. We love how it sits tilted above the bed in this boho styled room. It is quirky, mesmerizing and utterly cool! Just watch the thick dust lanes as they swirl around the bulbous core as you lie in bed...

10. A galaxy wallpaper to inspire your home’s colour scheme

purple toned nebula wallpaper in grey and purple living room

Mural in photo: Galaxy wall mural

Whether a true photograph or one that has been inspired by space, a colourful universe wallpaper is all you need to inspire your colour scheme choice. That’s why we love this space-inspired lounge. The purple-toned throw and vases perfectly match the lilac tones in this dreamy Galaxy wall mural. Choose a pastel grey couch, flooring and even paint the walls in a similar shade. Grey is a great colour to combine with purple tones.

We hope you love our universe wallpaper collection! Which one makes you feel on top of the world?

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Yasemin Yigit


Lovely wallpaper. Could I order for my daughter's room pls ?

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Yasemin! Of course, you can order one of our wallpaper murals for your daughter's bedroom! :) Please email our customer service team at info@wallsauce.com and tell them the name of the wallpaper mural that you like in this blog. They will be able to help you.

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