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blue and white marble effect wallpaper behind shelf with flowers and ornaments on

19/12/2019   POSTED BY

Our Top Customer Wallpaper Hits in 2019

The clock is ticking and it won’t be long until we’re waving goodbye to 2019 and welcoming 2020 new year wallpaper trends into our homes. It’s been a fantastic year in interior design. Our customers have truly embraced creativity when it’s come down to installing their wallpaper from Wallsauce. We've seen sophisticated 3D wallpaper dining rooms and pink jungle feature walls. Not forgetting to mention personalised photo galleries and eye-tricking Mediterranean coast staircases. We've honestly seen everything this year!

Are you keen for some wallpaper inspiration? Do you want to witness real-life-evidence of how stunning our wallpapers look in real homes? Well, read on as we tell you all about our top customer wallpaper hits in 2019.

3D wallpaper to open up the room and give that stylish minimalistic vibe

modern and stylish dining room with white 3D wallpaper

We absolutely adore how our customer, Anne, styled her dining room around this mesmerising 3D Corridor wallpaper. This minimalistic, white mural exudes a futuristic element. This is completely complemented by Anne’s choice of dining table and chairs. The metallic legs and crisp white seats and table are ultra-modern and stylish.

The beauty of this white room is that you can experiment by introducing a new colour whenever it pleases you. Here, Anne has added subtle yellow pieces into the room. See the adorable flamingo cushion and luscious flowers. Anne can easily change the addition of colour by simply exchanging a few ornaments. All she needs to do is swop the current yellow features with, for example, blue flowers and a blue cushion. Then she’ll have completely altered the vibe of the room – simples!

restroom with Italian palace ball room wallpaper

This majestic Palace of Venaria wallpaper from our extended range is another great example of a stylish 3D wall feature. You feel as though you're actually looking up at the ornate ceiling in this beautiful Italian palace.

Installed by customer, David, this Turin palace mural speaks of sophistication and class. More impressively, 3D wallpaper gives the illusion of more space and seems to create a whole new dimension. This is particularly handy for opening up a small room. Box rooms or small bathrooms can sometimes feel claustrophobic, but with a 3D wallpaper, you can make any space appear much bigger than it is in reality.

Personalised photo galleries to display your best memories

family photo gallery wall feature in lounge

We really did mean it when we said our customers have been especially creative this year! Take a look at this amazing photo gallery wallpaper created by Neil. He personally arranged all these photo frames and filled each one with a treasured memory. It's such a great way to celebrate your family and your lives together. What a beautiful feature wall to look back on and remember your best times.

Why not try our upload your own tool and have a go at turning your photos or artwork into a wallpaper? Or, if you love this look but wouldn't know where to start on designing your own, we can create something like this for you at an additional cost. So start searching for your favourite photographs! It won’t be long until you can look back on your memories by literally looking at the wall. 

Look close enough and you might spot a famous Australian face in one of the frames…

Top customer wallpaper hits that trick the eye!

staircase with layered beach wallpaper

When we were sent these customer photographs, we really were absolutely stunned at how amazing this calming beach wallpaper looks! Sally cleverly installed this Mediterranean beach wallpaper up her stairs. She layered it in such a way that you feel like you’re climbing inside a cave. Once you reach the top, you can admire the beautiful ocean view. We would never have thought to install a coastal wallpaper in this way. Sally has done an amazing job. She must feel like she’s taking a trip to her favourite holiday destination whenever she climbs the stairs!

greek island white house with pink flowers wallpaper in homely hallway

Take a look at this gorgeous home where you feel like you’ve stepped into rural and romantic Greece. These beautiful greek wallpapers were sent to us by the lovely installers at Wow Wallpaper Hangings. The pink-flowered archway wallpaper is so tricking to the eye. At first glance, you might even try to walk under the flowered arch and go up the stairs! The customer wanted to recreate her wonderful holiday on a Greek island. She certainly won't forget it with these beautiful murals installed in her home.

greek open blue shutters to sea view wallpaper in simple bedroom

The blue shutters mural in the room next door is equally as mesmerising. You’re really tempted to swing the other shutter open and stick your head out to admire the beach views!

Do you love these beautiful Mediterranean murals but aren’t sure what type of décor to choose? The mediterrean style is about romantic colours that use light and soft tones. Choose natural woods, wrought iron and pattern tiled floors.

So, just like these customers, why not find an adventurous travel wallpaper to create an eye-catching feature wall in your home?

cosy lounge with pretend chimney breast in a log cabin wallpaper

Take a look at Deborah's amazing wallpaper. Not only is this Rustic Fireplace in Log Cabin wallpaper from our extended range really cosy, but it’s also extremely difficult to tell which parts of the wall are wallpapered and which are real…

Palm leaf wallpaper to create a tropical den

palm leaf pink wallpaper in stylish modern room

We can’t express how much tropical wallpapers have boomed in 2019. Our extremely popular Pink Jungle wallpaper has been a massive hit and will continue to be so as we move into 2020.

Interior designer, Emma Fishman, has done a wonderful job at planning the entire room around this gorgeous leafy feature wall. She's really embraced the green tones in the palm leaves: a deep forest green settee and emerald green cushions, ornaments and fresh plants. She's also brought out the dusty-pink shades with the stylish lamp, plant pot and velvet cushion.

tropical leaf with pink background in fashionista styled room

One of our customers, Neil, has shown another great way to install the same beautiful tropical print. Installing a striking wallpaper on your alcoves is really effective. It breaks up the room and actually makes the entire wall length seem a lot longer.

The addition of luscious tropical plants in the fireplace and the fashion poster is the cherry on top - a real fashionista’s dream room.

green tropical leaves wallpaper in forest green painted bedroom

If Pink Jungle wallpaper is too bright for you, this more mature Tropical Banana Leaf Palm Tree mural is a great alternative. It oozes sophistication and really celebrates the ultra-popular tropical vibe. This stunning room, created by interior design company Living at Number One, is absolutely awe-inspiring.

Adopting deep, forest green wall paint completely brings out the colours of the leaves. The tropical plants make the room really fresh and add to the jungle feel of the room. We love the added gold décor such as the ornamental rabbit, lampshade and plant pot as well as the blue cushions and grey faux fur throws. They break up the green décor and make the room appear lighter. Sometimes using too much of one colour in a room can be overwhelming and you can get a little bored after a while!

A cheap way to achieve an open brick wall

brick effect wallpaper above trendy kitchen counter top

The cheapest, easiest and least messy way to get the perfect open brick wall is to buy a brick effect wallpaper! This rustic Old Brick Wall wallpaper is a brick gorgeous, isn’t it? In her kitchen, customer Pixie, has created the perfect concoction of a French cottage vibe with a cool old warehouse interior. You really can’t tell the difference between real brick and this wallpaper. Your nose would have to be pressed against the wall to tell!

The floating shelves layered onto the brick-effect mural are a fantastic addition. What a great way to display your favourite plates passed down from your Granny! They’re also handy for keeping your radio away from water splashes and you could even keep your spices up there so that they're easy to grab mid-cooking!

Top customer wallpaper hits that are just marble-lous

lara skinner marble wallpaper in art deco bar

Interior designer, Melanieenvy, used this decadent Marble Floral New Master wallpaper in a trendy bar. Lucky for us, marble printed wallpapers will continue to be huge with interior design trends in 2020.

unique marble wallpaper in art deco bar with gold stag and velvet stools

We can’t get enough of the Art Deco décor that she has used. They're a perfect colour match with the tones in this luscious mural: dusty pink, purple and blue stools and booths. She's even found a gold stag and twinkling tea lights to bring out the gold-effect on the wallpaper – absolutely gorgeous!

The longer you look at this bar, the more you see! Notice how she has cleverly used antiqued glass mirrors to reflect the luxurious marble-effect wallpaper. Ultimately, this has also made the room appear much bigger than it actually is!

blue and white marble mural in natural wood scandi lounge

If you’re more into natural marbles and the simple Scandi look, you'll adore this room that was styled by our customer, Sophia. She has added this calming White Marble wallpaper onto a wall that was lacking a bit of inspiration.

We adore how she's added natural elements to the room. Natural wooden furniture and shelving as well as hessian baskets, cushions and fresh green plants. Not forgetting her collection of personal ornaments and photographs which have been lovingly placed on the shelf.

blue and white marble mural in kitchen

We love how this customer has used the same marble wallpaper. She's achieved the perfect combination of marble with the very on-trend industrial look. The hanging lamps and shelves are a fantastic addition to this ultra-modern kitchen.

We think that the layering of this relaxing marble wallpaper on the breakfast bar and back wall is really clever. It opens up the room fantastically. This is so much more interesting than blank, white walls!

blue marble mural in art deco master bedroom

Our zen Blue Marble Effect wallpaper makes a fantastic feature wall behind this customer's bedhead. Matti added a quilted navy-blue bedhead and a soft grey divan to reflect the tones in this calming marble wallpaper.

Brie ecstatic with a black & white feature wall

black and white cheese wallpaper with smiling customer

We couldn’t end our blog on top customer wallpaper hits in 2019 without mentioning this customer. He was really pleased with his black and white Cheese Stacked wallpaper from our food category. It may sound cheesy, but we think this cheese mural looks just grate! He's achieved such a gouda wall feature.

You can make any of our wallpapers black and white by simply ticking the Black & White box next to the image of your desired mural.

Have you enjoyed browsing some of our top customer wallpaper hits? We’ve certainly enjoyed looking back over the year and reminiscing on our customers’ amazing creativity and talent. If you want to tell us how creative you’ve been with one of our wallpapers this year, leave us a message in the comments section below.

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