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Blue marble effect mural in a living room with curved furniture

19/08/2022   POSTED BY

9 Easy Ways to Soften Your Style with Curves

Curves are organic and balancing, softening and inviting. There are many easy ways to soften your style with curves and we have rounded them up just for you… 

Curvaceous shapes can make any area feel inviting and comforting. Adding curves to your space creates a cosy aesthetic that can be used both indoors and out. Curves help to soften a living space and can create a powerful focal point. Long, sweeping curves can also be a good way to elongate smaller rooms where space may be limited.

If you are looking for easy ways to soften your style with curves, then look no further! From murals to mirrors or getting creative with a paintbrush, you can bring beautiful curves into your home with ease. Are you as excited to get started as we are?

1 Get creative to soften your style with curves

Warm, orange room with a painted circular headboard

Image source: erikacarlock.com via Pinterest

A creative way to soften your style with curves would be by painting a circular focal point in your room. Take your bedroom for example. If you already have a rectangular headboard, you can soften the look by painting a circle or even an arch onto your wall. A circular motif is a perfect way to add curvature to a wall, especially if you are conscious of space. As you are painting directly onto your wall, your space hasn’t been compromised. This technique is a favourite of ours as it gives you the flexibility to add curvature anywhere in your home. Everybody dreams of waking up to a warm, golden sunrise, so why not wake up to one every day?

2 Choose an archway-inspired mural for your wall

Black and white mural of st marks square in a dining room

Mural in photo: St Mark’s Square

Arches are a beautiful way to add curvature to your home so why not treat your walls to a realistic mural? This way you can soften your style without having to purchase a sledgehammer! If you have a rectangular table, we suggest setting it in front of your archway mural to instantly soften the space. You could even incorporate some curvature through your choice of dining chairs. You don’t need to be shy when it comes to choosing an archway-inspired mural for your home. Not only would a realistic mural look amazing, but they are also a great way to add extra depth to a room.

3 Soften your style with a curved sofa

Curved sofa and rug in a back and white room

Image Source: thesofaandchair.co.uk via Pinterest

We are constantly surrounded by rectangles, squares and harsh lines. It is what we are used to, being boxed in. But what if we decided to change it up? Instead of decorating a space with mostly angular shapes and a few curves thrown in, what if we decorated with curves and threw in a few rectangles? A curved sofa is one of the best objects to use when it comes to softening the style of a room. Pair it with a large, circular rug and smooth rounded coffee tables. Incorporate a few rectangular pictures for contrast. Now you have a curved focal point everyone will fall in love with.

4 Bring out your inner goth with arched mirrors

Gothic style arched mirror in a hallway

Image source: esty.com via Pinterest

The gothic arch is well known for its strong connections with religious architecture. The pointed gothic arch is a favourite among religious structures. They are believed to be pointing toward the heavens. We can introduce these features through the medium of arched mirrors. Don’t be fooled by the pointed arch, they are one of the most stunning ways to soften your style with curves. For maximum impact opt for a tall, free-standing arched mirror to lean in your hallway. Pair this with warm-white lighting to create an otherworldly atmosphere.

5 Style your space with multiple curves

Marble effect wall mural with curved furniture

Photo in mural: Dreamy Blue Watercolour

Incorporate curves into your room by using multiple curved accessories. This is a great way to keep your room looking smooth and flowing, especially in a smaller area. One way in which curved furniture can enhance the contrast between angular structures is if they are placed near a patterned wall. Go for a pattern that has smooth lines or shapes. Doing this will result in a softening effect on your room. You could even layer multiple curved items to create your own unique table. Various curved items would be a great choice to soften your style if you are low on space.

6 Soften your style with curved tables

curved coffee tables in an orange and grey living room

An easy way to soften your style with curves would be by opting for a rounded coffee table. A cluster of smooth, curved coffee tables would not only soften your space but is also a more affordable way to add curves to your room. The smooth silhouette of a rounded coffee table would complement an angular seating area. Long, soft curves will help to bring a soothing atmosphere to your room.

7 Add a curved display cabinet

Black curved display cabinet in a white kitchen

Image source: heatherbullard.com via Pinterest

An easy way to soften your style with curves would be to add an arched display cabinet to your kitchen. A great aspect of using display cabinets is that you can use one in any room. The sweeping curve of an arched display cabinet would offer a softening effect to an angular kitchen. Not only would a curved display cabinet make a great focal point, but it is also a wonderful alternative to attaching shelves to your wall. Now you have a beautiful way to display your fanciest plates.

8 Place a circular rug in your space

Large circular rug in a bathroom

Image Source: thehouseofsilverlining.com via Pinterest

A quick and easy way to soften your style with curves would be to place a circular rug in your room. Depending on the material you chose, you could place your circular rug in your bathroom to act as a bath mat. A circular rug will help to soften your room whilst also creating a gorgeous focal area. A rug can be practical, or it can be used as a decorative addition.

9 Embrace curved room partitions

Curved rattan room partition in a minimal living room

Image source: hunker.com via Pinterest

A simple way to incorporate curves into your home would be by embracing curved room partitions. Curved room partitions can be used to create private areas. They can give you the flexibility to change how you use your space and are great as decorative items. If you already have a lot of angular items, a curved room partition would be a perfect way to soften your style. It is important in a minimalist room to bring in elements of texture and earth-rich tones, so we suggest a rattan material for your partition. This will ensure your space doesn’t become flat and un-inviting.

Feeling inspired? Leave a comment below to let us know how you softened your style with curves…

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