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rustic lounge with wood paneled wall with hessian rug

23/12/2019   POSTED BY

8 Rustic Living Room Ideas That You'll Love

For me, the word rustic conjures up the image of a quaint cottage set in rural France. A home laden with freshly hung herbs, home-made jams on the table and a burning hearth where a cat is lazily outstretched warming its paws. Or, maybe rustic means something completely different to you. Does it make you think of raw and industrial warehouse apartments where modern decor is mixed with rustic old features? Or, possibly, you may imagine a home so abundant with natural wooden furniture and beams that a hobbit living there wouldn't look out of place.

Whatever ideas conjure up in your mind, when it comes to rustic, don’t go over the top. One rustic wallpaper mural, such as a red brick wall, an antique bookshelf or even a dusty wine cellar, will add that cosy, pastoral feel to any home. Too much hessian covered furniture, cracking walls and wooden floors will make a home look more like an industrial bombsite - a far cry from the perfect rustic living room you were going for.

So, if you need a clearer idea of what version of rustic you want to get your teeth stuck into, read on to find out more.

1. Open brick walls to open up your interior design imagination!


Whether you have a large home or are struggling to find décor for a small apartment, an open brick wall is always a good idea. It's quintessentially rustic and suits an array of décor whether you love all things modern or timeless vintage pieces.

We can't get enough of this rustic living room! The old trunk coffee table and hanging swing chair are fantastic statements. Yet, without the brick wall, this lounge wouldn’t stand out as anything jaw-dropping. The open brick wall completely sets the interior alight and creates a cosy, cottage feel.

But, chiselling plaster off your walls is a humungous task to take on. Not only this, there are many bad side effects when you expose your bricks. Exposed bricks can reduce the energy efficiency of your home. They can also become moist and begin to flake, as well as incredibly difficult to keep clean.

3D red brick wall in modern lounge

If only there was a solution because you really want that open brick wall… Well, your worries are over! We have a fantastic collection of on-trend brick wallpapers available such as this Beautiful Textured Brick Effect Wall wallpaper. Get the same effect without the DIY worries and bad side effects. Your friends and family won’t be able to tell the difference anyway. We won’t tell them if you don't (make them think you’re a DIY King!)

2. Concrete – a modern take on the perfect rustic living room

When it comes down to a concrete feature wall, it can be a required taste. A bit like marmite. You either love it or hate it! An extremely on-trend look that will follow us through into the new year, concrete wallpapers give a completely modern take on the perfect rustic living room.

old concrete feature wall in grey living room

This gorgeous Vintage Look wallpaper mural is extremely artistic but still gives that warm, rustic feel. Yet, similar to open brick, achieving a real concrete wall can be challenging. So by installing an easy-to-use concrete-effect wallpaper, you can transform your home into a concrete oasis without the mess or damage it could make to your home. Instead, spend more time finding décor for your new living room. After all, a concrete-effect wall is a great foundation to build upon.

3. 3D wine cellar murals you’ll try to step through to grab a bottle

What could be better than combining your love of all things rustic with your favourite tipple? This stunning Epic Wine Cellar wallpaper mural takes you to rural Mediterranean vineyards: the perfect, rustic holiday destination.

vintage wine cellar in lounge

Not only is this wine wallpaper undeniably rustic, but it’s the perfect 3D wallpaper for making any room appear bigger. So if your living room is much smaller than you’d like to admit, a rustic 3D wallpaper will create the illusion that the room is much larger than it really is.

With this particular wine wall mural, choose natural shaded décor such as a deep forest green sofa to match the green bottles in the mural. Or, if you’d prefer this mesmerising wine cellar wall feature to be at the centre of attention, choose simple décor in shades of white or light grey.

Once you’ve installed your new wine cellar wallpaper, sit back and enjoy a glass of your favourite Merlot.

4. Own a Pride and Prejudice library without the dust

Maybe you’re an absolute lover of books and can’t think of a better way to achieve the perfect rustic living room than surrounding yourself with leather-bound books. But if you’ve ever actually experienced having a library or large bookshelves in your home, you know that they love to collect dust – it kind of takes away a bit of the romantic side, doesn’t it? You’ll be more like Daisy, the scullery maid in Downton, rather than Elizabeth in P & P. Instead of having to dust bookshelves every week, install a rustic-looking bookcase wallpaper in your living room.

bookcase feature wall in manor house living room

This charming Bookcase and Candles mural oozes class and sophistication. It exudes more of a manor house feel rather than your cute French cottage. Yet, how you make your bookshelf wallpaper work really depends on your present home and décor. After all, always choose a fabulous wallpaper than best complements your current furniture.

cosy living room with bookcase wallpaper

Just look how cosy and homely this stunning Bookcase wallpaper looks in one of our customers' homes. With natural wooden furnishings, leather sofa and painted sage green walls, they have achieved the perfect rustic living room.

With your new bookcase wallpaper, it won't be long till you’re reciting lines from your favourite novel and driving your family nuts.

5. Vintage maps so rustic and old you can imagine blowing the dust off them

antique map wall mural in living room

Do you think you were Christopher Colombus in another life? Or do you simply love the idea of a map feature wall? Then take a look at this vintage-effect map wall mural. Not only will it give your living room the perfect rustic vibe, but it can get the children learning the names of the world’s countries and continents!

Framed Old Maps on Wall

Image source: Onekindesign.com via Pinterest

We absolutely love this map gallery. Start rummaging through your local charity shops for second-hand frames and vintage maps of your local area. If you find the perfect map online, we can print it out for you as long as it's at least 2 square metres in size.

6. A rustic fantasy wallpaper for daring members of the realm

merlin tree wallpaper in trendy living room

If you’re more of a Lord of the Rings fan rather than a Jane Austen fanatic, you'll love this mythical Severine Pineaux Merlin wallpaper. It'll feel like you are living in Fangorn Forest! This fantasy wallpaper is not too different from the very on-trend palm leaf wallpaper trend.

To bring out the stunning tones in this mythical wallpaper, be careful to choose décor that celebrates sage and forest greens as well as soothing greys and blacks.

7. Never mind cabin fever – strive to stay indoors with a rustic wood wallpaper

cosy log cabin open plan living room and kitchen

Whoever created the negative term ‘cabin fever’ must have completely got the wrong end of the stick (or log). Wood feature walls, whether panelled or logs, are especially cosy and more importantly, totally rustic.

This log cabin oozes outdoor life. The natural wood beams, walls and flooring are undeniably homely. You feel warm and comfortable as soon as you look at this beautiful open plan kitchen and living room. Unfortunately, not all our homes are made with wood but, instead, are made with brick (lucky if we ever encounter a shady-looking wolf). Despite that, there is a remedy. That’s where wood wallpapers come in particularly handy…

wood paneled wallpaper in scandi lounge

Do you want to be a little bit daring but aren’t confident enough to cover a huge stretch of wall with a wood feature wall? Choose a small section of the wall in your lounge instead. See how beautiful this Wood Texture Natural Finish wallpaper looks in the living room above. It gives a little taste of the rustic, cabin look we adore without making us feel like we need to buy a lumberjack jacket and start hacking trees down in the local park.

8. Achieve the perfect rustic living room with a forest wallpaper mural

If we still haven’t given you the perfect rustic living room idea and you can’t seem to see the wood for the trees, a forest wallpaper is always a great answer. Extremely popular because of the calming qualities they bring to the home or workplace, relaxing forest and tree murals always add a rustic charm to any room.

black and white forest wallpaper in modern lounge

This refreshing In a Fog wallpaper mural will transform any living room into a serene place of euphoria. You can almost imagine walking through this misty forest in the early hours of the morning with only the chirping birds for company.

The black and white tones of the forest wallpaper also make it incredibly easy to find décor to complement it. Either choose ebony and ivory furniture or soothing blues and greys. We really like the addition of natural wood décor in this room such as the wooden legs of the settee and coffee table.

Have we given you some good ideas on how to achieve the perfect rustic living room? If you have even better ideas than us or want to share a photo of your rustic living room, please leave us a message in the comments section below.

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