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grey patterned tartan wallpaper in pink lounge

15/07/2021   POSTED BY

The Preppy Wallpaper Craze [And Why It’s So You]

There’s a new concept taking over the home décor world and it’s creating quite the stir. But friends, don’t be mistaken by the name – ‘preppy interiors.' It isn’t just about American college culture and all things red, white and blue.

While nautical hues form a strong theme, there’s so much more to the preppy look. This trend is about personalisation, so it appeals to every personality type. Preppy décor, preppy wallpaper prints and preppy colour palettes are perfect for those who want a structure to follow….but also a bit of flair. And the bolder, the better!

Here are some of the key traits of preppy interior design…traits that make this trend so much fun and loved by everyone (including you).

You get to experiment with patterns

red, black and white crane japanese wallpaper in oriental room

Mural in photo: Oriental Red and White Pattern

When it comes to preppy, loud is the way to go. For those of us who have always wanted to test new trends in wallpaper, but never had the nerve to just do it, this is the time to shine.

Experimenting with preppy wallpaper is extremely liberating. It gives you the perfect excuse to go for that wild safari print you’ve been eyeing up, or those seriously chintzy florals you saw at Susan’s house last month.

Uniformity in wall coverings is key when it comes to getting the preppy style right, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t deviate from the rules if you see a mural you love. Geos are a clear winner, but intricate designs like chinoiserie or Japanese art also work a charm.

Colour is your best friend

pink and blue floral wallpaper in room with white ladders and plants

Mural in photo:  Floralario

Another reason why preppy works for every kind of homeowner is because colour rules. And by colour, we mean any colour. It doesn’t have to be blue and white or nautical-led. Every single colour palette or colour combination is celebrated with preppy décor.

This is why florals are such a popular choice when it comes to nailing this trend like a pro. Botanical designs embrace the multifaceted and multi-coloured aesthetics of nature, and can be a complete mish-mash of shapes, shades and textures.

Florals also epitomise all-American preppiness, channelling an elegant, laid-back countryside chic. Attention-grabbing wall coverings like this colourful Floralario mural by Gabriela Larios are ideal for injecting oodles of contrast into your intended space.

Preppy wallpaper options are endless

dark and gold swirl wallpaper in vintage style hallway

Mural in photo: Vintage Curls

This is one of the core reasons why preppy interior design is such a hit. Because it places wallpapers front and centre. We all admire those bold and daring wall murals, but there’s always the risk that it will be a step too far.

By making wallpaper the focus when it comes to prints and patterns, it’s possible to maintain a good balance between clean and maximalist – a trend that is set to define our era!

It’s all about striking that equilibrium because preppy still has a certain cleanliness and purity to it, even if the patterns are animated and exciting. With wall coverings taking a more central role in your interior concept, you’ll be able to explore a whole variety of styles, even things you haven’t dared to try before!

Luxury and fun go hand in hand

tiger tropical print wallpaper in green and pink living room

Mural in photo: Beautifully Wild

A key characteristic of preppy home interiors is combining luxe features with elements that depict your playful personality. Animal wallpapers and intricate jungle patterns are a great addition for that reason.

The more elaborate the design, the more luxurious it can feel. From texture-inducing fur and feather designs to safari animals living inside sophisticated surface patterns, there are so many ways you can have fun and enjoy the process.

This exotic Beautifully Wild wallpaper by Julia Fonnereau is a grown-up version of our imaginations, bringing together the classiness of dark jungle illustrations with the majestic tiger. A beast that appeals to our more adventurous selves.

It’s all about your inner child

pink flamingo wallpaper in white office

Mural in photo: Soul Birds Flamingo

What we really admire most about this home décor trend is the way it recaptures your youth, reconnecting you with everything you loved as a child. There’s a wonderful innocence to preppy wallpaper and interiors because it allows for uninhibited design techniques.

Start with clean lines, stately-looking furniture and decorating finishes that ooze a regal touch – the sort of style a preppy mum would opt for. Think quality. Think luxury. Think big house with a white picket fence, and a family with 2.4 children. Then juxtapose the narrative with wallpaper and soft furnishings that depict the opposite.

From polka dots and candy stripes to vintage memories, preppy welcomes all designs. As long as it’s bold, and as long as it’s you. If that means pink flamingo wallpaper or images of tropicana, go for it. There’s no holding back with preppy interior design.

Nautical definitely isn’t the only storyline here, so if a palette of red, white and blue isn’t your cup of tea, let your inner child take the lead.

Spots and stripes are decorating staples

grey tartan mural with pink couch

Mural in photo: Grey Tartan

If you find comfort in spots and stripes – and anything that delivers a sense of predictability – preppy wallpaper will make your house a home. This is because patterns fulfil the human need for order and we are programmed by nature to seek these visuals out.

Wallpapers and fabric patterns with geometric lines or soft curves can reassure us and soothe us. Pattern recognition reveals vital data about our environment, and this helps us make predictions to support human survival. And that’s why so many of us find tartan, checks and gingham so comforting.

This classic Grey Tartan wallpaper is the perfect example of preppy, clean and wholesome. Its neutral hues also make it a great way to dip your toes into this bold trend.

While clean lines like this beautiful tartan mural bring orderliness, circles take the edge off (literally). Smooth edges found in furniture and in wallpaper prints are fantastic for rooms where relaxation is a priority.

What do you think of the preppy interior trend? Share your thoughts and your favourite wallpapers in the comments below!

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