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mustard and grey marble wall mural

13/03/2020   POSTED BY

Mustard Wallpaper is This Year’s Hot New Trend

This is the year that mustard makes a comeback – and we’re excited! Why? Because mustard is one of the richest, cosiest and most comforting colours for the home. Branded as “Gen Z Yellow”, and popular across fashion as well as interiors, this humble hue is the colour of the moment.

As seen at industry events such as Milan Design Week, yellow was one of the most used colours last year. While pastels and soft lemon were popular last year, we will see things warming up this year. Mustard may be the current trend, but that doesn’t mean it’s a craze that will be short-lived either. This colour can be energetic, elegant and timeless – it’s definitely got longevity.

If you love the relaxing beauty of mustard in the home, check out our fab mustard wallpaper ideas below.

Get ready for spring with pretty mustard floral wallpaper

mustard and grey fern leaves wallpaper in trendy lounge

If you ask us, mustard is a colour that is often misunderstood. It’s usually associated with being warm and reassuring, and for that reason many people consider mustard to be an autumnal colour only. But the truth is, mustard looks fantastic all year round. You don’t have to wait until there’s a chill in the air to appreciate it on your walls.

A floral mustard wallpaper that features pretty botanicals on a light background will add a sense of brightness and airiness to your room. There are many gentle, muted mustard murals that work perfectly well for the spring/summer season.

  • Decorating tip – soften mustard walls up with greys, creams and other neutral colours. Avoid dark furniture or floors and let the yellow do the talking.

Create a focal point with a stunning feature wall

white triangles on mustard background mural in stylish lounge

Wallpapers like this Mustard Triangles mural are perfect for creating a feature wall with. When you don’t have much space, a feature wall can be an easy way to add personality without overcrowding. If you want to highlight a mantelpiece or you wish to create a focal point in the room, opt for bold patterns with interesting shapes such as geometrics.

Using patterned wallpaper will help you draw people’s attention to one area – it will be the first thing they see when they walk in.

  • Decorating tip – make sure your feature wall gets lots of light, from both natural sources and good artificial light fittings at night. Colours and patterns of feature walls tend to look their most beautiful with bright ceiling lights. While wall sconces can be a funky addition to the home, they don’t always do so well in lighting the place up!

Discover your dark side with moody mustard florals

photography of dark yellow marigolds in minimalist lounge

Florals aren’t just for the summer. Dark floral wallpapers are seriously instagrammable and they look wonderful all year round. They are cosy and inviting for winter, while also looking pretty for the warmer months.

A dark background mixed with mustard florals has an almost gothic look, yet at the same time it’s fresh and natural, giving a little nod to the outdoors. This Dark Botanics Floral wallpaper is one of our favourites and it simply oozes luxury.

  • Decorating tip – when using dark floral wallpaper, always make sure you have the right kind of light bulbs installed to bring out the colours at night. Bright white lightbulbs will give you the best colour pay-off, while warm yellow bulbs will just dull the design.

Mix warm yellows and bright blue for a modern finish

mustard and eclectic colour patterned tiles in minimalist dining room

Mustard as a colour actually has a lot of versatility. There are many different shades of mustard to bear in mind too. The lighter shades lean on the side of sunny and bright, while the deeper shades lean on the side of crushed velvet and velour. So you can experiment with different variations that work in your space. Mixing with colours on the opposite side of the colour wheel, such as blues (or even purple) can be a fun way to incorporate mustard in a chic, modern setting.

Our amazing tile wallpaper collection is a great example of how opposing colours can contrast well together. This is the kind of interior design that makes clashing easy on the eye, rather than confusing and headache-inducing.

  • Decorating tip – when mixing a lot of colours or clashing various prints together, try to keep the rest of the room clutter-free. If you don’t have enough storage, this is the time to invest as a messy room will make your walls look messy too.

Get retro with a floral patterned mustard wallpaper

lime yellow and white large flowers mural with scandi white sofa

Although mustard can be quiet and muted, most yellow hues are associated with energy and movement. That’s why it fits in perfectly with Generation Z. Just like millennial pink took off a few years back, Gen Z yellow is now spreading like wildfire.

This beautifully designed Evelyn wallpaper by artist Valentina Harper combines some of the biggest trends of 2020; mustard yellow, a nod to nature and pretty flowers, as well as bold prints. Chintz is making a comeback too, so loud floral patterns are going to be a hit.

  • Decorating tip – bring big prints to life by layering on the textures. Don’t let your wallpaper patterns sit flat. Instead, look at the main colours in the pattern and draw them out by coordinating with a variety of fabrics, upholsteries and décor. You’ll be surprised how much a few cushions, throws and vases can do for your walls.

Make it all about grey mustard wallpaper

grey, white and mustard marble wallpaper in customer's living room

Give your home a marble temple feel without having to fly to Greece. If you have space, a feature wall with a marble mural is utterly divine. Just look how amazing this Grey and Mustard Watercolour mural is in our customer Jan's home.

It is modern, charming and bursting with invigorating yet cosy yellow tones. It’s an explosion of mustard and will work well for contemporary homes and apartments.

  • Decorating tip –make sure you install this marble wallpaper as the main focal point of the room. Behind the headboard in the bedroom or on the main visible wall in the living room are good places to consider.

What do you think of our mustard wallpapers? Let us know in the comments below whether this warm, rich and indulgent hue is going to be a hit in your home this year….

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