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faux off-white panel wallpaper with coffee station

30/07/2021   POSTED BY

Coffee Stations Are the New Bougie!

Hipster. Hygge. And seriously bougie. A home coffee station or coffee bar is all of these things in perfect balance. Not to mention, it’s Instagram gold (cue 100+ likes) for those looking to build their following.

Creating a space that’s dedicated to this popular beverage does more than just add welcoming aromas to your kitchen. Coffee is a moment to indulge, a social lubricant, a conversation starter. And the best thing about a hot, fragrant brew is that it’s enjoyable with friends or alone.

With the pandemic altering the way we relish in mindful moments, it makes sense to bring coffee shop ambience to our homes. You can get seriously creative with it too, customising your coffee area to fit in seamlessly with your home interiors, or your personality. From bar carts and repurposed cabinets to shelving units that make the most of vertical space, there are so many ‘brewtiful’ ideas to behold!

Here are some of our favourite coffee stations as seen on Pinterest – plus tips on how to create that magical coffeehouse feel.

The Scandi-style coffee station

natural wooden shelves with mugs and coffee machine

Image source: amzn.to via Pinterest

Coffee stations don’t have to steal the show or be the main focal point in your kitchen. If you prefer a minimalist design, where everything blends in seamlessly, sideboards and freestanding shelves can be a great way to keep your coffee machine on display.

Populate the surfaces carefully though – add too many items and it will look messy. A good Scandi shelf should have a mix of green plants and pottery, a few organic elements such as wicker or rattan and some functional items (for instance, your brew maker).

Appliances with rounded edges and muted colours are best for that toned down look. Opt for quiet hues like grey and embrace the all-white aesthetic.

Your local coffee shop, replicated

blackboard and floating wooden shelves coffee station

Image source: italianbark.com via Pinterest

Move over safe and predictable breakfast bar – 2021 is the year of the coffee station and it’s a fantastic way of boosting your home value and appeal.

If you want something thematic, dedicating an entire area of your kitchen (complete with seating) can be a fun way to elevate your space. There are so many cool ways you can transform this area using wall murals too.

From cute blackboard designs and shopfront facades to word murals like our Abstract Coffee mural in our coffee wallpaper collection, you can have a lot of fun with your coffee shop backdrop.

Cosy brew space with dark walls

navy panelled wall coffee station

Image source: lovecreatecelebrate.com via Pinterest

If you’ve seen our blog post on the dark kitchen trend, you’ll love this stylish little coffee corner we found on Pinterest. It uses texture to elevate a dark colour palette and creates beautiful contrasts with white and wooden finishes.

For those who are worried about dark colours falling flat, it helps to involve as much texture as possible. This can be done with patterned wallpapers such as geos, stripes, marble designs, or even moody florals.

Experiment with light and darkness too, because contrasts can really make your aesthetic pop. And remember not everything has to be the same shade of black or navy. Gradients can add layers of colour, avoiding that dull, flat look that many of us fear!

Stylish monochrome coffee station

white coffee station with black and white art on walls

Image source: poshpennies.com via Pinterest

Monochromatic tones work well in any space, especially modern interior settings where the vibe is clean, simplistic and chic.

Stick with black and white as your main colour palette, throw in some organic wooden elements (such as a wooden bar cart or table for your coffee maker) and add splashes of green. Enjoying your brew in an uncluttered space where you’re surrounded by toxin-killing plants is definitely the perfect recipe for relaxation.

Cute cottage meets lady’s tea parlour

white farmhouse style shelves and accessoriescoffee station

Image source: raisingteenstoday.com via Pinterest

In case you didn’t know, cottagecore is making a huge comeback in 2021 and we can’t get enough. There’s never been a better time to revive your shabby chic furniture pieces and turn your attention to grandma’s favourite florals.

Being able to use a mishmash of colours is a big perk with this throwback trend, but you can also keep it fresh and tonal. Opt for off-white wall colours and wallpapers to maintain that cosy warmth that you get in cottage interiors and make a beeline for cream or ecru coloured ceramics that are perfect for storing coffee pods and other essential brewing accessories!

Rustic café vibes with upcycled furniture

drinks station inside preloved wardrobe

Image source: etsy.me via Pinterest

If you love getting your boost of caffeine in stylish surroundings, a rustic coffeehouse look could be for you. This is a style that puts joy into the brewing and drinking experience. It’s also a wonderful way to turn your kitchen into a sociable hub when guests come around.

Upcycling an old cupboard is a super cool idea for saving money while also being utterly unique – and it’s the perfect talking point too. To make your area look even more rustic and #homemade, keep some features of exposed wood, like oak, beech or pine.

panelled wall idea behind a coffee station

Mural in photo: White Wood Wall

If you don’t have any natural wood to work with, you can always buy some wood effect wall coverings, like some of the designs available online at Wallsauce.

Our wallpapers are available as paste-the-wall or ‘peel and stick’, giving easy and affordable options for a variety of applications.

Hole in the wall coffee bar

black and natural wood coffee cupboard

Image source: homebunch.com via Pinterest

This is one of the best ways of designing your coffee bar if you want to save space. Removing cupboard doors and repurposing the inner compartment to be a dedicated coffee-making zone means you can keep your kitchen nice and tidy.

Alternatively, you can invest in some cupboard doors that fold or retract away, giving you ergonomic functionality and the option to hide your brew paraphernalia when it’s not in use. Pocket door cupboards are great for this and are perfect for those who get stressed about clutter.

off-white vintage style panel wallpaper behind cute coffee station

Mural in photo: Classic Panels

If you choose cupboards with beautiful panelling, you can even get wallpaper to match! This stunning Classic Panels mural is the perfect accompaniment for modern cabinetry that’s clean, chic and modern.

Are you a fan of these stylish coffee bars for the home? Do you have your own ideas for a beautiful brewing station? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share this post with your fellow coffee lovers!

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I really appreciate the great ideas for decorating coffee station.I loved word murals done on the wall behind in the local coffee station.Keep sharing such unique ideas.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Mandeep! We're so glad you liked our coffee station ideas! We'll continue to keep you updated on the latest interior trends! :)

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