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off white and golden colour paisley wallpaper in natural boho bedroom

22/09/2020   POSTED BY

Boho Interior Design: A Home Trend That will Stay

The boho interior design trend has been around for a while and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Inspired by the life of artists, writers and nomads, this style of design came about in 19th Century Paris. It was thought that creativity was more valuable than money. Born from a set of nonconformist ideals and an open-minded way of thinking, this style of living embraced the unique, the different and the eclectic.

Structure and order were replaced by layers of pattern, texture and colour and the overall vibe was always relaxed and carefree. This is the story of where ‘boho’ fashion first came from, but you don’t have to be one of the original bohemians to appreciate what this trend stands for today. Boho has a staying power like no other movement and each year it evolves to deliver something new and interesting for the interior design fan.

There’s a boho vibe to suit everyone with no rules about how it should look. This individualistic design concept is all about what’s personal to you, giving you the freedom to get creative. Here are just some of the ways that we love to celebrate a boho look in the home.

Minimalist boho with an oriental touch

hand painted black bamboo on off white background wallpaper in minimalist hallway

Mural in photo: Bamboo wallpaper

The convergence of bohemian design and trends from the Far East is linked to our love of travel. 19th Century nomads who collected souvenirs and knick-knacks from their adventures made this style so popular today. But the eclectic nature of travellers doesn’t mean that a bohemian living room can’t be achieved with class and elegance – great news for those who hate clutter!

Minimalist design has been prevalent in recent years. And something simple and chic like this oriental Bamboo wallpaper mural can be the perfect way to create a neutral palette for a room full of intrigue. The beautiful reference to nature also sets the tone for a relaxing and peaceful space where light colours, organic materials and healthy greenery are set to thrive.

Tie dye for a youthful bohemian look

tie dye blue and white wallpaper in lounge with natural wooden drawers and a tropical potted plant

Mural in photo: Blue and White Shell

Throw it back to the 60s when tie-dye patterns were all the rage. This vibrant and exciting trend is everything the boho and hippie communities stood for back in the Summer of Love and is synonymous with the movement in Paris. Together with our abstract wallpapers and our range of tribal patterned wallpapers, this psychedelic Blue and White Shell mural has all the distinctions of an artist from those times.

Tie-dye generally has a youthful appearance, making this tie dye wallpaper design the perfect choice for a teenager’s bedroom or a young couple’s apartment. But stick with muted colours if you want your wallpaper to have better longevity over the years. Despite the sense of nostalgia, this pattern outlasted the era of Woodstock, remaining in the fashion and interior storyline to this day. So it has serious staying power and can be mixed with timeless design elements.

Boho decorative ceramic tile wallpaper

colourful circle moroccan tile wallpaper with greeny blue sofa in lounge

Mural in photo: Moroccan Flooring

If there’s one thing that stands out to us about boho interior design, it’s clashing colours and patterns. This colourful Moroccan Flooring wall mural symbolises the lack of structure in bohemian interiors. While the pattern itself follows structure, the overall look is about lashings of colour. There is also less focus on shape and more focus on layering textures. So don’t hold back when furnishing. Mix and match your favourite fabrics and don’t let bog-standard colour palettes limit you.

There are no hard and fast rules about what goes and what doesn’t with the boho trend and eclectic tile designs are a great way to celebrate this colourful narrative.

Clean boho interior design inspired by Scandinavia

subtle 3D white flowers wallpaper in relaxing white and sage master bedroom

Mural in photo: White Flowers

If you love unconventional, avant-garde design but have an aversion to clutter, a clean interior concept could be the right way to approach your rooms. This simple and elegant White Flowers mural provides you with a blank canvas to add carefully curated pieces without looking boring or sterile. With a barely-there floral print, your home instantly has depth and dimension, so you won’t need to worry about white walls feeling flat.

Finish your space with natural wood, organic wicker or rattan, gorgeous dried plants such as pampas grass or palms and build up texture layers with cushions, throws and soft rugs. If you’re not sure what colours to bring into the mix, stick with a monochromatic base. Then slowly introduce neutrals with a pop of colour to bring the whole story to life.

Boho chic with neutral paisley

gold colour and cream paisley wallpaper in boho wood and rattan bedroom

Mural in photo: Paisley wallpaper

Combining eclectic patterns with muted tones is the best way to embrace this long-standing trend if you like clean and minimal. This vintage-style Paisley wallpaper design ticks every box when it comes to bohemian elegance. It really makes it easy to create a timeless space that doesn’t lose its appeal as trends come and go.

Beige, greige and oatmeal hues are the best ones to work. They complement a range of colour schemes and can neutralise busy prints such as paisley. Tribal pattern wallpapers are also synonymous with nomadic design and by choosing monochrome or nudes, you can make your interiors appear soft and seamless.

Spiritual boho with a meditative vibe

close up of bronze buddha statue wallpaper in lounge with rattan swinging chair

Mural in photo: Buddha wall mural

Our zen Buddha Panoramic wallpaper is designed to instil calmness and relaxation into a quiet space such as a bedroom, study or living room. If you’re looking to design a bohemian home that helps you relax and reflect at the end of each day, a calming buddha wallpaper is ideal thanks to its feng shui benefits. Representing the enlightened mind, the Buddha is a true advocate for meditation and is ideal for anyone wanting to connect with their spiritual side. 

We also have a large selection of stunning sunset wall murals that create the same sense of calm, making them ideal for bedrooms and guest rooms. Whether you want a room to embark on meditative practices or just somewhere to chill out with your favourite music, sunsets and peaceful scenery are the way to go.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the different ways to embrace this enduring trend brought over from 19th Century Paris. Let us know your favourite style of boho interiors in the comments below, or if you’re craving more, take a look at our best boho bedroom ideas.

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Darshan B


This was an excellent and informative article indeed.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Darshan. We're glad you enjoyed reading this article. Keep visiting our ideas page for more inspiration!



Thanks for sharing a valuable information, Get the trendy appearance to your home with the perfect makeover it deserves.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello smcinterior, thank you for your comment, and we are delighted you enjoyed our post! :) Remember to check back each week for more awesome posts on upcoming trends, new wallpapers and beautiful decor tips!

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