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white boho bedroom idea with leaf print wallpaper

25/04/2019   POSTED BY

The Best Boho Bedroom Ideas from Interior Experts

From gorgeous tribal wall murals and bohemian style bedding to all things wicker and rattan, there are so many different ways to create a boho boudoir in your home. This chic, avant-garde trend is one of the most popular styles for the bedroom, but it’s not always so easy to pull off. One tie-dye cushion too many and you’re entering into student house territory. Or overdo the crochet and your gran will want to move in.

Designing a modern boho bedroom is all about striking that balance. Finding the perfect harmony between patterned and plain, between crowded and minimalist. Because even free spirits need a place to feel grounded at the end of the day.

There are so many different versions of the bohemian trend too. Nordic adaptations tend to be clean and austere. On the other hand, ethnic trends allow for lots of ‘things’ and knick-knacks. Here are some of the best boho bedroom ideas to inspire you and fantastic design tips from the experts who will help you turn your most important room into a grown-up bohemian retreat.


Tip #1 – Get creative with a boho wallpapers

If the white-washed walls and muted colourways of Scandi boho don’t excite you, get creative with wallpaper patterns and add a splash of vibrant colour. Choose an area to turn into a feature wall and keep everything else in the room chic and simple.

Avoiding too much clutter is the key for a relaxing space, but don’t be afraid to display some artefacts from your travels or your best antique finds. Your boho bedroom should conjure up comforting memories, so carefully curated ornaments are a great idea.

blue bohemian style wallpaper in boho style bedroom

Get the look: Boho style wallpaper by Valentina Harper

From bold botanicals and gorgeous floral wallpapers to celebrating intricate patterns like paisley, there are so many amazing wallpaper styles to explore.

If you’re short on space and want to keep your walls plain, light and airy instead, you can always use patterns in other ways…

“Integrated prints and patterns are another classic sign of bohemian design. These patterns can be found in rugs, pillows, blankets, etc. The patterns are generally more detailed and ornate compared to more modern colour-block patterns.” – Kayla Hein, Interior Architect

Tip #2 – Choose ‘au naturel’ materials for everything

Boho interiors are inspired by the earth. That means using raw and unrefined materials wherever possible. Go au natural with untreated wood furniture and incorporate wicker and rattan for that organic look and feel.

boho style basket with black tribal pattern

Seagrass woven basket from Cult Furniture.

For the best boho bedroom ideas, plastics and metals are fine to throw into the mix too. That's if they fit into your design scheme. But do try to stick with crude, unprocessed elements for your bedroom’s main centrepieces. Anything that reminds you of the outdoors, such as stunning landscapes, will bring a sense of nature into your home.

To keep clutter at bay, use woven baskets for all your bits and bobs and miscellaneous items. These will help you stay organised whilst remaining on-theme. To make all the wood and wicker pop, use jungle prints for a burst of juicy greenery.

green palm wallpaper in off white boho bedroom

Get the look: Leaf print wall mural

Tip #3 – Set the scene with layers of texture

When it comes to creating a warm and cosy bohemian bedroom, don’t be afraid to throw in lots of different patterns, prints and textures. Layering is key when it comes to capturing the essence of the freethinker. If you’re worried about too many clashing fabrics, or colours coming across too childish, use muted hues as your canvas.


Interior designer, Sarah Cousins, shares her advice on designing a seriously sophisticated space with the boho trend in mind.

“For me, the bohemian look is all about creating depth with natural light and textile layering. Steering towards more neutral tones and away from brighter patterns will keep your space feeling grown up and luxurious.”

Tip #4 – Take up crochet or macramé as a hobby

Nothing screams boho like lovely loops of yarn. Whilst knit-one purl-one is all too uniform (we’ll leave that one to the nannas), the art of hooking or knotting is totally new age. Macramé wall hangings are a hot trend in interiors and crochet planters are everywhere this year.


This look is both hip and hippie-inspired, which is why it appeals to young students as well as the more grown-up homeowners. But it’s easy to get carried away…

“If you really want to go full boho, macrame is your best friend - just be careful not to go too overboard.” - Sarah Cousins, Interior Designer.

It's best to keep it classy when it comes to boho bedroom ideas. Why not choose a few key pieces of yarn-based displays? Introduce different fabrics, raw materials and textures for depth and dimension. Be careful. A one-dimensional space with a few scattered crochet cushions could look like a last-minute art project. Choose your arrangements with consideration. Opt for neutral hues for your bedroom backdrop.

Tip #5 – Go nuts for greenery (a boho bedroom must-have)

The bohemian lifestyle means being at one with nature. So for a beautiful boho bedroom, spread a little plant pot love. Greenery can instantly lift neutral interiors and they pump CO2 into the air, purifying your room and making it a healthy place to rest your head at night.


Here’s some advice from Kayla Hein, an interior architect for design firm, GH2 (and also Creative Director at Modern Castle):

“To add some life to a drab boho space, consider adding some natural plants. These can be indoor plants like aloe, fiddle leaf figs, or the modern ‘snake plant’. If you find that you aren't great with real plants, you can always opt for faux plants! Faux plants provide the pop of green and natural aesthetic, while also being maintenance-free.”

Or do you struggle to keep plants and flowers alive but love the fresh, natural look they add to a room? Fear not! Take a look at our vast Floral wallpaper collection. Add some greenery into your room without the stress of over-watering them!

wildflowers and lace wallpaper in bedroom

Get the look: Wildflowers and Lace wallpaper by Carol Robinson

Tip #6 – Don’t just stick with black and white

The interior blogs and magazines are all about Scandi boho and minimalist boho right now. That means muted colour palettes and off-white walls are in. But true bohemian culture is a multifaceted experience, one that celebrates nomadic living, seeing new places and collecting keepsakes from every corner of the globe.

For the new-age traveller, tribal patterns and colourful ethnic prints go hand in hand with home interiors. If you want to design a colourful boho bedroom that reflects your personality, allow yourself to break free from Nordic templates.


If what’s ‘in’ doesn’t suit your chaotic lifestyle, find an outlet for the chaos. Colour is a great release. To keep it classy, curate your collectables carefully. Seek out spectacular details in the littlest of things. It could be a mosaic lamp from Marrakesh, or a tiny trinket box Peru. If it makes your heart sing and your room interesting, it’s worth having out on display.

Whatever boho bedroom style you prefer, it can be very affordable to achieve. With scope for handmade items, upcycled furniture and antiques, you can pick up some exciting items from flea markets and second-hand sales. There’s also the opportunity for crafting your own décor, such as crochet and macramé. This is a trend that doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Brick, stone and wood wall murals are also an affordable alternative to exposing existing wall features. Whether you like Scandi style design, modern hipster or a dose of vintage, the design possibilities for a boho bedroom are endless.

wood texture wall in boho bedroom

Get the look: Wood Texture Natural Finish Wallpaper

Tell us about your favourite bohemian bedroom style in the comments below! Or let us know about a trend you’d like to see us feature.

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